25 BEST Gifts Ideas for Dogs

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Raise your hand if you adore your dog! Yep, we’re in the same club, along with the 65 million other households in the U.S. who count a dog as a family member.

From big dogs to dogs that stay small, most of us will do anything to keep our dogs safe, comfortable and happy. Of course, that means we celebrate birthdays, holidays and “adopti-versaries” with special gifts. Spoiled a little? Of course!

The best dog gifts are the ones that are both safe and provide hours of entertainment to make life easier for both your pooch and yourself.

From cooling dog beds for comfy naps to interactive activity toys to stimulate your dog’s brain to dog strollers, our list of gifts for dogs has something for every four-legged child on your list.

Whether you’re looking for gifts for your own fur baby, your grand-dog or fur niece or nephew, we’ve got you covered at all price points, including lots of pet gift ideas for less than $20.

Most of these gifts have been tested in our editors’ own homes, and they’ve been, ahem, vetted by real dogs we know and love.

This cute stuffed toy has a “heartbeat” and heat pack to help your pet feel like he or she is snuggled up with Mom or their littermates. It’s a great way to transition a rescue to your home.

Made in the U.S., these yummy dog treats are awesome.

DURABLE, LONG-LASTING – Super chewer? Bring it on. Benebones are tougher than real bones and last for weeks. REAL BACON! – We use only 100% REAL BACON for flavor. Trust us, dogs can tell the difference. EASY TO PICK UP AND CHEW – The Wishbone is curved for a paw-friendly grip so your pup can quickly grab it and get a good chew going. Think about it: dogs don’t USA MADE – We make and source everything in the USA.

20-pack of cute puppy, small and medium dog toys, including 7 dog rope toys, 4 rubber toys for toothbrushes, 3 training toys (1 clicker and 1 bell and 1 flying plate), 2 plush squeaky dog toys, 1 dog toy basket for storage and 3 extra poop disposal tools as gifts.

This pack meets the different needs of our puppy’s daily life while help your puppy get rid of boredom and keep them entertained and healthy.

ORIGINAL SNUGGLE PUPPY PUPPY STARTER KIT. Contains an Original Snuggle Puppy, 3 Heat Packs, A Snuggle Puppy Blanket, a Puppy’s 1st Toy, and a Puppy Teething Aid.

DOG TRAINING TOY. Get more sleep! Helps with crate & kennel training by reducing barking, whining and anxiety for your dog, helping both YOU and your Dog sleep at night.

EASY, QUICK CLEANUP: No scooping required; when it’s time to clean up, simply remove the disposable litter tray and throw it away

REMOVES ODORS QUICKLY: Crystal litter absorbs urine and dries solid waste to quickly remove odors 5 times faster than clumping clay litter.

LOVELY SQUEAKY PLUSH TOYS-12 Pack-Includes watermelon(sphere, slice) Ice cream, star, banana, lobster, apple, chicken leg, orange, triangle watermelon, flip flop, pumpkin, carrot in cartoon figures. Their bright color and cute shapes are the dog’s favorites.

The grab tags on this pet-friendly soccer ball make it great fun for multiple dogs who can use them to play tug-of-war.

SAFETY: Multiple sensors keep you and your dog safe; a FRONT MOTION SENSOR protects pets and people standing up to 7 feet in front of the launch area and reinforces safely loading balls into the side pocket.Breed recommendation : Large Breeds, Small Breeds.

DISTANCE: Launcher throws between 8-30 feet; has 9 distance settings and 6 angle settings; pull out and twist angle knob and distance knob to adjust the launcher’s range; TURN KNOBS LEFT FOR MAX DISTANCE

Your pup will love cuddling into this round donut-shaped bed, which provides a safe, soothing spot for naps and bedtime. It comes in six colors and four sizes, from 23 inches in diameter to 35 inches in diameter. The removable cover is machine-washable.

With 71k+ 4.5+ Reviews.

  • Specially designed for “nesters”
  • Luxuriously long vegan fur is soft on snouts and paws
  • Generously stuffed with insulating, high-loft 100% polyester fiber
  • Machine washable – reference seam tag

These portable foam steps provide a sturdy foundation and safer way for small pets to get off and off of furniture, such as sofas. No more jumping, which can be hard on your little pup’s knees and back! The steps come in three, four and five-step sizes in more than 10 colors and fabrics to match your decor.

BUILT TO LAST! Whether your pet is a gentle cuddler or a playful companion, Snuggle Puppy® is engineered for long-lasting durability, promising a consistent source of comfort for your dog.

SAFE, HYPOALLERGENIC MATERIALS and MACHINE WASHABLE. Designed with your pet’s health in mind, the Snuggle Puppy undergoes rigorous testing to meet high safety standards. The removable heat pack and Real-Feel Heartbeat® allow for convenient machine washing.

Your dog will love searching for and pulling out the three squeaky squirrels. It comes in four different sizes and can be machine-washed when it gets a little funky.

The Nina Ottosson level 3 Dog Twister puzzle dog toy is designed for advanced levels of problem-solving play that challenge your dog with learning sequential steps. A fun way for your smart pups to train their brain while redirecting destructive or negative behavior in an exciting way!

Made by a small business Certified B corporation in Montana, this bone floats, stands up to active chewers, and comes in three sizes. It’s just about the perfect toy for dogs to exercise their gums and play fetch without pet parents worrying they’ll break a tooth. Big bonus: It’s designed to be dishwasher-safe so you can pop it in for a quick clean anytime.

Attach this gadget to your hose and, with a press of her paw, she can stay hydrated and have fun splashing around in the backyard.

Got an aggressive chewer? This toy is made by a female-owned business in the U.S. and is designed for dogs who destroy their toys in a second. It comes with a lifetime guarantee for tough chewers (you’ll pay shipping costs for the return). Just remember that no toy is 100% indestructible, so keep an eye on your heavy-duty chewer when they’re at play.

This set of two plush dog toys will delight any dog, and give the owner a good laugh, too.

If you’re super-picky about what treats you give your pup, make your own homemade dog treats! This waffle-iron-type device lets you create eight bones in a hurry. It comes with recipes, too.

Yes, your dog does love to play Frisbee! This made-in-the-U.S. flying disc will stand up to lots of rough play. It’s available in two sizes and five colors. It’s also dishwasher-safe for when it gets a little icky from all those trips to the dog park.

Big boys and girls need beds, too! This large dog bed features an egg-crate foam base, removable bolsters, and washable cover. The entire bed also is made in the U.S. and comes in five sizes and more than 10 colors. There also are versions made from memory foam or cooling gel foam.

If you’re crate training your pup or traveling with your fur baby, a kennel is invaluable. This one comes in various sizes (your dog should be able to stand up and turn around). It features an easy-to-squeeze clasp on the door, as well as ample air flow holes all the way around. The larger sizes have tie-down strap holes so you can secure it in a vehicle.

EASY ADJUSTABLE:Adjustable Dog Harness with a Top handle for traffic control, 4 quick release buckles for easy on and off while providing extra security;and one leash attachment point at the front.

MILITARY STYLE: OneTigris large dog harness each side features two straps as well as hoop & loop strips panel to easily attach pouches or ID panels;Dog vest harness is not designed to bear heavy weights and we advise against relying solely on the grab handle to carry your dog.

If you miss your sweetie when you’re away from home, this camera allows you to see how your pet is doing when you’re not around. You can even toss your fur baby treats whenever you want!

Sure, maybe your pooch isn’t a fan of baths. But you’re definitely not a fan of an aching back. Set up this folding tub in your shower or bathtub, and scrub your fur baby clean. (It’s also way cheaper than paying for grooming.)

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a senior pet with impaired mobility or your little dog has trouble keeping up with you on extra-long walks, this roomy stroller is the answer.

It’s easy to maneuver and has a mesh canopy that snaps down easily (no annoying zippers!).

There’s a cup holder for pet parent’s coffee or water, too, and a handy storage basket. It’s even roomy enough for two toy-sized dogs to ride together. Looking for something more affordable? Check

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