30 Best Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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Most people choose the backsplash design aiming to find the most durable and easiest material to clean. But they forget one very important opportunity the backsplash offers.

The kitchen could be called the space with limited décor opportunities and if you are looking for a way to spruce it up and add a personal touch to its decor, the backsplash is the element you can achieve this with.

Explore our collection of Best Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas and find your unique backsplash design that will make your dream kitchen “shine”.

1. Vintage Backsplash With Bluish Tiles

Vintage Backsplash With Bluish Tiles

This farmhouse kitchen backsplash idea features an alternative to the traditional white subway tiles. The shifting grey to blue shades of the tiles welcomes a nautical motive in the interior. The glazed texture of the backsplash tiles reminds the polished sea glass along the shore.

Added vintage inox hardware and tableware in the green hue displayed in the upper cabinets cohere with the coastal basic element. Together they anchor the warmth and exotic of the ocean in a unique kitchen design arrangement.

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2. Polished White Brick Backsplash

Polished White Brick Backsplash

White subway tiles are a traditional choice for a farmhouse kitchen décor. They provide contrast when combined with darker color tones and keep the space airy and bright.

This farmhouse kitchen backsplash features white subway tiles with a glazed texture and white grouting to create a continuous look that adds a modern flair to the traditional subway tiles look.

The usage of rustic textures doesn’t end with the backsplash. The seats of the barstools are made from solid wood revealing the authentic wood texture.

The addition of black metal legs and light fixtures in the same industrial look enhances the modern touch and creates together a balanced contemporary home décor.

3. Staggered Stone Backsplash Idea

Staggered Stone Backsplash Idea

Grey is a trendy color and it instantly gives any piece a modern look. In this farmhouse kitchen décor the grey cabinet color has done its job perfectly but somehow the atmosphere has still remained warm and homely.

This feel has been anchored by the staggered stone backsplash which has remained the focal point of the room. The tan color palette of the stones and the variegated texture create an appealing visual interest.

4. Subway Tiles Up To The Ceiling

Subway Tiles Up To The Ceiling

The backsplash design should always be consistent with the size of the kitchen. When the kitchen is rather small, a backsplash positioned on the entire wall and up to the ceiling will create the illusion of openness.

The backsplash idea here helps the kitchen feel larger and airier with its scaling and color choice. The storage cabinets additionally help this visual perception.

The black color is used as an accent to make the overall décor more customized and contemporary.

5. Chevron Patterned Backsplash

Chevron Patterned Backsplash

This farmhouse kitchen décor features a monochromatic style achieved by the use of neutral colors.
Even though, every part of this farmhouse kitchen looks so personalized thanks to simple ornamenting such as the wood paneling on the wooden cabinets.

The backsplash covers the wall between the countertop and the upper cabinets.

The combination of a herringbone pattern and a simple horizontal alignment of the white glossy subway tiles makes pleasant-for-the-eye interest which perfectly fits the balanced farmhouse kitchen decor.

6. White Horizontal Shiplap And Black Accents

White Horizontal Shiplap And Black Accents

White horizontal shiplap creates a wonderful farmhouse background and an inviting overall atmosphere which is so important for the kitchen.

The wall panels are placed horizontally leaving small gaps between them which show a darker hue matching the black accent of the kitchen décor.

The grilled windows and the black light fixtures anchor the contrasting accent and balance the rustic shiplap and white cabinetry.

7. Bold Backsplash Idea

Bold Backsplash Idea

This eye-catching representation of a farmhouse kitchen décor is surely an idea not to miss. The backsplash is made from beautiful cement black and white tiles adding a Moroccan touch to the interior. They combine with the luxurious countertop material and the wooden cooker hook.

The pattern and the color choice are very bold and only an airy kitchen can allow such backsplash incorporation.

8. Honeycomb Shape Tiles For Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Honeycomb Shape Tiles For Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

This typical farmhouse kitchen combines multiple rustic décor elements. The natural wood flooring is continued by light-colored wooden cabinets with wainscoting.

The white marble countertops featuring grey fibers are complemented by original hexagon white tiles with grey grouting. The pattern of this farmhouse kitchen backsplash lets the cabinets stand out and the vintage faucet stand out.

The honeycomb pattern is a good idea for adding a modern touch to the farmhouse interior without changing its inviting overall effect.

9. Beige Brick Backsplash

Beige Brick Backsplash

The beige brick backsplash idea here adds a warm touch to the bold granite countertop and black window frames.

It is complemented with open shelves and modern farmhouse kitchen cabinetry that help the new hue match the existing décor.

The addition of this brick-patterned backsplash balances the contrast of white and black.

10. Patterned Backsplash Idea

Patterned Backsplash Idea

The pattern of this kitchen backsplash features fans in creamy color shades. The fan pattern creates a layered visual interest which improves the depth of the space and also lets the focal points of the kitchen stand out.

The neutral color of the backsplash plays nicely with the inox appliances and white cabinetry to create together a warm interior.

11. Light Blue Brick Backsplash Idea

Light Blue Brick Backsplash Idea

This is a sweet farmhouse kitchen idea featuring pale blue tiles as a backsplash. They are positioned horizontally and finished with a white grout which pairs with the color of the surrounding kitchen elements.

The antique glass bottles placed on the windowsill above the backsplash complement it and enhance the whimsy nautical touch.

12. Glossy White Subway Tiles With Rustic Accents

Glossy White Subway Tiles With Rustic Accents

Isn’t this a lovely farmhouse kitchen décor? The glossy white backsplash is scaled up to the white ceiling to create an airy and bright backdrop for the exposed decorations.

The wood is present in the shape of exposed beams, ornaments of the barnwood door and floating shelves on the backsplash itself.

The textured leather bar stools add an earthy brown color on the other side of the kitchen island to complete the symmetricity of the space.

The emerald green kitchen island and the light fixtures above it add a modern touch that smoothens the farmhouse style. Together they create a balanced contemporary kitchen that is comfortable, welcoming and eye-pleasing.

13. Beadboard Backsplash

Beadboard Backsplash

The beadboard backsplash may not be the best backsplash idea when it comes to maintenance but it is surely one of those textures and designs that instantly anchor the warmth of the farmhouse style.

The white beadboard is complemented by an apron sink in chequered pattern and a butcher’s board countertop.


These classic vintage elements create an elegant kitchen décor that feels contemporary thanks to the balance brought by the white color.

via Farmhouse 5540

14. Exposed Brick Masonry Backsplash

Exposed Brick Masonry Backsplash

This is a fantastic design of a farmhouse kitchen featuring traditional elements twisted by the prism of modern trends.

The brick backsplash is the first element your eye catches.

The red-colored texture is updated with the use of whitewashing and heavy grouted gaps reminding of rough masonry work. The focal point is the unique hammered copper iron sink that shines in the generous light from the window above it.

via Stacey at Home

15. White Exposed Bricks Backsplash

White Exposed Bricks Backsplash

The update of the brick texture in this farmhouse kitchen décor makes it so personalized and contemporary. The typical red color of the bricks is in the past and replaced with a thick coat of white paint.

The exposed structure of the bricks can still be noticed but it doesn’t overwhelm the décor. The open shelving above it continues the modernized farmhouse style and makes sure that the space shows its own character.

via Adventures in Decorating

16. White Shiplap Backsplash

White Shiplap Backsplash

Another idea for a farmhouse kitchen backsplash with shiplap. This time it doesn’t cover the entire wall, only the blank space between the countertop and the upper cabinets.

The dark color of the wood and the marble top need a light motive to feel balanced and prevent it from overwhelming space. The shiplap boards do perfectly this job and even improve the airiness of the space.

via The Prairie Homestead

17. Beadboard Backsplash

Beadboard Backsplash

The beadboard backsplash may not be the best backsplash idea when it comes to maintenance but it is surely one of those textures and designs that instantly anchor the warmth of the farmhouse style.

The white beadboard is complemented by an apron sink in chequered pattern and a butcher’s board countertop.

These classic vintage elements create an elegant kitchen décor that feels contemporary thanks to the balance brought by the white color.

18. Brick Herringbone Backsplash

Brick Herringbone Backsplash

The rough masonry work of this backsplash idea is so striking! We can see the grouting and the unevenness of the brick surfaces.

The bricks are positioned horizontally above the countertop and twisted in a chevron pattern above the stove.

Playing with the alignment pattern gives the rustic material a modern update and personal touch to the overall décor.

19. Brick Tiles Backsplash Idea

Brick Tiles Backsplash Idea

The traditional brick layout is timeless when it comes to farmhouse décor. Whether used as a statement wall in the living room or as a backsplash pattern in the kitchen, the brick wall makes a striking pop of color.


The brick backsplash requires massive appliances and polished textures of the adjacent surfaces which balance its rough look.

20. White Marble Backsplash Idea

White Marble Backsplash Idea

Marble is a great material for kitchen environments because it is durable and easy to clean. In an interior design aspect, marble is related to luxury and elegance that makes a wonderful visual statement in the kitchen décor.

The backsplash idea here features a slab of white marble with grey splashes which provides an endless depth of the kitchen nook.

An interesting idea for enhancing the lux motif is adding copper or golden-plated hardware.

21. Scaled White Shiplap Backsplash Idea

Scaled White Shiplap Backsplash Idea

Continuing the backsplash up to the ceiling creates a visually appealing architectural effect. The white shiplap makes the ambiance so airy and bright.

The cook hood and the upper cabinets are designed in the same texture and color to blend with the backsplash and enhance the brighter look.

The personal touch in this farmhouse kitchen décor is made with bold antique sconces and faucets.

22. Industrial Farmhouse Backsplash Idea

Industrial Farmhouse Backsplash Idea

The open-plan concept of this kitchen décor has been very well managed with the right choice of colors and textures.

White is a reasonable choice to make the shared room feel spacious and bright. The dark wooden counter of the bar plays an important part in the décor arrangement being a transitional piece.

It is used in the kitchen counters and also in décor pieces on the other side of the bar counter. The kitchen backsplash is pretty short because of the design room specifics but it works perfectly with the farmhouse accents in both areas.

The beadboard material is used also in the pillar and in the ceiling ornament of the adjacent nook.

23. Staggered Square Tiles With Dark Grout

Staggered Square Tiles With Dark Grout

This farmhouse kitchen inspires by the twist of the traditional farmhouse elements. The backsplash is made with simple white square ceramic tiles. The old-school application would be partial coverage of the wall.

Here, the tiles cover the entire wall in an interesting staggered pattern which makes this simple material look very elegant and open. The open shelves displaying vintage décor and the apron on the sink make the kitchen feel homier.

24. Patterned Tiles For An Exotic Rustic Backsplash

Patterned Tiles For An Exotic Rustic Backsplash

Such patterned backsplash tiles are used to enhance a certain style in the interior. This interior designer’s approach is mostly used in small spaces where there is no possibility to use more accents or décor elements. The pattern of the tiles resembles a Mandala flower which is so exotic and yet rustic.

We are used to relating the Mandala flower to a whimsy colorful mosaic but in this farmhouse kitchen that would have been a disaster.

The bolder colors would have overwhelmed the small space and created a chaotic feel. Keeping the colors of the backsplash united with the color palette of the surroundings makes sure that the backsplash pattern creates an elegant point of interest.

25. Grey Chevron Backsplash Tile Idea

Grey Chevron Backsplash Tile Idea

In case your kitchen is small and you need a décor piece to make it personalized, this backsplash idea is a great inspiration. It features tiles in light grey color positioned in a chevron pattern.

The backsplash is scaled up to the ceiling to make the room feel higher than it actually is. The copper finished faucets act as an accent but also as a means to draw the eye upward to the chevron-tiled backsplash.

26. Grey Arabesque-Shaped Backsplash

Grey Arabesque-Shaped Backsplash

The arabesque-patterned tiles are another variation of a statement backsplash for small farmhouse kitchen decors.

The idea here features shapes in light grey and white which visually enlarge the height of the room.

This motif is perfect for creating a focal point in a small farmhouse kitchen. Its exotic nature pairs well both with rustic textures and modern accents.

27. Bold Dark Grey Wood

Bold Dark Grey Wood

If you like the shiplap backsplash idea for your farmhouse kitchen décor, check out this design inspiration. The shiplap is positioned vertically all up to the ceiling and is painted a deep dramatic color.

The vertical wall panels painted indigo blue color make a modern twist of the traditional farmhouse element and give this kitchen a unique personal statement.

Uniting the backsplash with the cabinets in color is a clever idea to ensure a continuous and smooth backdrop for the contrasting countertop.

28. Herringbone Tile Inset In A Brick Tile Backsplash

Herringbone Tile Inset In A Brick Tile Backsplash

If you like the farmhouse simplicity of the ceramic brick tiles but want to use them to make a statement in the farmhouse kitchen, play with the alignment pattern.

Horizontal and vertical alignment are too boring but how about mixing horizontal with herringbone?

This interesting backsplash décor idea features a backsplash with horizontally laid ceramic tiles and an inset with a herringbone feature.

This change makes a sophisticated touch that is also very important for the overall symmetricity of the kitchen.

29. High-Gloss Tiles Backsplash Idea

High-Gloss Tiles Backsplash Idea

The high gloss finish of these backsplash tiles makes a sophisticated touch to this modern farmhouse kitchen décor.

The indigo toned lower cabinets, the inox pulls of the drawers and the open shelving on the backsplash upscale the interior and give it a fresh read of the farmhouse flair.

30. Peel-And-Stick Farmhouse Backsplash

Peel-And-Stick Farmhouse Backsplash

Looking for farmhouse kitchen backsplash DIY projects? Here is one for you. If you are looking for a kitchen renovation that is affordable in price, you can try the peel-and-stick stickers. They are offered in varieties of textures, patterns and colors.

The backsplash idea here features a change in the backsplash with earthy-toned glossy bricks. They provide a contrast for the wooden counters and the white cabinetry to stand out and unite them in an appealing overall kitchen design.

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