9 Best Shiba Inu Harness! 9 Tested & Proven Picks!

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Are you a proud owner of a Shiba Inu? These feisty and independent dogs are a beloved breed, but they can be difficult to handle on walks without the right equipment. That’s where a good harness comes in.

But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your furry friend. Should you go for a traditional back clip or a front clip harness?

How about a step-in or overhead style? And what about material and sizing?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the best Shiba Inu harnesses available, so you can make an informed decision and enjoy stress-free walks with your pup.

Whether you’re looking for something stylish, comfortable, or practical, we’ve got something for everyone. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect harness for your Shiba Inu!

9 Best Shiba Inu Dog Harness

Best Shiba Inu Harness

  1. RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness
  2. JULIUS-K9, 16IDC-P-M, IDC Powerharness, dog harness
  3. RUFFWEAR, Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog Harness
  4. Bolux Dog Harness, No-Pull Reflective Dog Vest, Breathable Adjustable Pet Harness
  5. JULIUS-K9, IDC Powerharness, Size: XS/Mini-Mini
  6. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness
  7. Embark Adventure Dog Harness
  8. JUXZH Soft Front Dog Harness
  9. ThinkPet No Pull Harness

What’s more;

  1. RUFFWEAR, Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness

The RUFFWEAR Front Range Dog Harness is perfect for all-day outdoor adventures with your furry companion.

Lightweight yet durable, this harness is designed for extended wear and easy on and off. With reinforced webbing at the chest and an aluminum V-ring centered on the back, it provides additional control and is great for training.

The foam-padded strips across the chest and belly ensure equal load distribution and comfort when running, walking or resting.

The harness is customizable, with four points of adjustment for full range of motion, and an ID pocket for safe storage of your dog’s tags. Bright and easily visible fabric with reflective trim helps your dog stand out against any landscape, day or night.


  1. Light
  2. 2 leash attachment points
  3. Customizable fit

  1. JULIUS-K9, 16IDC-P-M, IDC Powerharness, dog harness

Looking for a professional dog harness that can keep up with your active lifestyle? Look no further than the IDC Powerharness from JULIUS-K9!

Designed for urban walks and busy days, this harness is easy to fit and offers reliable control when you need it most.

With interchangeable hook & loop patches, you can customize the harness to suit your dog’s personality or display important information.

And with a sturdy stitch and comfortable lining, you can trust that your furry friend is in good hands. Get yours today on our Amazon Storefront!


  1. Best for urban walks
  2. Interchangeable hook & loop patches
  3. One-click fit for daily use

  1. RUFFWEAR, Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog Harness

The RUFFWEAR Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog Harness, perfect for adventurous dogs, working dogs, service dog handlers, and amputee dogs.

With its anatomical design, this harness offers a secure fit and is ideal for challenging terrains. The padded, reinforced handle makes maneuvering a breeze, and the five points of adjustment allow for a customizable fit.

This harness is built to last with durable construction and foam-padded straps for comfort. Additionally, it features reflective trim and a safety light loop, making it perfect for year-round use.

Upgrade your furry friend’s gear with the RUFFWEAR Web Master Harness.


  1. Super secure
  2. Durable
  3. Customizable fit

  1. Bolux Dog Harness, No-Pull Reflective Dog Vest, Breathable Adjustable Pet Harness

Introducing the Bolux Dog Harness. It’s the perfect solution for small dogs and puppies weighing between 11-30 lbs.

Designed to provide maximum comfort, our no-choke harness ensures that pulling pressure is evenly distributed to prevent choking.

The adjustable chest strap and rugged nylon handle further enhance your control over your dog. This harness comes with reflective straps for added visibility and is perfect for outdoor activities like walking, running, hiking, and more.

Bolux is committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service.


  1. Best for small to medium dogs
  2. Has a sturdy handle
  3. It’s a no-pull harness

  1. JULIUS-K9, IDC Powerharness, Size: XS/Mini-Mini

Looking for a harness that provides professional control for urban walks? Look no further than the IDC Powerharness from JULIUS-K9!

It’s designed for dogs with chest circumferences between 15.5-20.5 inches and weighing between 9-20 pounds, this harness is perfect for bustling days, early morning walks, and getting around safely.

With interchangeable hook & loop patches, you can choose from countless different options to express your dog’s personality or display useful information.

The sturdy construction and shatterproof buckle guarantee reliability and durability, while the reflective elements and first-class lining provide comfort and visibility.

Fitting the harness is a breeze with the one-click fit feature. Check out our Amazon storefront for more great products!


  1. Strong and durable
  2. Has one-click fit for easy use
  3. Good for urban walks

  1. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

The PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness is trusted by a million dog parents and trainers each year since it was launched.

Created 15 years ago by a veterinary behaviorist, this harness teaches your furry friend better leash manners with its patented Martingale loop and front chest leash attachment.

Say goodbye to gagging and choking, as this harness safely controls light to moderate pulling by resting across your dog’s chest instead of his throat.

Its light and breathable construction ensures a comfortable fit, and the quick-snap shoulder and belly straps make it easy to fit on your pup.

Plus, their Customer Care experts are always here to help with any issues or questions you may have. Choose the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness for a worry-free walk with your furry friend.


  1. Free from chocking and gagging
  2. It simple, quick, and easy to fit
  3. Free exchange if you buy a wrong size

  1. Embark Adventure Dog Harness

The Embark Adventure Dog Harness is the ultimate choice for active dogs! This no-pull harness is perfect for walking, running, hiking, swimming or camping with your furry friend.

With its built-in handle, you can easily assist or control your dog. The harness is highly adjustable with longer straps for a snug fit, and made from strong military-grade nylon, exceeding national pulling strength guidelines by over 130 LBS!

The front metal D-ring and buckles are reinforced for safety and durability. The back leash attachment and soft padding protect your dog’s trachea, while the front leash attachment helps teach heel and stop pulling.

The reflective trim and lightweight materials make this harness stylish and comfortable for your dog.


  1. Highly adjustable
  2. Heavy duty for durability
  3. Comfortable and stylish

  1. JUXZH Soft Front Dog Harness

The JUXZH Soft Front Dog Harness in a stunning purple color and size M, designed to keep your furry friend comfortable and safe.

It’s made with scratch-resistant Oxford material and a lightweight Draflex Buckle, this harness is durable and boasts a large loading capacity for improved strength.

The ergonomic design makes it easy to put on and take off, while the reflective Nylon webbing ensures visibility at night. The comfortable, lightweight mesh lining with soft sponge padding in the chest and belly prevents injuries better than a collar.

With two leash attachment points, this high-end dog harness is perfect for outdoor adventures and car rides.


  1. Safe for canines
  2. Two attachment points
  3. Scratch resistant

  1. ThinkPet No Pull Harness

Looking for a durable and escape-proof harness for your medium-sized dog? The ThinkPet No Pull Harness is perfect for dogs with chest girths between 15-30 inches and neck girths of 16-22 inches. This harness is great for breeds like Shibas, Chihuahuas, labs, and collies.

This harness is also padded with an extra-thick, breathable mesh lining that optimizes skin ventilation and offers maximum protection against injuries.

Equipped with fluorescent straps, the reflective design improves visibility in low light conditions, making it ideal for nighttime walking, running, and outdoor adventures.

The ThinkPet No Pull Harness comes with two metal leash D-rings, one on the back for casual walking and jogging, and a no-choke front clip that’s perfect for training or working.

Additionally, the padded soft handle provides extra control when leading your dog. The ThinkPet No Pull Harness is the perfect gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and more!


  1. Escape-proof harness
  2. Durable
  3. No-pull dog harness

Factors To Consider When Looking for A Shiba Inu Harness

1.      Fit:

The harness must fit your Shiba Inu correctly to ensure that it’s comfortable and doesn’t cause any discomfort or chafing.

It should fit snugly around the body without being too tight or too loose, and there should be enough room for your Shiba Inu to breathe and move freely.

2.      Material:

The material of the harness should be durable, comfortable, and non-irritating to your Shiba Inu’s skin.

It’s recommended to avoid harnesses made of rough, scratchy material or ones that use materials that can cause allergic reactions, such as nylon or polyester.

3.      Type:

There are different types of harnesses to choose from, including back-clip, front-clip, and no-pull harnesses.

Each type has its own unique features and benefits, and the best one for your Shiba Inu depends on their walking habits and behavior.

4.      Safety Features:

The harness should have features that ensure your Shiba Inu’s safety, such as reflective strips for visibility in low-light conditions and a sturdy D-ring for attaching the leash.

5.      Comfort:

A comfortable harness will allow your Shiba Inu to move freely without restriction. Padded or lined harnesses are recommended as they can provide extra comfort, especially for dogs with sensitive skin.

Additionally, harnesses with adjustable straps allow you to customize the fit and ensure that your Shiba Inu is comfortable while wearing it.

The Wrap-Up

In conclusion, finding the right harness for your Shiba Inu can make all the difference in your daily walks and adventures together. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your furry friend.

After researching and testing various harnesses, we have compiled a list of the top 9 best Shiba Inu dog harnesses. These harnesses are durable, comfortable, and designed to keep your dog secure and safe.

Remember, the right harness not only helps you maintain control of your dog but also ensures that they are comfortable and safe while exploring the world with you.

With the best Shiba Inu dog harness on hand, you and your furry friend can enjoy many happy adventures together.

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