25 Tips To Make a Small Home Feel Bigger

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How To Make Your Home Feel More Spacious

So if you’re wondering how you can make your small home feel bigger, you are in the right place. I’ll go over 25 tips that you can do on almost any budget to get instant gratification of having more space.

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Not only will we go over how to make a narrow room look wider, we will also show you how to add depth to small areas like hallways and how to overall change the perception that the room is much larger than it actually is.

1. Declutter Your Space

in image you can see a person wearing overalls with a tape roller in their hand closing up a box that is on a table. this is illustrating that the person is cleaning and getting rid of things to declutter their space

If you have a lot of little knick-knacks consider getting rid of them and instead getting larger statement pieces. Not only will decluttering a space automatically make it feel bigger it is also inexpensive to do. You can even make some money from this if you want to sell your items that you want to declutter.

You can grab these 6 packs of storage bin containers to make this process easy.

2. Hang Curtains Above Window Frame

image shows bedroom with windows that have curtains hanging. The curtains are to the top of the ceiling and drape all the way down.

Moving your curtains upward toward the ceiling will make the room feel taller, and it is a simple thing you can do right now with your drill gun.

3. Install Long Curtains To Drape / Be At Floor Length

If you do move your curtains up make sure that they have enough length to them that they are either draped on the floor or even at floor length to make the room look taller.

Make sure that the curtain falls exactly to your floor or longer than your floor. If you put the curtains to high and they are short, it will look tacky.

Check out these super long curtains.

4. Use Sheer Curtains / Same Color Family

Using sheer curtains for your windows will give the room more light, and brighter rooms seem to look larger. If you don’t want to go with sheer try sticking with the same color family as your walls.

5. Floating Furniture

in this image there is a couch that is away from the walls as well as a side table with plants and books on it that is also away from the walls.

Floating furniture means your items are moved away from the walls. This is great for square rooms, and great for living rooms. Having them away from walls make it seem like you have more floor space. This doesn’t mean every item can’t be against a wall pick and choose a few statement pieces to move away from the wall.

6. Paint In Light Colors

Using lighter colors on your walls will make your space brighter. And we all know by now that brighter spaces tend to feel more lively and more open.

If you want to paint but aren’t sure what color to go with, get a stick-on paint sample. It’s easy to put on your walls and move to different rooms to see how you’ll like that color. Plus its a sticker with two coats of paint so you’ll know exactly how the color will look.

7. Open Windows

person standing in front of a window that is being opened, curtains are flowing in the room due to breeze coming in from window. Opening windows in a small room can make the room appear larger and bigger than it really is

By opening your windows during the day you are letting natural light, a breeze flow into your home. It also helps that outside your open windows you have less foliage obstructing the view. So trim those hedges, and make sure your windows have a clear view to make the space pop.

8. Add Mirrors Across From Windows

in this image there is a living room that has a sofa and a floor lamp above these items is a mirror that is facing a window. You can see the reflection of the window in the mirror by doing this small tweak a room will look much larger because the mirror will add depth

If you do the above step, you should also consider adding a mirror across from the window you are opening. This way the mirror can bounce light from the window and create depth in a room.

9. Paint Doorway Edges

painting your doorway edges will help make a space look larger like a hallway by increasing the depth perception of an area.

Painting your doorway edges especially in hallways that don’t have windows can create great depth in an area. This is also helpful if the walls are a darker color, you can go with a white edge paint to create that depth and bring in light to darker hallways.

10. Install Crown Molding

Not only will installing crown molding help the space look professionally done and complete it will make the ceilings look taller and give the room depth.

11. Keep Your Built-Ins

keeping the built-ins that come with your home will help make it seem larger because it doesn't take up floor space. In this image we see a bedroom that has a whole wall that is a built in with books on the shelves.

If your home has built-in and you were thinking of removing them, keep them. Not only do they have great storage options, you can display your decor and they take up no space unlike having bookshelves or shelving units.

12. Hang Your TV

Having your tv mounted on the wall is perfect to remove other things like a tv stand and a tv desk/dresser. This will allow you to declutter and have less in the way of your walkable space.

Need to find the easiest and cleanest tv wall mount check it out here.

13. Cohesive Flooring

having the same flooring throught your home will make it look more cohesive and like one large area. Image of empty room with wood flooring

If you plan to do a big remodel or update your floorings consider having the same floor throughout the whole home. This will make the floor feel seamless and abundant creating the illusion of more square footage.

14. Same Style Decor

Keeping each room where vistors will be (kitchen, living spaces, dining area etc…) with the same esthetic will help make everything seem uniform and larger. Making it seem like one large encompassing home.

15. Use Stripes In Your Decor

blue sofa with colorful striped rug under it making the room look longer with the rug.

Consider using stripe rugs or striped decor. Stripes will help elongate a space.

16. Large Wall Art

If you have multiple little art printings on your wall consider purchasing or installing a larger statement piece. This will make your wall really pop and make your home feel bigger than it really is.

You can even find affordable large wall art on amazon like this piece here.

17. Use Furniture With Storage

use furniture with storage to maximize space if you have a small home this will help make your home look and feel bigger

To keep clutter to a minimum but still have stuff consider getting items that have multiple purposes.

  • Beds with underneath storage
  • Center tables with dressers
  • Side tables with pull out dressers or bins

18. Keep Your Floor Visible

Having less items along your floor (not including rugs) can make a room feel larger. Even if that means reducing the clutter, putting items on shelves or having less small furniture.

19. Low Furniture

If you have a home that has low ceilings or just feels a little cramped try styling it with furniture that is hung low. This means having table lamps instead of floor lamps, paintings hung at eye level. If you want to give the room a little lift try to make your furniture work for you.

20. Add Glass Doors

adding glass doors will help make a space larger because it will feel as if the home is extending into the room that is normally closed off.

If you have doors that lead from one busy room to another consider having those door be glass doors (or removing completely) to make it seem like a larger room than one that is closed off.

21. Dark Wood Floors? Use lighter rugs

I think you know the theme of making things look larger and that is using lighter colors, bringing light into a room and that goes for having dark wood floors or having dark tile. Adding a lighter rug will help bring in light to a room making your home feel more spacious.

22. Use Different Light Sources

Don’t be afraid to have light in a room. Whether that is lamps on side tables, overhead lights, open windows. Add light to a room.

  • Small kitchen? Add under cabinet glow lights
  • Small bedroom? Add lamps or brighter bulbs
  • Small living room, combo windows, brighter bulbs and an extra lamp.

23. Paint Window Edges

Same concept as painting your doorway edges this will give the room more depth creating the illusion that it is larger than it really is. This is great if you have window edges on the inside. (some people do not, that is okay – use the other tips).

This tip also works great if your windows have edges on the outside. Paint them a different color (usually lighter) than the color of your home.

Tired of waiting for your handy spouse to cut the wood, or do the finishing touches (or the harder things) for your DIY’s? It’s time to learn your first 5 power tools that can get 95% of your projects done! Time to Do It Yourself For Real.

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Now that you have these 23 ways on how to make a small home feel bigger I think you can implement some of them right away, while others will require some form of planning and taking action.

If you do one of these ideas, let me know in the comments below (and if you have a cool trick that makes a room feel larger, let me know in the comments below)

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