Do Shiba Inus Sleep A Lot?

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Although Shiba Inus are delightful from the way they behave and their personality, sometimes they can be nagging or act lazy. One such instance when your Shiba friend can nag you is when they act lazy and lack interest in you.

No. Shiba Inus aren’t lazy. But they’re often conspiring most of the time. Shibas also like sleeping for a better portion of the day. Also, Shibas have instincts that often interfere with their behaviour. However, there are various things you can do to make your Shiba more active.    

Shibas aren’t the breed that is going to follow your rules all the time. This guide explores some reasons your Shiba Inus might be acting lazy and ways to make them more active.

Are Shiba Inus Lazy?

No. Shiba Inus aren’t lazy but like sleeping a lot. Shibas are pretty smart dogs and want to be involved in most of your activities. 

Are Shiba Inus Lazy

Shiba Inus can often appear lazy, but this only happens when they’re bored with something. For example, if your Shiba has no interest in what you want them to do, they’ll act lazy and can even refuse to walk.

Also, when your four-legged friend appears sluggish, they’re trying to tell you that something is wrong. If your Shiba isn’t feeling well, they’re likely to act lazy. If it’s time to go for the daily walk, your Shiba Inus might be just asleep and unbothered.

In addition, Shibas have a mind of their own; they think and do things they are interested in. As such, sometimes you might be inviting your Shiba Inus for some activity they don’t want.

So, do Shiba Inus hate walks? Let’s see that below.

Do Shiba Inus Hate Walks?

No. Shiba Inus don’t hate walks. Most dogs people keep as pets seem to love walks; Shibas aren’t any different, they love walks and are happy to go out.

Before I got my first Shiba Inus, I was previously a Labrador owner. I was sure my Labrador was always ready for a daily walk. Therefore, I thought that owning a Shiba would be the same.

So, after getting my first Shiba, I had the same expectation. However, my Shiba was precisely the opposite. He hardly wants to go for a walk. And whenever he wants it, it may be once a day. Besides, he wants to just go for a short walk.

Shiba Inus can be pretty stubborn. You’ll hardly understand your Shiba, and the mysterious nature makes them adorable fur friends.

Ideally, Shibas need an average of only 45 minutes for a walk. However, you can extend it to an hour. Also, ensure to maintain the same schedule day-in, day-out. That way, your Shiba Inus gets to learn when it’s time to go for a walk.

Thankfully, you can begin teaching your Shiba to enjoy walks since they’re a puppy. Also, as you take your Shiba Inus puppy for a walk, give treats once in a while.

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Why Is Your Shiba Inus Bored?

When Shiba Inus are bored, they appear lazy or lack the interest to engage in anything. Also, you must ensure your Shiba Isn’t sick when they seem bored.

There are several reasons why your Shiba Inus might appear bored. For example, Shibas get bored when they can’t access their favourite toy. By now, you know which toy your Shiba likes the most. When they fail to get it, they might get bored and thus appear lazy.

Are Shiba Inus Lazy

A great way to avoid your Shiba Inus getting bored and appearing lazy is using toys. I’d encourage you to use toys more often and praise your Shiba Inus when they do the right thing.

Also, make your Shiba Inus part of your schedule. Whenever you visit friends or have some time away from home, consider tagging along with your Shiba. That way, you’ll be making your Shiba feel part of your world.

What To Do When Your Shiba Inus Refuses to Go Out?

When your Shiba Inus appears lazy and doesn’t want to go out, you can use treats and praises to psyche up your Shiba. 

However, treats won’t always make your Shiba instantly change. Be ready for a surprise, you might as well give them the treats, and they fail to go out. That said, the crucial thing is identifying why your Shiba doesn’t want to go out.

Sometimes, your Shiba might not be in the mood to go for a walk, making them appear lazy. Learn to respect their stand. Whenever your Shiba has no energy and seems lazy, let them be.

When your Shiba Inus refuses to go out, start familiarizing your Shiba with the leash. Also, ensure your Shibas feet are okay and have no injuries. Also, teach them some verbal commands.

Always have your Shiba sit down before putting on their leash. Use commands such as “SIT” when you want your Shiba to sit.

Do Shiba Inus Sleep a Lot?

Yes, they can sleep up to 16 hours a day. Shiba Inus like to sleep most of the time if they’re not running up and down.

Shiba Inus were originally hunters; however, your Shiba Inu has no idea. Shibas sleep as much as they can. They can even sleep for 16 hours a day.

With these amount of sleep hours, only cats can compete with them. Therefore, if your Shiba Inus spends most of the time asleep, it isn’t something to worry about. Shiba Inus become heavy sleepers when they turn 2 years old.

That said, not all Shibas like to sleep a lot. Some Shibas are hyper and aren’t likely to spend that much time sleeping. Especially if your Shiba is yet to get to the 2 years mark, they’re often super hyper and full of activity.

However, as Shibas age, they begin losing the hyper and become calmer. Besides, they might increase their sleeping hours.

What Can You Do When Your Shiba Inus Refuses to Walk?

There are several reasons why your Shiba Inus might refuse to walk. So, what are the remedies when your fur friend refuses to walk and starts pulling on the leash?

Here’s what to do;

  1. Familiarize Your Shiba Inus
  2. Adjust The Collar Position
  3. Shorten Your Shibas Leash
  4. Check Their Feet
  5. Use Verbal Commands
  6. Stay Still
  7. Pick Up Your Shibas Pace
  8. Walk More Frequently
  9. Try Using Treats

Let’s explore each remedy above in detail;

1.     Familiarize Your Shiba Inus

When your Shiba Inus is new to walking on a leash, they aren’t familiar with the collar yet. As such, you must familiarize your Shiba Inus first by allowing them to see and smell the collar.

Another tip is to rub the collar on your hands so that it has some of your scent. This helps your Shiba adjust. Besides, allow your Shiba Inus to wear the collar first without going for a walk.

2.     Adjust The Collar Position

Maybe your Shiba Inus is feeling uncomfortable due to the collar position. So, you might want to move it to a central position since the upper part of a Shibas neck is more sensitive.

Therefore, you must ensure the collar is positioned correctly for gentle corrections. Also, the collar should not be too tight or too loose.

3.     Shorten Your Shibas Leash

Your Shibas leash should not be long. It should be of an average length so that you have enough room to control your Shibas movement and prevent them from going too far.

Having a shorter leash puts you in control of your fur friend. Also, the collar is the point of communication between you and your Shiba while going for a walk. Therefore, ensure it’s not long, as a shorter leash keeps you in control of your Shiba.

4.     Check Their Feet

The reason your Shiba is acting lazy might be some injury on their feet. As such, check their feet before going for walks, especially when they appear lazy and unwilling to go for a walk.

Are Shiba Inus Lazy

If your Shiba was a well-behaved walker and abruptly turns against walking, maybe they have a problem with the feel. So, check your Shibas legs and feet for thorns, bruises, cuts, or swelling.

An injury can be a result of tenderness from scratching themselves. Ensure to check all these. You might want to visit a vet to check for any serious issues.

5.     Use Verbal Commands

Shiba Inus are excellent at hearing, especially when they know verbal commands. That said, teach your Shiba verbal commands such as “Let’s go!” when you want them to join you as you walk.

Another verbal command that your Shiba should be aware of is “No” to discourage bad behaviour.

6.     Stay Still

Do this when your Shiba Inus attempts to pull you. Stay still, and don’t allow them to draw you to whatever caught their interest.

Also, when your Shiba Inus stops to look around, you can reward that act with a treat and use praise words. However, if they resume pulling, keep moving in the proper direction.

Don’t allow your Shiba to direct you; instead, always take the lead and show them direction.

7.     Pick Up Your Shibas Pace

If your Shiba Inus falls victim to minor distractions, maintain a quicker pace. A quicker pace gives your Shiba Inus less time to notice new things that could make them start pulling you.

Don’t make the pace too fast; ensure to align with your Shibas speed. Walking too quickly could be detrimental to your Shiba. Also, ensure your Shiba Inus gets to enjoy the walk.

From my experience, Shiba Inus like a brisk walk than a slow stroll. When you start walking in a slow stroll, your Shiba has time to see distractions and start pulling you.

8.     Walk More Frequently

Shiba Inus act lazy if they stay idle mostly and when there are no daily walks. Therefore, go for walks more frequently. This can be once or twice a day.

Also, frequent walks remind your Shiba Inus about proper leash manners. It’s also a source of exercise and bonding between a Shiba and the owner.

9.     Try Using Treats

Treats work best when teaching your Shiba Inus something new. Also, they’re perfect when you want your Shiba to do something they have no interest in, like going for a walk.

Use treats in the beginning stages of walking your Shiba. You can as well use a friendly pat. However, don’t keep using the treats when your Shiba is comfortable walking without a leash.

Treats should only function as training tools. So, don’t give treats for anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shiba Inus Low Energy?

No. Shiba Inus aren’t low-energy dogs. They’re energetic and quickly adapt to a sedentary lifestyle.

Shibas are happy, given that they get enough exercise time. This makes them snuggle on the couch. Shibas aren’t low energy at all; they’re hyper and want to run around the whole place.

Are Shibas Hyper?

Yes. Shiba Inus are hyper, especially during the early stages of development before they reach the 2 years mark.

Also, Shibas are hyper-alert, an aspect that makes them sensitive to their immediate surrounding. Shibas react by whimpering, shaking, or panting whenever there’s a change that isn’t to their liking.

Are Shiba Inus Well Behaved?

Shiba Inus aren’t entirely well behaved unless you train them on how to behave. Besides, training Shibas on the proper behaviour takes quite some time.

Also, Shibas are strong-willed and confident and have a mind of their own. They can show destructive behaviour, which you can easily control.

Do Shibas Get Zoomies?

Yes. Shiba Inus are prone to zoomies. It mostly happens when your Shiba Inus is happy, thus making them run around.

Zoomies are frequent in Shibas. This random activity is a means to dispel energy and shows when they’re happy with their owners.

Do Shiba Inus Have a Lot of Energy?

Yes. Shiba Inus have a lot of energy. They are hyperactive dog breeds and thus need frequent exercise.

Shibas have a lot of energy, especially during their earlier stages in life. After they attain 2 years, they start to calm down.

As a result of their high energy level, you should consider taking your Shiba Inus for a walk at least once every day.

The Wrap Up, Are Shiba Inus Lazy?

Shiba Inus aren’t lazy but wait to decide whether they do as you request. For example, when you want to take them for a walk, Shibas can act hesitantly and finally give in.

Of importance, Shibas have a mind of their own and like to think for themself. As such, they might act in a manner that prompts you to ask yourself, are Shiba Inus Lazy? They’re not lazy at all.

However, you must learn their behaviour and how they respond to different things. For example, they’re more often expressionless. However, if your Shiba Inus has affection, they’ll hardly decline anything you invite them to, like going for a walk.

If your canine friend starts acting lazy suddenly, you might want to check them thoroughly, especially their legs. Maybe they have some minor injuries that make them act lazy.


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