Are Shiba Inus Good with Cats? Do They Get Along Well?

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If you’re looking to own a Shiba and already have a cat, you might want to know how Shibas relate to cats.

Since Shibas are aggressive to most other pets, you might think it’s the same to cats; thus, ask yourself, are Shiba Inus good with cats?

Are Shiba Inus good with Cats

Yes, Shiba Inus can be good with cats with the proper training and socialization. They don’t get along well with cats at first due to their high prey drive. Besides, Shibas lacking socialization might be aggressive to cats. That said, they aren’t known to be great with cats.

Although Shibas aren’t that great with cats, you can keep both. Read on to learn more about Shiba Inu relationship with cats.

Are Shiba Inus Good with Cats?

Some Shiba Inus are absolutely good with cats, while others aren’t. So, it varies between different Shibas. If your Shiba isn’t good with cats, train and socialize them.

If your Shiba Inus is aggressive to cats, train and socialize them together. Although it won’t happen overnight, eventually, they’ll become super friendly to one another. Especially if your Shiba is a puppy, you might want to introduce him to your cats.

As we all know, Shibas don’t always play with other pets; this might make them unfriendly to cats. However, it depends on your Shibas trait.

If your Shiba is good with cats at first, you’re lucky. However, if yours isn’t good with cats, you don’t have to keep lamenting over them; find the right tips to work it out and have them stay together.

Since Shibas are known to have a bossy attitude, you’ll hardly predict whether yours is good with cats or not before interacting the two. Shiba Inu puppies are known to be unfriendly to cats than adult Shibas.

Most people who own adult Shibas argue that this breed becomes more friendly to cats as years go by. This means most adult Shibas are nice to cats.

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Are Shiba Inus Aggressive to Cats?

Shiba Inus can be aggressive to cats with their bossy attitude. Also, they have a high prey drive that makes them want to chase after small animals; cats aren’t an exception.

Shiba Inus are not trustworthy around small animals. The high prey drive in Shibas easily makes them run after any small animal that comes their way.

Are Shiba Inus good with Cats

Therefore, the run can result in an aggressive fight that you don’t want.

So, if you’re planning to have a Shiba Inu live with your cat, you might want to know about the Shibas history with cats before having him. You can ask the breeder if the fur friend hates cats or is friendly to them.

Thankfully, most Shiba owners I know of have their Shibas friendly with their cats. I’m yet to come across a case where the opposite applies: Shiba being aggressive to cats.

Note that Shiba Inu chasing a cat doesn’t always lead to a fight. Your furry friend might just be playing with the cat.

The point to note is keeping an eye on your Shiba around the cat during the first days helps a lot. If Shiba starts rough playing the cats, you only caution him using a simple command.

Your Shiba will be the best with your cats in a week if you consistently interact the two.

How Do You Introduce a Shiba Inu to A Cat?

The trick when introducing your Shiba Inus to a cat is having the cat in a cage and bringing the Shiba around as you watch until they are calm.

When introducing Shiba Inus to cats, your method depends on whether the cat is an adult or just a kitten.

So, let’s see the two scenarios below;

  • Introducing Shiba Inus to Kittens
  • Introducing Shiba Inus to Adult Cats

What’s more;

1.     Introducing Shiba Inus to Kittens

If you have a plan to bring a kitten home and already own a Shiba Inu, it’s time you start planning how to introduce the kitten without causing chaos.

So, you’ll need to have the kitten in a cage and let your Shiba become familiar with the cat’s strange smell. Observe your Shibas reaction all this time to decide on what next.

If your Shiba looks happy and likes the kitten while inside the cage, you can let the kitten out under your watch.

As you take the kitten out of the cage, have your Shiba on a leash. That way, you have control in case things get out of hand.

Now, place your kitten on your lap, and praise your Shiba for a good reaction. Next, you can leave the kitten on one end of the couches and move to the other while having your Shiba somewhere in-between until they’re friendly.

2.     Introducing Shiba Inus to Adult Cats

If you have a Shiba and want to have a cat also, the same process of introducing a tiny kitten should work.

Therefore, the key thing is observing your Shibas reaction to the cat. Also, warn the Shiba of rough behaviour; that’s the easy way to make the Shiba take in your new cat.

Lucky for you, cats easily adjust to new conditions and friends. Therefore, they don’t have a problem adjusting to your home, which is new to them. Your cat will be comfortable and start feeling at home in one to two months.

Are Shiba Inu Puppies Good with Cats?

Shiba Inu puppies might want to chase after your cats, but training and socialization help. As such, train your puppy to be around your cats. It can take up to a week or two.

Shiba Inus like playing a lot and are rough when they’re puppies; therefore, they might get wild with your cats, causing a rage.

So, you can monitor your Shiba Inu puppy for the first days around your cats. It takes some warnings before your puppy changes their behaviour.

Are Shiba Inus good with Cats

Since cats are good at holding their ground and stand, you should train the Shiba Inu puppy. Also, cats hardly have any problem with Shiba puppies unless the puppy is stubborn.

When getting the Shiba Inu puppy, be sure to confirm with the breeder of the puppy’s reaction to cats. That way, you know what kind of puppy you’re taking home to meet your cats.

Besides, don’t get a puppy from backdoor quaky breeders. The breed might not be pure, thus causing some problems that aren’t common with pure Shibas.

Is It Possible to Keep Shibas Together with Cats?

Yes. It is possible to keep both Shibas and cats in the same compound; however, you shouldn’t let the feed from the same bowl.

Shiba Inus and cats coexist very well. In fact, Shiba Inus and cats become friends to the extent of cuddling one another. Yes, you heard it right, cuddling together.

However, introducing them requires some skill and tact. First, ensure each feeds from their own bowl in different corners. May be where they can’t see each other.

In addition, train your Shiba how to treat cats nicely. Use positive reinforcement and discourage any rude behaviour. Shibas like being rough, so discourage that when you see your Shiba do it.

Also, keep in mind that dogs are easier to train than cats. So, focus on training your Shiba Inu, not your cat. Cats are hard-headed and hardly take training. Continue introducing your Shiba and cat to one another gradually until they learn to get along well.

Similarities Between Shiba Inus and Cats?

Shiba Inus and cats share several similarities, like being aloof, stubborn, and independent.

Every Shiba owner can tell you how much they delight in appreciation and won’t even want you to pamper them. They are independent. Also, cats act independently all the time and enjoy being aloof.

Also, like cats, Shiba Inus don’t like humans around them all the time. Both need to take some time off your attention and do their things. You know how cats want to hide in the corner just chilling.

Another similarity is they seek human attention when they need something. Both cats and Shiba Inus look for you when they need you. Cats like to come around you when they need to cuddle or are hungry.

When a Shiba or cat feels like cuddling, that’s when they want your attention. Cats snarl around your legs or hop on your lap when in need of attention. On the other hand, your Shiba comes and lies beside you or tries to interrupt you from what you’re doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Shiba Inus Chase Cats? 

Yes, Shiba Inus chase cats, but it doesn’t always mean they’re being aggressive. Shibas that lack training and socialization can chase cats aggressively.  

Shiba Inus like playing chase games with other small animals. So, you might once in a while see your Shiba chase around your cats.

Why Do Shiba Inus Like Cats?

Most Shiba Inus like cats due to the similarity in most of their traits; they share most of their attributes like independence, aloofness, and cleanliness.

Shiba Inus and cats become firm friends after being together for a short while.

Do Shiba Inus Cuddle with Cats?

Yes. Shiba Inus cuddle with cats often. However, it doesn’t happen overnight; you have to take some time to socialize them together and make them friendly.

Shiba Inus cuddle with cats, but it doesn’t happen always. The more they stay together, the more likely they are to cuddle.

Why Do Shiba Inus Act Like Cats?

Shiba Inu and cats share a lot in common; thus, they might act similarly.

For example, both are immaculately clean and like to groom themselves. Therefore, they consider themselves compatible.

Conclusion On, Are Shiba Inus Good with Cats?  

Shiba Inus are good with cats. But there are a few cases where some Shibas might show aggression toward cats. But that happens occasionally.

Most Shiba Inus like cats and even go to the extent of cuddling together. Besides, they’re both stubborn and thus are good together. Shibas and cats may not like one another, but you can intervene with training and socialization.

If your Shiba isn’t friendly to cats, train him to handle them with care and to avoid fights. Shibas are intelligent and grasp lessons faster.

On the first days, ensure to monitor them when together and discourage any bad behaviour.

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