Are Shiba Inu Good Family Dogs? (Answered)

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Often, people like Shiba Inus for their beautiful appearance, small body size, handsome and hardy, ease of grooming, cleanliness, and quietness. That makes you want to keep Shibas as family dogs. However, before doing it, one might want to know, are Shiba Inu good family dogs?

Shiba Inus can be excellent family dogs with good training and socialization. Besides, they’re clean and tidy, thus suitable for a family. Also, Shibas are small and convenient, hardly bark, and are loyal to their owner. They’re also smart for family life. Also, training and socialization help make Shibas good family dogs.   

In this article, we’ll show you why Shiba Inus are good family dogs and tips on making your Shiba super good for family life.

Are Shiba Inu Good Family Dogs?

Shiba Inus can be good family dogs if you train them well. They’re friendly with the whole family, loyal, intelligent, and, at times, reliable.

Are Shiba Inus Good Family Dogs

Although Shiba Inus are known to be aggressive dogs, they can also be excellent family dogs. They’re loyal and devoted to their owners and family. If you’re looking for a family companion dog, you might want to consider a Shiba Inu. But Shibas aren’t good for first-timers.

Thankfully, Shiba Inus are very loyal to their owner and family. Some dogs can be good family dogs but aren’t trustworthy; however, with Shibas, you get both loyalty and companionship.

Another thing that makes Shibas good family dogs is their protectiveness. Shibas protect everything they consider theirs, including their toys and territory.

If your Shiba has a high temperament, you don’t have to keep stressing over the situation. Instead, seek training services from a trainer. That way, you can transform your Shiba from being aggressive and make them good for the family.

Shiba Inus also relate well with small kids. Therefore, you can leave your Shiba around your kids without worrying that they may cause any problems. Unlike some breeds, Shibas know how to stay around kids and play with care.

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What Qualities Make Shiba Inu Good Family Dogs?

Although they sometimes throw tantrums at you, Shiba Inus are good family dogs and can relate well with your family.

Qualities that make Shiba Inu good family dogs include;

  • They’re Clean and Tidy
  • They Hardly Bark and Aren’t Loud
  • Shibas Are Brilliant and Charming
  • They’re Healthy and Have a Long Lifespan

What’s more about each trait? Let’s see that below;

1.     They’re Clean and Tidy (Shiba Inu Are Good Family Dogs)

Shiba Inus are clean, tidy, and like to groom themselves. So, you don’t expect Shibas to bring dirt to your home unless they’re shedding, which happens twice a year.

Are Shiba Inus Good Family Dogs

Shibas know how to keep their bodies clean. You don’t have to groom your Shiba every day. You can only do it when necessary.

Besides, they drink pure water and eat fresh food. Therefore, your Shiba won’t drag home bodies of dead animals like some breeds are likely to.

A Shiba Inu will suit you if you’re also living in an apartment.

2.     Shibas Hardly Bark and Aren’t Loud

In case you live in an apartment, more often than not, you want a dog without barking chaos. Some breeds bark at nothing, but Shibas aren’t that type.

Shiba Inus live a different sedentary lifestyle. They won’t bark unless there’s a reason to do it. Besides barking, Shiba Inus are not loud at all.

When you have visitors come to your place, your Shiba might bark once. After they notice you’re friendly to the visitors, they let them have a good time and won’t bark at them anymore.

They like staying silent, and if they’re barking, they do it once in a while. As such, you don’t have to worry about disturbing noise, especially if you stay in an apartment. Also, your neighbours won’t be on your neck due to loud noise from your barking Shiba.

3.     Brilliant and Charming (Are Shiba Inu Good Family Dogs)

Shiba Inus are among the most brilliant dog breeds out there. So, if you want to teach your Shiba some tricks and lessons, they easily grasp the lessons.

However, you must note that they hardly concentrate when you’re training them. Therefore, to utilize your Shibas brilliance, you must embrace short training sessions before they lose concentration.

Note, Shibas quickly learn their name at an early age. If you create routine lessons for them, they easily follow them along. So, they have a unique personality that everyone wants to have a taste of.

4.     They’re Healthy and Have a Long Lifespan

Shiba Inus are healthy and hardly develop problems. Also, their health problems are common and easy to treat by visiting a vet.

They hardly develop rare conditions that are hard to treat. However, to stay safe, you must note the food allergens that affect Shibas. The only common challenge with Shibas is food or skin allergies, which are easy to deal with.

In addition, Shibas life span extends between 12 to 15 years. So, you have enough time to enjoy your Shibas company before their end days are around the corner. You’ll have a lasting relationship with your fur friend.

How Can You Make a Shiba Inu a Good Family Dog?

The primary ways to make your Shiba Inu a good family dog include training, socializing, and bonding activities.

On rare occasions, Shibas can be stubborn. However, there are ways to deal with this situation and make your Shiba a good family dog. They include;

  • Training
  • Socializing
  • Bonding

Let’s explore each;

1.     How Does Training Help?

Training helps transform your Shibas behavior. Using the simple and common commands, you can train your Shiba Inus to freeze instead of being temperamental.

For example, you can train your Shiba on simple commands such as “STOP,” “COME,” “SIT,” and “EAT.” Using these commands, you can easily control how your Shiba behaves around your family.

One crucial point is to use short sessions when training Shibas. They have a short concentration span, thus the need for short training sessions. Long sessions aren’t effective as Shibas easily lose concentration to simple distractions.

2.     How Does Socialization Help?

In addition, to training, socialization also works wonders with the Shiba Inus dog breed. So, on getting your Shiba, don’t ignore socialization as it helps make the breed more friendly, especially to your family.

Therefore, socialize your Shiba with your family members. Also, remember to socialize your Shiba with friends, other dogs, and the outside world. That increases the dog’s loyalty to you. They know who to trust and who is always by their side.

Are Shiba Inus Good Family Dogs

Socialization sessions are easy, including playing games and bringing your Shiba to family meetings. Shiba Inus owners shouldn’t overlook the need to socialize this breed.

3.    How Does Bonding Help?

Bonding and socialization are almost similar but aren’t. Do this by involving your family in activities that your Shiba likes.

For example, you can have a schedule on who takes the Shiba for walks every day. That way, everyone has a chance to bond with your Shiba among family members.

Also, playing games is another way to bond. Therefore, involve family members when playing games with your Shiba. Encourage them to play such games as tug of war or fetch with your Shiba Inus.

Although Shiba Inus are good family dogs, some of their qualities make them not so good for a family. Let’s see these traits below;

Why Are Shiba Inus Not Good Family Dogs?

Some of these traits that make Shiba Inus not-so-good for family life include being aggressive, they aren’t super cuddly, and aren’t hypoallergic.

Shiba Inus can be aggressive and have hunter instincts. However, knowing how to handle them manages this trait.

To manage this challenge, use training and socialization. Besides, when your Shiba turns aggressive, keep calm all along and don’t overreact.

In addition, Shiba Inus aren’t super cuddly. They like being independent and doing things of their own. Shibas won’t follow your commands every once in a while. Also, they aren’t as clingy as most companion dogs.

The third not-so-good trait for Shiba Inus is they aren’t hypoallergic. So, they aren’t for everyone, especially people with allergies. If you’re allergic to dog fur, Shibas might not be the best breed for you. Shibas shed twice a year which can trigger allergic reactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shiba Inus Good House Dogs?

Shiba Inus do best as house dogs as they are quiet, clean, tidy, and aren’t loud. They hardly bark and thus won’t make noise while in the house.

So, if you stay in an apartment and want to keep a Shiba Inu, go ahead. All you have to do is take them for exercise for at least 40 minutes every day to dispel energy.

Are Shibas High Maintenance?

Shiba Inus aren’t high in maintenance and require minimal costs for maintenance. All a Shiba needs is a coat groom needs.

Therefore, brush your Shibas coat weekly. Maintenance costs can be high in case there’s a need for vet visits. But you’ll hardly visit the vet since Shibas generally have good health.

Do Shibas Bark A lot?

No. Shiba Inus don’t bark a lot; they only bark when it’s necessary to do so. Also, they have a sharp bark when they’re very happy or mad.

Shibas only give a sharp and clear bark once in a while when seeking attention or when alerting you of something. They’re normally quiet and perfect for apartment living.

Shiba Inus bark is more of an abrupt bark, not the ankle-biter yapping, which you don’t like.   

Are Shiba Inus Easy to Train?

Shiba Inus are easy to train, given you use short training sessions. However, if you are using long sessions, Shibas lose concentration fast, thus making training challenging.

Although most people consider Shibas to be among the difficult breeds to train, I’d suggest that their training mode makes it difficult.

So, if you want to enjoy training your Shiba Inus, use short and precise training sessions.

Should I Get a Male or Female Shiba Inu?

Male Shiba Inus are the best to new Shiba owners as they’re chilled and hardly show aggression, thus are easy to handle.

On the other hand, female Shiba Inus are territorial and often become aggressive. Also, they aren’t as affectionate, playful, and outgoing as the males.

Nevertheless, training and socialization work wonders for male and female Shibas.

Concluding Sentiments On, Are Shiba Inu Good Family Dogs.

Shiba Inus can be excellent family dogs as they are loyal and good companions. However, since they’re clingy and stubborn, you might want to consider doing some training and socialization.

Train and socialize your Shiba with family and friends to make them perfect family dogs. Besides, socialization reduces the breeds’ temperamental nature.

Shiba Inus can be tricky to handle for first-time dog owners. So, if you’re looking to own a Shiba and it’s your first time to own the breed, ensure to learn and research more about the breed to avoid frustrations.

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