Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier Mix Information Guide & Pics

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Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix is a crossbreed that results from crossing a purebred Shiba Inu and Cairn Terrier. This crossbreed is normally a small dog and bears a rough coat that resembles the Cairn Terrier parent.

Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix is an interesting crossbreed commonly known as Shairn-Inu. The cross displays several Terrier traits, including being vocal. Also, the cross is possessive, a trait of the Shiba Inu parent.

This crossbreed requires a firm handler for its unique traits. Besides, this cross requires an owner ready to devote time and energy to training.

This Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix guide takes you through everything you need to know about them. Topics covered include the crossbreeds’ appearance, personality, and care tips.

Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier Mix Physical Appearance

The Shairn-Inu retains more traits from the Cairn Terrier parent. The crossbreed has a rough coat that is often rust-colored.

This crossbreed is a more compact dog with sturdy legs. Unlike the Shiba Inu parent, the cross has straight legs, a feature common in the Terrier breed.

When it comes to the tail’s appearance, the crossbreed has a curly tail that curls over the back spine. The tail is more like that of a Shiba Inu.


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The ears stand attention and are set high like a Shiba Inu’s. Also, the ears assume a triangular shape but aren’t as large.

The crossbreed has a funny-looking nose that is round and black. Most Shairn-Inu has an elongated muzzle.

The Shairn-Inu has brown eyes that assume different shapes based on the parent breeds. The eyes range from round to oval with a keen, intelligent expression.

The coat color is an interesting one with a unique mix of colors. Although most Shairn-Inu’s have red coats, other possible colors may include brown, brindle, or gray.

On the other hand, the crossbreed has colorful chest markings, which can be brown, black, or cream.

Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier Mix Personality

Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix has an interesting personality, including being affectionate and loyal to the owner.

The crossbreed has high energy, thus requiring a firm dog handler. You must be prepared for frequent exercise and obedience training.

This isn’t the best dog for novice owners since they may have difficulty bringing it up. For example, the cross may have an independent mind and be strong-willed.

Thankfully, the crossbreed is remarkably healthy and hardly has health issues. However, ensure to visit your vet frequently. Check-ups help identify health problems early enough.

Notably, this cross is sensitive to owners’ emotions. So, when handling them, you shouldn’t be anxious or angry.

Also, they enjoy playing with kids. So, ensure you teach your kids how to handle this crossbreed and what to avoid. The crossbreed can be aggressive under provocation.

Since Cairn Terriers are hypoallergic, they can easily pass on this trait to the Shairn-Inu crossbreed.

This cross tends to dig and root around, especially when you leave them alone for a long. Besides, they’re stubborn, just like the Shiba Inus parent.

Thankfully, this crossbreed loves playing with children and makes perfect playmates. They’re moderately friendly to other dogs but easily become aggressive if they perceive a threat.

The Shairn-Inu has an acute prey mind. So, they’ll chase after any small animal they see around, like hamsters, cats, and other smaller pets.

What Are Care Tips for Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier Mix?

Grooming Requirements

Grooming is essential for every other dog. So is the Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix. Although this crossbreed has less fur, you must groom them occasionally.

You must note that grooming involves several practices, which are brushing the coat, clipping your canines’ nails, and bathing them.


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You don’t have to do all these grooming practices simultaneously. Instead, have a timetable for each. For example, you can brush their coats twice a week. Clip their nails once every three months, and take them for a bath every three to six months.

Although the Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix doesn’t shed much, you should invest in a good vacuum cleaner. It helps keep your floor clean and free from fur.

Otherwise, occasional shedding will happen, thus causing fur everywhere in your house. If your crossbreed is more of a Shiba Inu, a vacuum cleaner and a brush will come in handy.

Exercise Requirements

This crossbreed is a moderate-energy dog. So, you don’t need a lot of exercise. Plan for long or short walks to keep your canine friends’ energy levels down.

Enough walks for your canine friend should last at least 40 minutes. However, you can do up to an hour; this depends on your pooch friends’ state by the 40th minute.

Lack of exercise can make them destructive. So, ensure you exercise your pooch friend at least once a day. The crossbreed can either have a high or moderate energy level.

So, exercising them prevents a lot of bad traits. Besides, a tired dog is a good dog. You can also use other exercise ways like playing games.

Playing games around your homestead with your crossbreed helps them exercise. At the same time, you can introduce training and positive reinforcement during play.

Training Needs

This crossbreed is intelligent and a little bit difficult to train. The breed often wants to take the alpha position, which you shouldn’t allow.

Instead, you have to be firm and consistent always. Ensure to be always firm and consistent so they can know their place.

The best way to train your canine friend is to break the training into smaller sessions. Short sessions are easier and take an average of 5 minutes. This keeps their attention span high.

Also, the crossbreed might have a high prey drive. So, ensure to handle them properly and initiate obedience training early.

Positive reinforcement should always stick to your fingertips. Praise them when they do well and try to correct bad behavior.

Socialization Needs

Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix needs socialization. Although this crossbreed is often good with people, you need to socialize them.

Socialization should go hand in hand with training. So, as you train them, ensure you visit the dog park for socialization.


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Also, socialize them with people. However, most Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mixes are usually good with people. However, this isn’t a guarantee; the Shiba Inu might override the Cairn Terrier.

If Shiba Inus overrides Cairn Terrier, the cross may not be good with strangers. Therefore, socialization should be compulsory.

However, if your pup isn’t aggressive and behaves well with strangers, there’s not much need for socialization.

Diet And Nutrition

Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix needs a good diet as the cross is a muscular dog with a lot of athleticism. Besides, the cross loves to play and can move all day without wearing out.

So, you should feed them a high-protein diet to supplement their high energy needs. The dog’s body is naturally fat-friendly. I don’t mean feeding your pup until they’re overweight.

So, 2 to 2 and ½ cups of food daily is enough. You can divide the amount into two meals. Also, the different food types you use have guidelines. Ensure to read them before feeding your canine friend.

Health Issues in Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier Mix

This crossbreed of a Cairn Terrier and a Shiba Inu is generally healthy. However, there are some complications the breed is prone to, including;

  • Cataracts: This health condition affects the eyes. Whereas it’s not life-threatening, this condition can lead to blindness.
  • Allergies: This crossbreed is prone to both food and skin allergies. So, you must know what you’re feeding your canine friend. Common causes of allergies are mold spores, pollen, and some types of proteins.
  • Patellar Luxation: This condition involves the dislocation of the kneecaps. The treatment usually requires surgery.
  • Glaucoma: This is an eye complication that results from high fluid pressure inside the eye. It often causes blindness and has no treatment.
  • Hip Dysplasia: This is a joint problem where the hind socket joints dislodge from their normal position. So, they keep rubbing together, causing pain and mobility issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Is a Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier Mix?

Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix costs at least $500; however, the price goes up to $1,000. It depends on the parent breeds and the reason for selling.

This is a pretty friendly breed that new owners can consider having. However, you must be ready for training and socialization.

Also, ensure to do pretty much research first.

What Does a Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier Look Like?

A Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix has traits from both parents. The cross has triangular ears that stand attention and has a muzzle with a square nose.

The crossbreed can assume a variety of colors. Size-wise, the crossbreed is a medium-sized dog with strong musculature and stamina.

What Is the Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier Mix Lifespan?

Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier can do between 12 and 15 years on average. The better you feed your dog, the more you’ll have them around.

You should feed your dog high-quality food to boost its lifespan. Besides, high-quality food keeps dogs healthy.

Are Shiba Inus Cairn Terrier Mixes Aggressive?

Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier mix isn’t an aggressive breed. They’re friendly, loving, and loyal to their owners and family.

So, this crossbreed is suitable for family life. Besides, it takes pride in having a friendly family and being playful around owners.

That said, if you’re planning to own one, you have nothing to worry about aggression.

Concluding Sentiments on Shiba Inu Cairn Terrier Mix

This crossbreed is typically not demanding. So, all they need is a little bit of human attention and affection. Also, they don’t need much exercise.

Thankfully, this crossbreed is social and hardly has aggression issues. If you have other pets at home, be sure that they won’t bring chaos. Instead, they’ll integrate well.

Also, the exercise needs for the crossbreed aren’t high. They need only 40 minutes of exercise every day. However, you can play some games at home without going for walks.

Thankfully, this crossbreed doesn’t necessarily shed a lot. So, you may be lucky to get one that doesn’t shed a lot.

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