What Are Yak Chews Made Of? Ingredient’s & Procedure!

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Are you tired of your furry friend gnawing on everything but their designated toys? Well, you’re not alone!

As pet owners, we constantly seek durable and safe chewing options for our beloved companions. That’s where yak chews come to the rescue! But what exactly are these miraculous treats made of?

What Are Yak Chews Made Of

If you’ve ever wondered about the secret behind their irresistible allure, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll unveil the mystery behind yak chews and delve into their composition. From their origins on the majestic Himalayan slopes to the unique ingredients that make them long-lasting and mouthwatering, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to unlock the chew-tastic secrets that will keep your furry friend happily occupied for hours!

What Are Yak Chews Made Of?

Himalayan dog Yak chews are made of skimmed Yak and Cow milk. However, lime juice and salt is added to harden the milk before being compressed into blocks and smoke dried in 28 days into treats.

Yak chews, the beloved and durable dog treats, are made from a simple yet fascinating ingredient: yak milk. Yes, you read that right! These sturdy Himalayan dog chews are crafted using traditional techniques that have been passed down for generations in the Himalayan regions.

The process begins with yak farmers collecting the milk from the mighty yaks that graze on the high-altitude pastures. The milk is then heated and separated, removing the butterfat to create a concentrated protein-rich substance known as yak cheese.

This cheese is then pressed and smoked, transforming it into the hard and chewy texture that dogs adore.

What makes yak chews even more enticing is that they are 100% natural and free from artificial additives or preservatives.

They provide a long-lasting chewing experience, promoting dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup. Plus, their high protein content makes them a nutritious option for your furry friend.

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Yak chews are not only a tasty treat but also a sustainable one. The utilization of yak milk helps support local communities and preserves the traditional way of life in the Himalayas.

So, the next time you give your dog a yak chew, you can be confident that you’re offering them a wholesome and enjoyable treat, made with love and tradition from the purest ingredients nature has to offer.

Why Are Yak Chews So Expensive?

Himalayan Yak chews are expensive as a result of the nutritive value, dental benefits, mess-free, perfectly safe, and natural blend.

Yak chews are made from the milk of yaks, which are primarily found in the Himalayan region.

The remote and rugged terrain makes yak husbandry and milk collection challenging, resulting in limited availability of the raw material. This scarcity drives up the cost of production.

Moreover, the manufacturing process of yak chews is time-consuming and labor-intensive. After collecting yak milk, it undergoes a lengthy fermentation and drying process to create a durable chew that can withstand vigorous chewing.

Skilled artisans meticulously craft each chew by hand, ensuring quality and consistency, which further adds to the cost. Let’s look at the process of making Himalayan Chews below;

Additionally, yak chews are free from artificial additives, preservatives, and chemicals, making them a healthier alternative for pets.

The use of natural ingredients and the absence of harmful substances contribute to their higher price compared to cheaper, mass-produced alternatives.

Making Himalayan Yak Chews Step by Step

The Ancient Art of Yak Chew Preparation

Step 1: Pasteurization Once the milk collection is complete.

The time-honored Tibetan method of crafting yak chews begins.

The collected milk is boiled at 212 degrees Fahrenheit for 45 minutes to an hour, separating the cream and fat from the milk.

Step 2: Coagulation After cooling.

The skimmed milk is boiled again, this time with a dash of whey, lime, and salt. Whey and lime help coagulate the milk, while salt aids in preservation and enhances flavor, aroma, and texture.

The mixture is stirred slowly, forming cheese curds that are strained and collected.

Step 3: Shaping and Texture

The collected cheese curds are placed in cotton bags and pressed under heavy blocks for 24 hours to remove excess moisture.

The solidified blocks are then fermented and dried for 15-20 days, preventing mold and ensuring safety.

Step 4: Ripening and Smoking

The fermented cheese blocks are cut into various sizes and smoked on grills at 95 degrees Fahrenheit to achieve the desired hardness, texture, and aroma.

The duration of smoking can range from 12 days to three months, enhancing flavor and reducing moisture. After smoking, the chews are further dried at room temperature.

Step 5: Export and Packaging

Following this meticulous process, the yak chews are ready for export. They undergo quality inspections, size sorting, and are imported to the US.

Upon arrival, another round of quality checks is conducted, and the chews are meticulously packaged in our popular packaging.

From there, it’s simply a matter of ordering these long-lasting treats for your furry friend to enjoy.

Indulge your pooch with Tibetan Dog Chews, a healthy and delightful yak cheese chew made with centuries-old expertise.

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Benefits of Himalayan Yak Chews

  1. Perfectly Safe and Natural Blend
  2. Mess-Free and Convenient
  3. Perfectly Safe and Natural Blend
  4. Long-Lasting
  5. Top Quality

What’s more;

1. Perfectly Safe and Natural Blend

Ensuring the happiness of our furry companions doesn’t have to be complicated. A little affection, playtime, and a tasty treat are often all it takes. Enter Yak Chews—a snack that goes beyond just satisfying hunger.

Himalayan Yak dog chews help dogs exercise and strengthen their teeth. Initially, the chew’s texture poses a challenge, requiring some effort to gnaw through. Depending on your pup, it may take hours to make progress.

But rest assured, they’re thoroughly enjoying it, as the flavor remains intact despite the firmness.

Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs, and it’s actually highly beneficial for their oral health. It helps maintain their teeth and gums by removing plaque and freshening breath, reaching even the trickiest spaces.

2. Mess-Free and Convenient

Yak Chews offer a 100% edible treat where nothing goes to waste. Unlike other dog treats, they are completely odor-free and free from artificial coloring, making them a natural and convenient choice.

Dogs can roll around and chew on these treats without any worries of staining carpets or floors, thanks to their dye-free composition. Moreover, the lack of odor keeps the eating area smelling fresh.

Cleaning up after enjoying Yak Chews is a breeze, requiring only a quick removal of a few leftover crumbs.

It’s a dream come true for owners with messy-eating pups, providing a hassle-free experience. With Yak Chews, both dogs and owners can enjoy a clean and enjoyable treat time.

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3. Perfectly Safe and Natural Blend

With so many dog food brands claiming to be safe, it’s hard to know which ones truly deliver on their promises.

The truth is, most brands incorporate chemicals into their treats, even in small amounts, posing potential risks to our beloved pets. But fret not, there’s a natural alternative that guarantees your dog’s safety: Yak Chews.

Handcrafted in the Himalayas of Nepal, Yak Chews are made from premium Yak Milk, transformed into cheese using only four simple ingredients: lime, salt, juice, and, of course, Yak Milk.

This minimalistic yet effective formula provides optimal nutrition for your furry friend. It’s no wonder why conscientious owners opt for Yak Chews, especially when their pups have sensitive bodies that demand limited treat options.

Choose Yak Chews for a worry-free, all-natural solution that puts your dog’s well-being first. Say goodbye to uncertainties and embrace the simplicity of wholesome treats.

4. Long-Lasting

Dogs have an innate need to chew, and if they don’t have appropriate options, they might resort to destructive chewing on your belongings like furniture, shoes, and even the corners of couches. That’s where yak cheese chews for dogs come in.

These delightful treats not only satisfy your pet’s chewing instinct but also provide long-lasting enjoyment.

Crafted from the finest yak cheese, these chews are designed to withstand even the most vigorous chewing. Their durability ensures that your furry friend remains engaged and entertained for extended periods, keeping them away from destructive chewing behaviors.

Additionally, the act of chewing on yak cheese chews promotes dental health by helping to clean teeth and massage gums.

Say goodbye to ruined furniture and hello to a happy, contented pup. Introduce your dog to the irresistible world of yak cheese chews, where long-lasting satisfaction meets optimal oral hygiene.

5. Top Quality

The finest yak cheese chews on the market are meticulously crafted from the milk of Himalayan yaks, which thrive in the serene foothills of the majestic Himalayas.

These remarkable creatures are bred in idyllic conditions, far removed from any traces of pollution, and enjoy the purest Himalayan water. Their diet consists of an abundance of medicinal plants and herbs that flourish in the pristine Himalayan hills.

As a result, the milk produced by these yaks is renowned for its exceptional nutritional value, surpassing that of other milks and their cheeses.

The culmination of their natural habitat, wholesome diet, and careful extraction process ensures that these yak cheese chews offer a level of top-quality excellence that is unmatched in the market.

DIY Process to Make Home-Made Yak Chews


  1. 1 gallon of skim milk
  2. 1/2 cup of lemon or lime juice
  3. 1 teaspoon of salt
  4. Cheesecloth


Step 1: Start Heating and Stirring

Set your burner to medium-low heat and pour the skim milk into a pot. Stir the milk continually as it heats up and comes to a boil.

Be diligent with stirring to prevent any burned bits sticking to the bottom of the pan. This process may take longer than expected.

Step 2: Add Lemon/Lime Juice and Salt

Once the milk starts boiling, add the lemon or lime juice and salt. Keep stirring the mixture. You should notice the milk separating into chunks, which are known as cheese curds.

This transformation usually happens within about 30 seconds.

Step 3: Transfer and Apply Pressure

Using a strainer or colander, carefully pour the cheese curds into a piece of cheesecloth. To avoid mess, you can place the cheesecloth in a strainer before transferring the curds.

Fold the cheesecloth to cover the curds completely, and then apply pressure. Placing the wrapped curds between two plates and adding a heavy pot on top can help with applying pressure. Leave the curds covered with pressure for 4-6 hours.

Step 4: Cut the Curds

Preheat your oven to the lowest temperature, around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. After the 4-6 hours, remove the curds from the cheesecloth and place them on a cutting surface.

The curds might still be soft but sticking together. Trim off any jagged edges and slice the curds into pieces appropriate for your dog’s size. Larger pieces are preferable to avoid choking hazards.

Step 5: Bake the Chews

Arrange the yak chews on a baking sheet. If possible, elevate them on a cooling rack or any suitable tool that allows air circulation from all sides.

If you don’t have such a tool, don’t worry; it’s not essential. Bake the chews in the oven for 40 minutes.

Step 6: Allow Time to Firm Up

After 40 minutes of baking, remove the treats from the oven. At this stage, the yak chews may still be softer than expected and have not changed color significantly.

Place them on a plate, parchment paper, or another non-stick surface, and let them rest for 24-36 hours. During this time, the chews will firm up and darken in color, becoming perfect for your dog to enjoy.

Remember to always supervise your dog while they are eating any chew to ensure their safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Yak Chews So Expensive?

Yak chews are relatively expensive as they’re made from Himalayan yak milk, which is scarce and difficult to obtain.

Besides, the production process involves time-consuming fermentation and drying, along with skilled craftsmanship. The absence of artificial additives and the use of natural ingredients contribute to their higher cost.

Additionally, the growing demand for yak chews further drives up prices.

Is Yak Chews Safe for Dogs?

Yes, yak chews are generally safe and beneficial for dogs. They are natural treats made with simple and good ingredients, without any binding agents, preservatives, or additives.

Are yak chews safe for humans?

Yes, yak chews are safe for human consumption. They are gluten-free and do not contain any added grain.

These chews have been traditionally made in the Himalayas using high-quality natural ingredients, making them nutritionally suitable for humans as well.

How Long Should I Let My Dog Chew a Yak Chew?

The length of time a dog can chew on a yak chew varies. It depends on the chewability and the size of the dog.

Some dogs may finish a yak chew in 15-20 minutes, while others may take months.

It’s important to allow the chew to cool before giving it back to your dog to finish.

What Do Vets Think of Yak Chews?

Vets consider yak chews, such as Vet Recommended Yak Chews, safe, healthy, and extremely durable.

These chews are made primarily from yak milk and resemble a very hard cheese chew. They are a recommended option among the various types of chews available for pets.

Can I Leave My Puppy with A Yak Chew?

No, it is not advisable to leave a puppy unattended with any type of treat or chew.

Always supervise your puppy when they are chewing on a yak chew or any other treat to ensure their safety.

How Many Yak Chews Can I Give My Puppy?

When giving a yak milk chew to your puppy, it’s important to closely supervise them to prevent them from swallowing large pieces.

The number of chews you give your puppy should depend on their size and age. Generally, limit their intake to one chew per day or less.

The Wrap-Up

In conclusion, yak chews are a fascinating and wholesome treat for our furry friends. We have uncovered the secrets behind what makes these chews so special.

Made primarily from Himalayan yak milk, they boast a natural composition that is free from binding agents, preservatives, and additives.

The long curing process ensures lactose-free chews that are safe for dogs and even suitable for human consumption. With their durability and unique ingredients, yak chews offer a satisfying and long-lasting chewing experience for pets.

So, the next time you treat your furry companion, consider the goodness of yak chews and provide them with a delicious and natural delight that they’ll thoroughly enjoy!

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