Are Shiba Inus Smart Dogs? Shiba Inu Intelligence

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Shiba Inus are currently the most famous Japanese dog breed. They’re bold, lively, attentive, and alert. Shiba Inus are more aloof than other companion dogs and behave like cats. So, you might want to ask, are Shiba Inus smart?

Shiba Inus are smart with average intelligence, especially obedience and working intelligence. Research by Stanley Coren ranks Shiba Inus as the 93rd smartest dog. Shibas are intelligent in their own ways. For example, Shibas quickly learn from their mistakes. Also, your Shibas superb hunting skills require them to be smart.

Shiba Inus are naturally intelligent and have a singular mind. That said, keep reading to learn what makes Shiba Inus smart dogs.

Are Shiba Inus Smart Dogs?

Shiba Inus are somewhat smart dog breeds. Besides, they have unique traits and patterns that set them apart from other dog breeds.

Shiba Inus have unique abilities and traits. They’re unlike your normal dogs, as they have a singular mind.

By a singular mind, I mean Shibas think for themselves and decide what to do. So, Shibas aren’t the “slave” dog that always adheres to your commands.

Are Shiba Inus Smart

Since they think for themselves, Shibas can decide to ignore you and do what it is they like. If you want to own one, expect them to ignore you at some point.

In addition, another trait that makes Shiba Inus smart is the way they like challenging their owners. You Shiba will challenge you more often. So, owning Shibas isn’t for the faint of heart.

Are Shiba Inus Intelligent Dogs?

Shiba Inus are moderately or averagely intelligent. They aren’t the most intelligent dog breeds. Research by Stanley Coren ranks Shibas 93rd in intelligence.

There’s no doubt that Shiba Inus are somewhat smart dogs. They can listen, understand, and act accordingly as per the commands.

Further, despite Shibas being intelligent, they’re independent as well. That means they like to think and act for themselves. Also, they don’t seek your attention all the time.

Due to the Shibas intelligence, they act stubbornly as they always want to challenge their owners. Shibas are lower on the IQ scale due to their unwillingness to learn new skills and tricks.

Although Shiba Inus are good in comprehension, the problem comes with following commands. They hardly follow through your guidelines. One minute your fur friend listens to you keenly, and the next, he’s off doing what he wants.

Therefore, due to having extreme intelligence, Shibas are good at ignoring you. They just like doing it; thus, it’s part of the breed.

Shibas often behave like cats with the attitude, “ignorance is bliss.” They act independently and do what they think instead of following your commands.

However, even with their ignorance, your Shiba understands you perfectly. Therefore, this makes Shiba Inus a somewhat smart dog.

Why Do Shiba Inus Rank Low 93rd On Intelligence?

Shiba Inus rank slightly low in dog intelligence due to their ignorance. Shibas ignore you blatantly even when they can hear you call them.

Shibas are good at listening; the challenge comes with following your commands. They quickly grasp training commands. However, actualizing the teachings is the challenge.

Moreover, not all Shiba Inus are the same. Some are obedient and hardly ignore their owners. However, a good percentage of Shibas are ignorant. Besides, this trait is genetic in Shibas.

AreShiba Inus Smart

They lack the interest to respond even when you call. Although Shibas can hear you call their name, they lack the interest to respond. So, all your Shiba does is look at you for a moment and face elsewhere.

Therefore, Shibas understand you and can even read your emotions; however, they do what they think is right. This makes them rank low on the dog intelligence chart.

How To Improve Your Shiba Inus Intelligence?

Improving your Shibas intelligence doesn’t come easy. You have to dedicate your time to train them from an early age.

A summary of the tips to boost your Shibas intelligence is here;

  1. Initiate Obedience Training Early
  2. Teach Your Shiba Inus Basic Commands
  3. Be Consistent Regarding Good and Bad Behavior
  4. Keep Open Channels of Communication Between You and Your Shiba Inu
  5. Gain Your Shibas Trust

What’s more;

1.     Initiate Obedience Training Early

Shiba Inus easily grasp commands and training basics while they’re still young. So, you might want to introduce your Shiba Inu pup to obedience training.

Also, you can correct Shibas while they’re still young by showing them the right way to do something. Full-grown Shibas have arrogance, thus difficult to correct.

That said, you should introduce your Shiba to obedience training from 6 months of age. Begin with the basic commands before advancing to complex things.

If you start training early, your Shiba grows knowing the basic commands. Also, they learn to respond to commands.

So, ensure to initiate early training for your fur friend. Starting training when your Shiba is still a puppy is promising and boosts your Shibas intelligence.

2.     Teach Your Shiba Inus Basic Commands

Basic commands include ordinary things like “SIT,” “STAY,” “COME,” and “STOP.” So, ensure these are the first things you teach your Shiba Inus.

Basic commands apply in most scenarios, thus the need to train your Shiba. That said, ensure your Shiba knows how to respond to the basic commands.

Are Shiba Inus Smart

Teach them always to come when you call. You can use treats to foster this. Basic commands are like the building blocks to complex training.

That said, begin training your Shiba on basic commands by yourself. Like your Shiba knows their name, they’ll also grasp these basic commands faster.

3.     Be Consistent Regarding Good and Bad Behavior

Consistency is something you’ll need to maintain to train your Shiba Inu successfully. Ensure you have a clear difference between good and bad behavior.

Also, let your Shiba know what is wrong and what is good. Stay clear on what is good and bad when training your fur friend.

For example, if you usually use “STOP” to warn your Shiba against bad behavior, stick to that. Don’t mix commands every time. Mixing commands confuse your Shiba Inus.

Also, if you usually use “Good Boy!” phrase to praise your Shiba for something good they did, stick to that. Interchanging commands causes more harm to your Shiba Inus than good. So, ensure you’re consistent with your training.

In addition, you can also associate clapping your hands with warning your Shiba Inus. That way, they know you’re warning them when they hear you clap your hands. Ensure this is consistent.

That said, consistency is key for successful Shiba Inu training.

4.     Keep Open Channels of Communication Between You and Your Shiba Inus

Keeping open channels of communication entails understanding your Shibas communication with ease. Also, it entails ensuring your Shiba understands your commands with ease.

Therefore, you need to understand your Shibas body language because that’s what they use to communicate. Shibas have a variety of body communication techniques. Learn and know what they mean.

Also, ensure your Shiba Inus understands your commands. That way, you’ll promote more communication with your Shiba Inus.

Also, keeping open communication channels enhances the loyalty you get from your Shiba. Therefore, ensure you listen to what your Shiba is attempting to say.

The key is understanding their body language and what every body movement means.

5.     Gain Your Shiba Inus Trust

The first thing to developing a friendship with your Shiba Inus is earning their trust. There are many ways you can earn your Shibas trust.

One way to gain your Shibas trust is by encouraging bonding activities like going for walks. You can go for a walk every day and tag along your Shiba Inus. However, ensure you have them on a leash.

Also, you can play games at home like tug of war and fetch. In fact, Shibas like playing fetch, and that’s a good chance to build trust.

Also, be the person to feed your Shiba. They gain a lot of trust in the person who feeds them. Shibas even make the one who feeds them their favorite person. Therefore, utilize that chance.

Also, always stay calm and avoid anxiety. Shiba Inus feel your emotions and reflect them. As such, you don’t want your Shiba Inus to reflect anxiety from you.

So, master the art of staying calm in all situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shiba Inus Very Intelligent?

Shiba Inus are moderately smart dogs. They quickly grasp commands when you train them on basic commands.

However, Shiba Inus have a poor response mechanism. Therefore, although they grasp commands faster, they aren’t the best at cooperating.

Do Shiba Inus Have the Highest IQ?

No, Shiba Inus don’t have the highest IQ as they rank 93rd on the intelligence scale. However, Shibas are smart in their own ways.

Despite Shibas being smart, they aren’t the dogs with the highest IQ. The border collie is known to be the most intelligent dog.

What Makes Shiba Inus Smart?

Shiba Inus are smart due to their singular mind and ability to think through things. They can think by themselves and decide what to do.

Your Shiba Inus doesn’t have to adhere to your commands all the time. They’ll often ignore you blatantly when you call. That’s Shiba Inus nature, though.

The Wrap Up, Are Shiba Inus Smart Dogs?

Shiba Inus are smart in their unique ways. Besides being smart, Shibas are independent and like to act by themselves. So, they don’t like following instructions or commands.

For example, Shiba Inus ignore when you call and focuses on what they want to do. They don’t adhere to your commands all the time. This makes Shiba Inus unique in their ways.

In addition, Shibas are smart to run behind your back and do what you’re against. Shibas like challenging their owners. So, they want to push beyond boundaries.

Shibas like pushing boundaries beyond what you don’t want them to do. So, they’ll attempt to sneak behind your back to do things you’re against.

Therefore, they are smart because they always want to outsmart their owners. Also, Shiba Inus like to challenge you.

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