My Dog Is Aggressive When I’m on My Period! Why?

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Is your beloved canine companion displaying unusual aggression whenever you’re on your period? Don’t fret, because you’re not alone!

My Dog Is Aggressive When I’m on My Period

Many dog owners have encountered this perplexing situation, and we’re here to help you find a solution.

In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating connection between your menstrual cycle and your dog’s behavior. Together, we’ll explore the underlying causes behind this aggression and provide practical tips and strategies to manage and overcome it.

So, if you’re tired of feeling anxious and frustrated every time Aunt Flo pays a visit, join us as we uncover the secrets to restoring harmony and ensuring a peaceful coexistence with your furry friend during your monthly cycle.

My Dog Is Aggressive When I’m on My Period! Causes

  1. Reacting To Your Hormonal Changes
  2. Your Dog Is Concerned by The Smell of Blood
  3. The Scavenger Instinct in Your Dog Is Instigated by The Smell of Blood
  4. Your Dog Can Sense the Uneasiness You Experience

What’s more;

1. Reacting To Your Hormonal Changes

Dogs possess an extraordinary sense of smell that surpasses our own by up to 10,000 times. This remarkable olfactory ability allows them to detect a wide range of information, including finding mates, discerning the age of other dogs, and even determining the gender of humans.

Interestingly, their acute sense of smell also enables them to detect the subtlest hormonal or pheromone changes in humans, including when a woman is on her period.

While women are typically not fertile during menstruation, dogs can still pick up on the distinct scent, which may trigger aggressive reactions.

Although the hormonal balance and changes that occur in women during menstruation differ from a dog’s Estrous Cycle, they are similar enough to potentially provoke aggressive behavior in some cases.

During your period, your hormonal changes alter your scent, causing certain dogs to become protective of you.

Similar to how male dogs can become aggressive toward other dogs when a nearby female is in heat, your dog may feel compelled to keep you safe from potential threats during your menstrual cycle.

Additionally, your hormonal fluctuations might make you appear as a threat to female dogs. When female dogs are going through a heat cycle, they can display aggression toward younger female dogs, and this aggression could be redirected toward you or other dogs when you are on your period.

2. Your Dog Is Concerned by The Smell of Blood

Dogs have an innate curiosity and are often drawn to blood. Throughout history, their scavenging behavior around early human settlements was driven by the allure of carcasses, trash, and yes, even blood.

Unlike humans who may feel uneasy about it, dogs show no aversion to blood. This includes period blood. The scent of menstrual blood can trigger aggression in dogs who are easily overwhelmed by changes in their environment.

Many dogs have a protective instinct, particularly towards other animals, and if they perceive you to be in danger, their protective nature can intensify their aggression.

If your dog has a genetic predisposition as a natural guard dog, you may observe heightened territorial aggression when you’re on your period. They genuinely care about your well-being and want to keep you safe.

In a household with multiple dogs, redirected aggression may occur. When their attempts at aggression are thwarted, they may lash out at the nearest target, whether it be another dog, animal, or even a person.

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3. The Scavenger Instinct in Your Dog Is Instigated by The Smell of Blood

Personally, I’ve had to make a worthwhile investment in quality, lidded trash cans for my bathrooms. You see, I have two dogs who are expert scavengers, and they have a knack for getting into the trash. Like many other dogs, they seem to be especially drawn to the scent of used tampons and pads.

Resource guarding, also known as possessive aggression, is a common behavior in dogs, particularly those who have been rescues and may have experienced scarcity in the past.

When dogs exhibit resource guarding, they become aggressive towards other dogs or even their owners when it comes to protecting valuable resources like food, toys, furniture, and sometimes people.

It’s important to recognize that your used menstrual products fall into the category of valuable resources and could potentially trigger resource guarding and aggressive behavior in your dog.

If your dog does happen to ingest a tampon or pad, it is crucial to reach out to your veterinarian as soon as possible for appropriate guidance and assistance.

4. Your Dog Can Sense the Uneasiness You Experience

It’s no secret that many women experience mood swings and painful cramps during their menstrual period. In more severe cases, women with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) may suffer from anxiety, crying spells, anger, irritability, as well as cramps, nausea, and headaches.

However, what we often overlook is how these mood swings can impact our furry friends. Dogs and humans share a unique bond, similar to the “Oxytocin-gaze positive loop” observed between a human mother and her infant.

This strong connection explains why we feel so deeply connected to our dogs and why they are highly attuned to our emotions.

This heightened connection between you and your dog means that they can easily sense your stress and discomfort, including during your menstrual cycle.

While some dogs may respond to mood changes by seeking more attention, others may exhibit signs of aggression in response to the confusion and stress caused by these shifts in behavior.

Why Does My Dog Like Me More When I’m On My Period?

Dogs have an incredible ability to sense when their human companions are in pain or discomfort. They possess an innate instinct to respond with empathy and compassion, showing extra respect and care during those times.

Their unconditional love for their owners drives them to do whatever they can to provide comfort and support.

Dogs are highly attuned to human emotions and can pick up on subtle cues, including physical and emotional distress.

So, when you’re experiencing discomfort during your period, it’s highly likely that your dog senses your pain and instinctively tries to comfort you.

Their sensitivity to human feelings and their genuine desire to help make them exceptional companions in times of need.

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The Wrap-Up

In conclusion, if you’ve noticed your dog displaying aggression when you’re on your period, it’s essential to understand the underlying reasons behind this behavior.

While it may be concerning, it’s important to remember that your dog’s aggression is likely not a reflection of ill intent. Dogs are incredibly perceptive and sensitive creatures.

During your menstrual cycle, hormonal changes occur in your body, which can lead to alterations in your scent, behavior, and overall energy.

Your dog, being attuned to these changes, may become confused or anxious, triggering defensive or protective responses.

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