Shiba Inu Korean Jindo Mix Information Guide & Pics

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Shiba Inu Korean Jindo mix is a crossbreed between two purebreds of a Shiba and a Jindo. The cross gives an intelligent dog with a high prey drive and fierce loyalty to the owner.

Jindos are known for their extreme loyalty, intelligence, strong-willed, and high prey drive, while Shiba Inus are known for loyalty, sassiness, and weariness with strangers before warming up to them.

While we don’t support backyard crossbreeding of dogs, we understand that you can go through a reputable breeder to get a Shiba Inu Jindo mix puppy.

The other option is adoption from puppy shelters. This guide takes you through insights about the crossbreed and how to better your experience as an owner.

Shiba Inu Jindo Mix History

Access to accurate information about designer dogs is often challenging since there isn’t much history available about them.

In addition, most of these designer dogs find their way into shelters through accidental breeding.

Shiba Inus and Jindos are Spitz dogs and originate from closely allied geographical regions, so there can be chances of accidental breeding.

That said, let’s explore the history of both breeds below;

Shiba Inu Breed Overview

There’s no doubt that Shiba Inus are among the most popular breeds of Japanese origin currently. This breed has gained more fame with the emergence of the Shiba Inu coin.

Shibas aren’t only famous in Japan but in other parts of the world, like the United States. Many people are becoming more obsessed with the breed as the years go by.

Shiba Inus are unique in their ways. For example, this breed has some funny ways of communicating with its owner, which often involves the “Shiba Scream.”

The Shiba Inu scream is a vocalized shriek produced by Shibas when they’re overly excited or feel threatened.

In addition, Shiba Inus have an alert and active temperament. Although they’re categorized under small dogs, Shibas aren’t your typical small dog.

Further, Shibas aren’t the type of dog that spends the entire day cuddling on your lap. They’re independent and often want to spend some time by themselves.

Generally, Shiba Inus are free-spirited and love to think by themselves and do what they think is right. They even ignore their owner when not in the mood.

Shiba Inus are naturally independent. Therefore, expect your Shiba Inus to show stubborn streaks now and then. While they’re independent, Shibas are so affectionate and loyal.

In addition, Shiba Inus are extra vigilant with their immediate surrounding. This breed is always watchful and cautious of any strangers. Although they don’t have the perfect body to offer protection, Shibas will alert you in case of any stranger or person they don’t know.

Korean Jindo Breed Overview

Korean Jindo came from THE Jindo Island, where KVDs, meaning Korean Village Dogs, were bred to closer and closer likeness without significant influence from human inhabitants to form a single recognizable phenotype.

Korean Village Dogs had inhabited mainland Korea for thousands of years before ending up on Jindo island.

There is confusion between the KVDs and Jindo since most people hardly differentiate them, including a large population of Koreans.

Shiba Inu Korean Jindo Mix

Purebred Jindos are fiercely loyal to a fault, willing, biddable, and very protective of their owners. In addition, this breed has a quite calm and thoughtful demeanor.

Jindos are available in several colors: white, brindle, red, wolf grey, black and tan, and black.

A purebred Jindo will have unique round, thick ears that appear to hood forward and bear thick cartilage.

Notably, Jindo’s aren’t just for everyone. If you’re a first-timer considering a Jindo, you may want to rethink your decision. They’re brilliant and can manipulate you if you’re not careful enough.

Some of the breed’s quirks include being stubborn, strong-willed, hard-headed & extremely smart, not forgetting their high prey drive.

Shiba Inu Jindo Mix Size

The Shiba Inu Jindo mix will have an average shoulder height of 17 to 23 inches, with few exceptional cases going beyond that.

A Jindo Shiba mix size is the average of both breeds. Shiba Inus usually have a shoulder height of between 13 to 17 inches.

On the other hand, Jindos have a shoulder height of between 16 to 25 inches. This means Jindos are slightly bigger than Shiba Inus.

This height often varies between different crossbreeds. The determining factor is usually the parent genes.

The crossbreed may appear bigger due to the excess fur since both breeds are double-coated. Thus, the crossbreed has a double coat that may be thicker than the parents.

Shiba Inu Jindo Mix Weight

When fully grown, the Shiba Inu Jindo mix weighs an average of both breeds, between 20 to 40 pounds.

Regarding weight, Jindos generally have more weight than Shiba Inus. An adult Jindo weighs between 33 to 51 pounds.

On the other hand, an adult Shiba Inu weighs between 15 to 25 pounds. This shows that Jindos are slightly heavier than Shibas.

Of importance, these numbers do not represent the actual representation of every Shiba Inu Jindo mix.

There are cases where some dogs can deviate from the numbers above. This can be in both cases where your Shiba Jindo mix wights more or less than what’s mentioned above.

There’s no cause for alarm as the parent genes are critical to crossbreed weight. In addition, external factors can influence weight like medical conditions.

Shiba Inu Jindo Mix Life Expectancy/ Lifespan

The Shiba Inu Jindo mix crossbreed has an average lifespan of 13 to 16 years. This is an average of both parent breeds.

Since Shiba Inus and Jindos share the same family group, the Spitz dog family, you may expect them to share the same lifespan. So, is that the case?

Shiba Inus have an average life span of 11 to 16 years. This lifespan is under the assumption that the Shiba Inu in question feeds on high-quality food and have a suitable living environment.

On the other hand, Korean Jindos have a lifespan that averages between 14 to 17 years. This means that Jindos are likelier to live longer than Shibas, all factors held constant.

There are cases where Shiba Inu Jindo mix dogs can surpass or be below the numbers above, and it’s acceptable.

Research shows that the oldest Shiba Inu did up to 26 years old. In the same line of thinking, there are Shibas that didn’t make it to 10 years. This shows the possibility of exceptional cases.

Shiba Inu Jindo Mix Personality

Shiba Inu Jindo mix has a multi-fold personality which constitutes fierce loyalty, high prey drive, and intelligence, with a bit of spunkiness and inquisitiveness.

The crossbreed is highly intelligent and thus needs early training and socialization to tame his behavior.

That said, you must plan on training and socializing your crossbreed from an early age. Thankfully, the crossbreed will most likely be self-potty trained, a trait common in the parent breeds.

The crossbreed is more likely to be mild-tempered and weary of strangers. Also, since both parent breeds aren’t pack dogs, the crossbreed may not be good with other dogs.

Thanks to socialization and training. Further, some crossbreeds are not inherently human-aggressive; if yours is, it could be a matter of bloodline.

Shiba Inu Jindo mix should be self-cleaning and are naturally housebroken. So, you won’t need to train your canine to do their business outside; they know that automatically.

Shiba Inu Jindo Mix vehemently hates water and will generally dislike baths. Although you can get him used to baths, it’ll take time.

Shiba Inu Jindo Mix Exercise Needs

Shiba Inu Jindo mix needs a lot of exercises. Compared to pure Shiba Inus, the crossbreed needs a little more exercise.

Daily walks of up to 1 to 2 hours are enough to exercise your Shiba Inu Jindo mix. Normal home play isn’t enough exercise for the Shiba Inu Jindo mix.

Since they are high-energy dogs, you should consider taking them for hiking and long walks to tire them and keep their energy down.

There is no chance that your mix will have a low energy level. However, if that’s the case, you can do short walks until you sense they’ve had enough of it.

Thankfully, exercise keeps your canine friend fit and prevents destructive behavior. Most canines become destructive when they accumulate a lot of energy due to inadequate exercise.

As we all know that a tired dog is a good dog; always schedule exercise for your canine friend and feed them food with all necessary nutrient requirements.

Shiba Inu Jindo mix Grooming Needs

Shiba Inu Jindo mix is double-coated and thus requires regular grooming. This will help keep your furniture and house free from tumbleweeds of fur.

Since both parent breeds have double coats, the crossbreed will also be a double coat, thus, will experience a lot of shedding.

Therefore, you must prepare with the necessary tools like a shedding brush and possibly a vacuum cleaner.

In addition, the crossbreed undergoes excessive fur loss during the coat-blowing season. So, prepare for the season adequately.

During the coat-blowing season, you should try to brush your canine friend twice a day to remove the loose hair.

Encourage outside play as it encourages shedding. Dogs that often play outside experience less shedding and don’t cause a lot of fur mess inside your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Jindo and Shiba Related?

Jindo and Shiba Inu aren’t directly related; however, they belong to the same parent group, the Spits dog family.

The Korean Jindo and Shiba Inu look alike but are not directly related.

How Big Does a Jindo Mix Get?

Jindo mix will have a shoulder height of 19 to 22 inches and weigh around 40 to 50 pounds.

Most Jindo mixes grow to an adult size averaging the parent breeds. Females are slightly smaller than males.

The Final Words: Shiba Inu Jindo Mix

Shiba Inu Jindo mix gives a crossbreed that is sociable and lovable. In addition, the crossbreed has a beautiful appearance that’s hard to resist.

Although Shiba Inu Korean Jindo mix aren’t that common, they’re most likely found in shelters since they often happen due to accidental breeding.

If you’re looking to own this crossbreed, you need to be prepared for a few things: high prey drive, fierce loyalty, and a spirited companion.

The mix is good with children but tends to be wary of strangers. Nevertheless, they warm up pretty fast to strangers.

Not only is this crossbreed adorable, but it is also brilliant and thus will grasp obedience training commands fast.

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