Are Shiba Inus Good Apartment Dogs?

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The best pets can live in your apartment freely and without causing chaos. So, for those staying in apartments, you must consider suitable pets for the apartment environment. Otherwise, you risk causing mayhem now and then.

Although they’re known to be aloof, Shibas are one of a kind with big personalities, which makes one ask, are Shiba Inus good apartment dogs?

Yes. Shiba Inus are good apartment dogs. Besides, you can raise a Shiba’s in an apartment since they fancy smaller spaces. There are many tips to raise a Shiba Inu in an apartment, like taking him for daily exercise. Thankfully, you can leave your Shiba in an apartment alone for 8+ hours.

Now, it’s time to go deeper about Shiba’s and see whether they do well in apartments.

Are Shiba Inus Good Apartment Dogs?

Let no one lie to you they aren’t; Shiba Inus are great apartment dogs.

Apart from being highly tidy dogs, Shiba Inus are loyal to their owners, making them perfect for apartment living. They easily create a strong bond with the owner and are open to socializing with other people.

If you’re looking to own a Shiba Inu and are staying in an apartment, you have nothing to worry about. A Shiba can be your perfect partner and won’t nag you with dirt.

Besides, Shiba Inus are suitable for your apartment living as they like staying clean and grooming themselves after every few minutes. Although it’s a breed that needs a lot of physical activity, it also fits and enjoys apartment stays.

Although, when staying with your Shiba in an apartment, it’s good to make him know you’re in charge and not the other way round. If you don’t take charge of your Shiba Inu, you’re in for a tough time.

When I first got myself a Shiba Inu back then, while in college and staying in an apartment, I didn’t know that Shiba’s have this annoying tendency to think of themselves as being in charge. They’re dominant. So, he kept annoying me until I knew it and took charge of him instead of vice versa.

Therefore, Shiba’s are good for apartment stay but need you to be strict as it pays off in the end.

Can You Raise a Shiba Inu in An Apartment?

Yes. You can raise a Shiba Inu in an apartment. Although Shiba Inus are aloof, they successfully grow up in an apartment.

If you want to own a Shiba puppy and worry that you’re staying in an apartment, there’s nothing to worry about. You can own and raise a Shiba Inu in an apartment without major challenges. But, ensure to learn about them before getting one.  

As said above, ensure to let your Shiba know that you’re in charge and not the other way. This helps you warn your Shiba Inu against in-house lousy behavior. For example, chewing off carpets. Shiba Inus can be unruly, but only when you let them take charge.

When I got my first Shiba, still living in an apartment, I thought it was such a big deal and that maybe I’d not make it. However, years later, I was able to look back and say, “It was worth it.” I stayed for long in an Apartment before shifting, and there’s no single time when my Shiba caused chaos.

As such, if you’re looking to own a Shiba Inu puppy and raise them in an apartment, let no one scare you; it’s possible. In fact, raising a Shiba Inu in an apartment since when he’s a puppy is better than rescuing an adult one when living in an apartment.

A takeaway for you to raise Shiba Inu in an apartment successfully is to be patient, keep using positive reinforcement, initiate socialization early, and lastly, don’t forget frequent exercise.

Also, below are some tested and proven tips you can observe to raise a Shiba Inu in an apartment.

What Are Tips on Raising a Shiba Inu in An Apartment?

If you’re looking to own a Shiba Inu and want to familiarize yourself with some tips beforehand, here are some vital ones you should master;

  1. Be An Alpha Leader
  2. Ensure Your Shiba Is on A Leash When Out
  3. Caution Against Destructive Chewing
  4. Initiate Training and Socialization Early

Now, let’s explore each tip in detail;

1.     Be An Alpha Leader

Being an alpha leader means that you should establish yourself as the leader, don’t let your Shiba Inu take charge. This means that even when you notice your Shiba misbehave, don’t overreact. Always remain calm and then caution him against doing it.

If you become angry, your furry friend can feel that energy that isn’t safe from you. As a result, master the art of staying calm and being patient even when he’s misbehaving. Use positive reinforcement, either clap or shout “NO” or “STOP.”  

One time, my Shiba Inu was chewing my carpet, and I immediately turned back to look at him; he knew that he was doing the wrong thing and stopped. So, learn how to make your Shiba submit in a friendly way by being an alpha leader.

2.     Ensure Your Shiba Is on A Leash When Out

This is of significant importance primarily to first-time Shiba owners; make a leash your friend whenever you want to take him out with you for a walk. This trick saves you a lot of trouble before you learn Shiba’s traits and how to handle them.

are shiba inus good apartment dogs

Keeping in mind that Shiba’s are escape artists, a leash helps you overcome a lot of hassle and tussle. Besides, lead your Shiba on the leash, don’t let your Shiba lead you instead. Of course, expect some struggle that won’t last for long.

Also, when leading your Shiba on a leash, hold it freely aside and walk straight up. Despite your Shiba’s struggle at first, don’t give up and don’t act desperate just remain calm all through. Eventually, your Shiba will take it and submit, thus stopping the struggle.

3.     Caution Against Destructive Chewing

Destructive chewing is common in many dog breeds, not excluding Shiba Inus. Shiba’s can be disastrous, especially when annoyed or when they want a walk outside. As a result, you need to closely monitor your Shiba’s behavior to understand them.

When I first got myself a Shiba Inu, I once found him in the act chewing my carpet. My means to correct him was to look him straight and say no, which I did. I’ve never seen it happen again ever since, meaning he took the lesson right.

Therefore, whenever you find your Shiba chewing things destructively, don’t hesitate to warn him. Of course, you can teach your Shiba other basic commands such as “Sit,” “No,” and “Come” from there; he knows when you use a given command like “NO,” you mean stop. That way, it becomes easy to control your Shiba’s bad traits.

4.     Initiate Training and Socialization Early

Training and socialization are crucial to all dog breeds. However, it plays a more vital role in aloof breeds, like Shiba Inus. As a result, if you have your Shiba Inu as a puppy, initiate training and socialization at 6-8 weeks.

Shiba Inus is known as an independent and stubborn breed; therefore, training helps you keep them in check. Although people consider this breed one of the most difficult to train, you have no other option than training your Shiba. It’s not as hard as people assume it to be.  

Initiate training as early as possible. You can start with puppy obedience classes where you get your Shiba Inu puppy to learn all simple commands. Also, during training, remember patience, consistency, and assertiveness are essential and don’t forget to always remain calm.

In addition to training, socialize your Shiba Inu as early as possible. Socializing helps your Shiba Inu learn about the outside world. It helps him grow to become a well-rounded, friendly, and social pet.

Failure to socialize your Shiba Inu makes him grow to become a fearful dog. As a result of the fear, Shiba grows to become aggressive with people and other dogs. Thankfully, early socialization eliminates all these vices at a go.

From socialization, your Shiba develops social skills essential in various life situations. He’ll learn to approach and handle complex situations with confidence. Also, social skills remove anxiety from your Shiba, making him even better.  

Can Shiba’s Be Left Alone in An Apartment?

Yes. You can leave Shiba alone in an apartment for long, approximately 8+ hours in a day. Since Shiba’s are independent dogs, they don’t require your attention every few minutes. They’re happy doing things by themselves.

Shiba Inu fits your busy schedule as you don’t have to keep giving your Shiba attention. You can avail his toys to play with and leave for work. You’ll come back later in the day to find your Shiba okay alone.

Nevertheless, since Shiba’s have a lot of energy, you need to take your Shiba for a walk at least 50 minutes a day. That serves well as it helps your Shiba run around during the walk and dispel energy.

Therefore, Shiba Inus are perfect to leave alone in an apartment; however, you might want to Shiba-proof your apartment. When you leave your Shiba alone in your apartment, you can’t be sure what he might get himself into; therefore, you might want to consider Shiba-proofing your apartment.

To Shiba-proof your apartment, you only need to be tidy always and keep your things in order. Such things include your shoes, slippers, and clothing items. So, when leaving your Shiba alone in an apartment, observe this Shiba-proof strategy. In case you want to know how to Shiba-proof your apartment, check the steps below effectively;

How To Shiba Proof Your Apartment

You can’t ignore that Shiba Inu is a notorious breed and likes to chew a lot when left alone. As a result, if you’re planning to have a Shiba Inu in your Apartment, learning how to Shiba proof the apartment helps you keep your essential items safe and avoid destruction.

Therefore, to Shiba proof your apartment, follow the following steps;

  1. Place electronics and cords out of reach
  2. Keep food items away
  3. Close doors with access to off-limit rooms
  4. Spraying items with a “no chew” label
  5. Provide bones and toys for your Shiba to play with

See some brief explanation of each below;

Step 1. Begin by having all electronics and cords out of reach.

Arrange electronics well and put all electronic cables out of reach since your Shiba could access and vandalize them when you’re away. Also, if you have electricity outlets running outside the apartment compound, it’s safe to unplug them before leaving for your day’s duties.

Step 2. Keep all food items away when not in use.

Let no one fool you that you can keep your Shiba away from the kitchen using a baby gate. Therefore, after you feed your Shiba, keep all food items safely in a place your Shiba can’t access. Ensure children’s toys are in a safe place. 

Step 3. Close doors with access to off-limit rooms.

This includes the room where you put trash; keep this door tightly closed. Also, if you have house plants, keep them away as this could poison your Shiba if the pet decides to chew them. Also, cleaning products should be far from reach.

Step 4: Practice Labelling  

This applies to people whose Shiba’s understand the basic commands. Spray furniture legs and couch cushions with a “no chew” label.

Step 5: Provide a variety of bones and toys

Shibas can play with and chew when your attention is nowhere near. In the event, your Shiba chews toys that keep him busy while you’re away.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Exercise Does My Shiba Inu Need?

Your Shiba Inu needs exercise for an average of 1 to 3 hours every day. Although, 30 minutes are enough when you don’t feel like doing it for long. What is important is that your Shiba gets some time to dispel energy by playing around.

You should find out your Shiba’s average time to dispel that energy. That helps tailor your Shiba’s exercise to meet his exercise needs. 

Do Shiba Inus Need a Lot of Attention?

As said earlier, Shiba Inus are independent dogs and hardly need attention. They might need your attention for 2 or 3 minutes, after which they walk away. Therefore, they are very aloof and are content with minimal or no attention.

Do Shiba Inus Need a Lot of Space?

Shiba Inus don’t necessarily need a vast amount of space but need enough place where they can run up and down to release energy, such as a yard. Therefore, a small fenced yard can do wonders if you have a Shiba Inu.

Final Thoughts on The Query, Are Shiba Inus Good Apartment Dogs?

Shiba Inus are excellent apartment dogs. They know how to keep their body tidy and like staying in a reasonably clean place. Therefore, Shiba’s are the best when it comes to apartment dogs.

However, due to their aloof and independent personality, most people looking forward to owning a Shiba are bothered by the question: Are Shiba Inus good apartment dogs? I’d wish to confirm that Shiba’s are good apartment dogs.

Moreover, you need to train and socialize your Shiba Inu to achieve a positive result. Apart from that, daily exercise is also necessary since Shiba’s are active dog breeds.

This far, let me wish you the best of luck in petting your Shiba in your apartment.

Feel free to leave a comment on what we’ve missed out on.

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