Best Collar for Shiba Inu! 6 Best Picks For Your Furry Friend.

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Looking for the perfect collar for your furry companion can be quite a challenge, especially when it comes to Shiba Inus.

These adorable pups are known for their spirited personalities and distinctive appearance, but finding a collar that suits their unique needs can be tough.

Whether you’re a seasoned Shiba Inu owner or a first-time pup parent, there are several factors to consider when choosing a collar that will keep your four-legged friend safe, comfortable, and stylish.

From durable materials to adjustable sizing, there are a plethora of options on the market for Shiba Inu collars. But with so many choices available, how do you know which one is the best fit for your pup?

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top collar options for Shiba Inus and provide tips on how to choose the perfect one for your furry friend. So, grab a treat for your pup and let’s dive in!

Collar Size for Shiba Inu

When it comes to Shiba Inus, two sizes of collars are popularly used – the first one being 5/8″ thick and 9-11 inches in size, while the second one is 3/4″ thick and 12-14 inches in size.

These collar sizes are ideal for the breed’s neck measurements and offer a comfortable fit, ensuring that the Shiba Inus can wear them for an extended period without any discomfort.

It’s essential to choose the right collar size to prevent any chafing or discomfort that can occur due to an ill-fitting collar.

Best Collar for Shiba Inu

Best Collar for Shiba Inu

  1. Soft Touch Collars Brown XL Leather Padded Dog Collar
  2. CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar
  3. Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar for All Breeds
  4. Max and Neo MAX Reflective Metal Buckle Dog Collar
  5. Country Brook Petz – Martingale Heavyduty Nylon Dog Collar
  6. Blueberry Pet Essentials Martingale Safety Training Dog Collar

Let’s go through each harness and see why it qualifies to be in the list;

1.     Soft Touch Collars Brown XL Leather Padded Dog Collar

The Soft Touch Collars Brown XL Leather Padded Dog Collar is the perfect accessory for your furry friend!

Made with top-quality leather and carefully designed to provide ultimate comfort, this collar is the ultimate choice for pet owners who want to pamper their dogs.

The collar’s padded interior ensures a soft and comfortable fit around your dog’s neck, while the sturdy buckle ensures that the collar stays securely in place.

The rich brown color adds a touch of elegance to your dog’s appearance, making it perfect for any occasion. Give your furry friend the gift of comfort and style with the Soft Touch Collars Brown XL Leather Padded Dog Collar!


  1. Soft to prevent matting
  2. Adjustable
  3. Superior quality

2.     CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Introducing the CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar, the perfect accessory for your furry friend!

This lightweight rolled thin dog collar is made from 100% genuine soft leather, making it ideal for all breeds and especially suitable for dogs with long hair as it helps with matting and tangling.

With a width of 0.6 inches, a length of 17 inches, and neck sizes of 12 – 15 inches, our leather collar for dogs is available in a variety of sizes.

Plus, it’s easy to clean – simply wipe it down with a damp cloth! Choose from multiple color options to match your pup’s personality and even get a matching leather cat collar for your feline friend.


  1. Soft for long hair canines
  2. Suits all breeds
  3. Fitting size

3.     Black Rhino – The Comfort Collar Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar for All Breeds

The Black Rhino Comfort Collar, the perfect collar for dog owners who want the best for their furry friends.

With a soft neoprene padding, your dog will enjoy maximum comfort and protection from irritation during activities.

The neoprene is also odor-resistant and quick-drying, making it easy to clean. Our collar is constructed for all breeds, lightweight but with heavy-duty hardware to resist even the most energetic dogs.

Stay safe during walks, runs, jogs, or hikes with your dog with the reflective stitching that reflects light.

The Comfort Collar is made from quality materials that guarantee toughness and durability to withstand the outdoor elements.


  1. Perfect size
  2. Made of quality material
  3. Light in weight

4.     Max and Neo MAX Reflective Metal Buckle Dog Collar

Looking for a high-quality dog collar that not only keeps your furry friend safe and stylish, but also helps support dog rescues across the USA?

Look no further than the Max and Neo MAX Reflective Metal Buckle Dog Collar.

For every collar purchased, the company donates an identical one to a rescue in need, ensuring that shelters have a never-ending supply of collars.

Therefore, their collars are constructed with double nylon layers and metal eyelets for durability, and feature reflective stitching for visibility at night. With a heavy-duty buckle and anodized gunmetal finish, this collar is as stylish as it is practical.


  1. Simple to use
  2. Easily adjustable
  3. Quality construction


5.     Country Brook Petz – Martingale Heavyduty Nylon Dog Collar

The Country Brook Petz’s Martingale Heavyduty Dog Collar – the perfect solution for pet owners who prioritize both safety and style.

This collar boasts a 1 inch width and is adjustable from 15 inches to 21 inches to fit your furry friend’s neck snugly.

Its martingale design offers gentle control, making it perfect for training, and it’s also escape-proof. With its no buckle feature, this collar slips over your pet’s head and tightens when pulled.

You can choose from a variety of rich, fashionable colors, and the mirror-like metal hardware adds a touch of elegance. The silky-soft nylon webbing guarantees your pet’s comfort, and the adjustable design ensures the perfect fit.

Don’t let your dog miss out on this classic style that looks cute on both boy and girl dogs – get your unique Country Brook Petz Martingale Heavyduty Dog Collar today!


  1. Made of silky comfortable material
  2. Perfect for training
  3. Perfect size

6.     Blueberry Pet Essentials Martingale Safety Training Dog Collar

The Blueberry Pet Essentials Martingale Safety Training Dog Collar is the perfect training collar for your furry friend.

Designed for sighthounds but loved by all breeds, this collar provides more control without the choking effect of a slip collar.

Made of durable nylon fabric with high-density webbing, this collar is built to last. Please measure your dog’s head and neck before selecting the appropriate size.

Remember, this collar is not recommended for tie-outs and should not be used without a leash or indoors. Keep your pup safe and stylish with Blueberry Pet’s Martingale collar. Matching leash, harness, and seat belt sold separately.


  1. Easily adjustable
  2. Made of nylon fabric
  3. Durable

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Shiba Inu Collar

  1. Materials
  2. Comfort
  3. Durability
  4. Label

What’s more;

1.      Materials

The materials used in a dog collar for Shiba Inus need to be resistant to weather, and able to withstand the general wear and tear which will occur due to the energetic nature of these dogs.

Leather is a strong material which is commonly used, and can be colored if a specific design is preferred.

Some collars are made from stainless steel, which is weather resistant and strong enough to match the demands of a Shiba Inu.

2.     Comfort

Wearing a collar should be a comfortable experience for a Shiba Inu. In order to achieve a level of comfort, the collar needs to be a perfect fit, so measuring the neck size of the dog is essential.

Look out for collars which have many adjustable sizes as this will allow you to cater for a growing Shiba Inu if it is not yet fully grown.

Also, the use of soft materials on the inner layer of the collar will add a soft touch.

3.     Durability

Buckles and D-Rings are commonly featured on dog collars, and need to be protected from rust and corrosion as Shiba Inus will likely get wet and dirty regularly.

The durability of a dog collar will usually be reflected in the price.

4.     Label

Certain collars include the option of personalized embedded labeling to state the name of your Shiba Inu and the owners address.

The need for labels cannot be overstated, as this is vital to ensure the safety of your Shiba Inu.

Other collars which don’t offer direct printing of a label may instead have small clips ideal for attaching external tags which are equally effective at displaying the details of your Shiba Inu.

The Wrap-Up

Shiba Inus are known for their high prey drive and escape artist tendencies, which can make it difficult to keep them secure with a regular collar.

Collars, also known as limited-slip collars, provide a secure and humane way to prevent dogs from slipping out of their collar without causing discomfort or harm.

Additionally, Martingale collars distribute pressure evenly around the dog’s neck, which is especially important for Shiba Inus, as they have delicate tracheas that can be easily damaged.

The Martingale collar also allows for more control during walks, which is essential for Shiba Inus, who can be stubborn and independent.

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