Shiba Inu Airplane Ears Meaning!

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Shiba Inu airplane ears are evident when your furry friend is happy and ends up pinning his ears to the side in a pointy manner making their head look like airplane wings.

Shiba Inus do airplane ears reaction when they’re extremely happy or when sending a warning or growling. They pin their ears at the back of their heads as a body language communication.

Although Shiba Inu airplane ears are common when your Shiba is happy, you may want to learn more about the Shiba Inu ear positions what they mean.

In this guide, we’ll take you through one of the most endearing traits of the Shiba Inu, “airplane ears”, why Shiba Inu use this body language, and other common Shiba Inu ear positions.

Why Shibas Do Airplane Ears

The primary reason why Shibas do airplane ears is to communicate their feelings especially when they’re happy about something like you coming back home or sending a warning.

Shiba Inu Airplane Ears

Shiba Inu ears begin to stand up by their own between 6 and 10 weeks since birth. At the same time, you’ll begin to notice the airplane ears thing when they’re extremely happy and joyous.

At birth, your Shiba has floppy ears, they continue to harden and stand up by themselves as growth happens where the cartilage continues to strengthen.

Other features of Shiba Inu ears include the distinct triangle shape. Also, they’re firm and small in proportion to their body and head size.

Another noticeable feature is the slight forward tilt and an outward curve that runs all the way to the neck region.

Find out more about Shiba Inu body language.

Shiba Inu Dog Airplane Ears Meaning

Shiba Inu airplane ears mean emotions of happiness and love which are a result o you coming back home most of the times.

Although you may see the Shiba Inu airplane ears on different occasions, they are usually an indication of the same happy emotions.

Another incidence when you can expect to see the airplane ears is when you’re heading back home after a long day at the dog park.

This body language is usually heartwarming and an indication of how happy they are. It’s also accompanied by a low happy growl, toy, and walks around you.

They will also attempt to wag their curled tail at the time for a few seconds. Since their tail isn’t straight, Shibas hardly wag their tail, and when they do it, it becomes such a “thing”!

Also, Shiba Inu airplane ears can exhibit alertness where they’ll hold their ears at the back and look at you.

The difference between anxiety airplane ears and happiness airplane ears is that when happy, your furry friend will smile and close their eyes a little bit while they won’t do it when anxious.

Shiba Inu flat ears are an indication of pure joy and an expression of gratitude. That’s why your canine friend will often do it when coming from a dog park for play and socialization activities.

Common Shiba Inu Ear Positions

  • Pricked Ears with A Still, Attentive or Tense Body
  • Pricked Ears with A Relaxed Body
  • Pricked Ears and Titled Head
  • One Ear Pricked and One Ear Droopy or Folded
  • Ears Pulled Back Against the Head

What’s more;

Pricked Ears with A Still, Attentive or Tense Body

When a Shiba Inu’s ears are in a pricked position, this typically indicates that the dog is alert and paying attention to its surroundings.

This is a common ear position when a Shiba Inu is exploring, investigating, or playing. When the ears are raised and pushed forward, that shows your Shiba is anticipating something.

On the other hand, when the ears are flattened or dropped, it shows a negative feeling of frustration or disappointment.

Pricked With a Relaxed Body

Pricked ears with a relaxed body shows that your canine friend is just alert and curious. They may be in need of play or attention.

You can utilize this time to conduct training sessions if you’re still in the process of training since the dog wants to give you their focus.

This ear position often comes when you make a sound while doing some chores in the kitchen area. So, they’re often tempted to think you have something for them like a treat.

Pricked Ears with A Tilted Head

Pricked ears with a tilted head are a common indication of interruption caused by funny noises which makes your Shiba look puzzled.

By tilting his head, your Shiba Inu makes an attempt to better capture the unfamiliar sound and try to make some sense out of it.

This can be compared to humans tilting forward towards someone when one can’t hear them clearly.

One Ear Pricked & One Ear Droopy or Folded

Everyone loves that look when their Shiba Inu or dog has one ear erect and the other one folded.

Oftentimes, your canine friend is usually in the process of having both ears erect. However, in other occasions, Shiba Inus do it intentionally due to the weird nature in them.

Ears Pulled Back Against the Head

When your Shiba Inus has all his ears pulled back against the hear, it can e a sign of happiness, anxiety, r curiosity.

The meaning when your Shiba Inus pulls back both ears against the head depends with other body cues that come after they do that.

Body languages movements that accompany pulling back the ears against the head include;

  • A closed mouth with stress signals like yawning, lip licking, raising lips to show their teeth, growling, and other vocalizations.
  • A tense and lowered tail that’s half tucked under the hind legs.
  • A cowering-like body position where your Shiba makes himself look small and can roll over attempting to expose the underbelly.

Shiba Inu Ears Down: What Does It Mean?

When Shiba Inu ears are down, it mostly shows a sign of fear or giving a timid reaction. They’re usually accompanied by wide-opened eyes looking at the trigger.

Be sure to differentiate between Shiba Inu ears down and Shiba Inu ears pulled back. They both mean different emotions.

When the Shiba Inu ears are down, it shows a feeling of fear and shows an element of submission. So, your dog is acting submissive or anxious about something.

They also do this when guilty of something. In fact, when your Shiba Inus submits to you all of a sudden, there’s a likelihood they’re feeling guilty of something and want to submit before you’re realize it.

It can be messing around their crate, chewing on something like the carpet, or having an accident in the house.

Flattened ears show lack or loss of confidence. Therefore, the loss of confidence often results to automatic submission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are My Shibas Ears Down?

Shiba Inus have their ears down when showing submission to you or expressing anxiety about something.

This is a different thing from the Shiba Inu airplane ears. The accompanying body movements dictate your Shibas reason for having their ears down.

At What Age Do Shibas Ears Stand Up?

Most Shiba Inus have their ears stand up between 6 and 10 weeks of age.

However, if your Shiba goes past this and their ears continue getting floppy, they’re probably not a purebred.

Another reason might be that your Shiba Inus has a health problem. This could be a simple infection; so, ensure to check with your vet for further instructions.

The Wrap-Up on Shiba Inu Airplane Ears

Shiba Inu airplane ears are among the most heartwarming moments of any Shiba Inu owner. They usually do this when overwhelmed with happiness and joy.

However, Shiba Inus can also show airplane ears when they’re anxious about something and. So, it depends with the specific movements that accompany the airplane ears.

If your canine friend gives a big smile immediately after the airplane ears or consecutively, it shows absolute joy and happiness.

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