Are Shiba Inus Good with Kids? Are Shibas Child Friendly

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When looking to own a Shiba, you don’t want one that isn’t safe around your kid. So, you must look for a Shiba that is good with kids and doesn’t bother you when roaming near your kid.

Now, one question you might want to answer is; are Shiba Inus good with kids?

Are Shiba Inus Good With Kids

Yes, Shiba Inus are good with kids as long as you train and socialize them. Besides, Shiba’s aren’t aggressive to kids. They get along well with both younger and older kids. Thankfully, you can train Shibas to handle children nicely. Ball games can help Shibas become friendly to kids.

In this guide, we’ll assist you to find out if Shibas are good with kids and ways that help Shibas become good to kids.

Are Shiba Inus Good with Kids?

Most Shiba Inus are good with kids, but proper training and socialization help prevent any surprises.

Not all Shiba Inus are good with kids. However, train him if you find out your Shiba Inus isn’t the best dog near kids. Training works wonders in making Shibas good with kids.

Therefore, the level of friendliness between your Shiba Inus and your kids depends on your training efforts. Although, some Shiba Inus are generally good with kids even without training. You need to observe and know where your Shiba lies.

If your Shiba Inus is good with kids, then you’re lucky. However, if your Shiba is the opposite, it’s time you begin training your furry friend.

In addition, socialization also helps make Shiba Inus good with kids. In fact, socialization is as important as training Shibas. You can do both at a go. The right time to socialize your Shiba with your kids is when the dog’s still a puppy.

Since Shibas are pretty intelligent, spending their time with your kids from a younger age improves their bond. Therefore, they learn how to relate with kids as they grow up. So, if your Shiba isn’t friendly to your kids, you don’t have to worry but train and socialize them.

That said, training and socializing your Shiba Inus with kids is a must for you to enjoy a good time with both. Also, during this time, you have to teach your kid what Shibas don’t like, such as loud noises or harassment.

Are Shiba Inus Aggressive Towards Kids?

No, Shiba Inus aren’t aggressive with kids but can become aggressive when the kid prompts them by harassment or any other means.

Are Shiba Inus Good With Kids

Shiba Inus are prone to aggression, whether humans or other animals. Surprisingly, this isn’t the case for children. Although they’re not exactly friendly to kids, they’re not aggressive to children either. Shibas tend to relate well with children most of the time.

However, if your Shiba Inus is aggressive with kids, training and socialization are your only choices. Socialize the Shiba with your kids daily and see the behavior change.

Of importance, Shibas become aggressive to children if they harass them. Therefore, teach your Kid how to handle Shibas, and they won’t experience any aggression from your Shiba Inus.

Although Shiba Inus exhibit wilder traits, they have a track record of relating well with kids and being friendly to them. Teaching children how to handle Shibas helps prevent aggression. Also, tell your children not to threaten your Shiba as it may trigger aggression.

Are Shiba Inus Good with Older Kids?

Shiba Inus are good with older kids because most of them know how to handle Shibas, their dos, and don’ts.

Older kids and Shiba Inus get along quite well. All one has to do is train these older children how to behave around Shiba Inus. Besides, one needs to teach the kids how to read Shibas body language.

Generally, Shibas have no bad intentions with older kids. They can coexist nicely, play together, and even cuddle.

Shibas that grow around older children have an advantage because they become familiar with children’s presence early. So, you might want to have your Shiba grow in the presence of your kids. Besides, they form a strong bond.

Also, you can teach older children how to handle your Shiba Inus when on a leash. That way, they can take Shiba Inus for a walk without needing assistance.

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Are Shiba Inus Good with Younger Kids?

Shiba Inus are good with younger kids but can change mood suddenly if the kid triggers them.

Therefore, if you have a younger kid, you might want to watch when the kid is around your Shiba. Also, when your Shiba goes close to the younger kid, watch closely.

Thankfully, Shiba Inus are easy to train with younger kids. Since the kids are always trying to explore the world, Shibas like to play with them a lot. Although games can become dangerous, train your Shiba to play safely with your younger kids.

Are Shiba Inus Good With Kids

In addition, socialize your Shiba Inus with younger kids to let him create a bond with them. When Shibas become familiar with kids, they can hardly hurt them.

Most Shiba owners say that they are comfortable living their Shibas with their kids for a short while. That said, it’s evident that Shibas are good with younger kids as well.

In case your Shiba is the opposite and doesn’t like kids, I’d advise you to start training and socializing him with kids as early as possible. Shibas are smart and grasp teachings and commands in the nick of time. Surprisingly, Shibas are forgiving and patient with small kids.

It’s your task to identify if your Shiba is good with kids and take the necessary measures.

Can You Train Shiba Inus to Be Good with Kids? 

Yes, you can train your Shiba Inus to be good with kids. Besides, Shibas are intelligent and learn faster.

Shiba Inus owners shouldn’t overlook the role of training them to relate well with kids. A Shiba that lacks training and socialization has no control. So, it helps to train your Shiba on relating with kids.

Also, when getting a Shiba Inu from a breeder, mind asking whether the Shiba is through with kids training and socialization. That way, you know how to handle your Shiba when you get home. Also, you know whether to train the Shiba or not.

Although Shiba Inus are stubborn, training them isn’t an uphill task if you understand the breed. To ensure successful training, make good use of treats. Also, use positive reinforcement where possible. Of course, never punish your Shiba during training.

Shibas can become ignorant as you train them; learn to let go and resume training another time. The emphasis here is that punishing your Shiba is never the right thing to do.

Some trainings that help your Shiba become good with kids include reducing toy and food aggression, anti-leap training, and bite inhibition.

What Activities Help Train Shiba Inus to Be Good with Kids?

Since Shiba Inus like playing like kids, you can use some activities to socialize them and create a strong bond between your Shiba and kid.

These games include;

  • Ball Games
  • Food Puzzles
  • Outside Explorations

What’s more about them;

1.     Ball Games

Shiba Inus like playing ball games a lot. Therefore, you can utilize this fact to make your Shiba build a bond with your kid. Ball games help you keep your Shiba Inus healthy while having fun at the same time.

Therefore, you can engage both your kid and Shiba when playing ball games in the backyard. Try to teach your Shiba the right approach to the kid as you play. Also, caution when something isn’t going okay.

2.     Food Puzzles

Food puzzles are another way to socialize your Shiba Inus with your kid. In addition, food puzzles stimulate your Shibas mind, thus keeping him happy.

This game helps dogs learn how to get their food. However, you can use the game to socialize your Shiba with kids. Since the game involves some runs, your Shiba gets to enjoy the runs and exercises simultaneously.

3.     Outside Explorations

Prioritize going for walks with both your kid and Shiba Inus. That’s a way to build a strong bond between your Shiba Inus and kid.

Are Shiba Inus Good With Kids

While you’re out there exploring the wild, carry a ball to play fetch with your Shiba. Ensure to keep your Shiba busy all through.

Also, you can ask your kid to play fetch with your Shiba by throwing the ball. That way, your Shiba learns the right approach when playing with your kid.

When Are Shiba Inus Not Good with Kids?

Shiba Inus aren’t always good with kids. For example, if you’re yet to socialize and train your Shiba Inu on relating with kids, the Shiba isn’t good with kids and could hurt them.

Shiba Inus become a great companion to kids, but training and socialization are key. So, if your Shiba has no training and socialization skills with kids, they’re not safe together.

Also, adult Shibas that are extra aggressive and have no training or socialization can show that aggression to kids. A trained Shiba might not be good with kids when not in the right mood.

Shiba Inus know how to redirect aggression. So, if your Shiba isn’t in the right mood, they could redirect aggression to your kid.

To end all this confusion between Shiba Inus and kids, train your Shiba to relate well with your kids in your presence. Don’t let your kid interact with your Shiba in your absence until they’re good with one another.

Tips On How to Train Your Shiba Inus to Be Good with Kids?

Introducing your Shiba to kids or blending kids with Shibas is a tedious but exciting activity. Some tips that help on how to train Shiba Inus to be good with kids include;

  1. Socialization: As we said earlier, socializing your Shiba Inus should be a top priority. Doing it earlier in your Shibas life when they’re still young is best. Thus, start socializing your Shiba early with family members and friends.
  2. Respecting Shibas Emotions: Shibas have emotions too, thus the need to respect that. So, you shouldn’t force your Shiba Inu to play with your kid. Also, let the kid know they shouldn’t force Shiba Inus to play with them.
  • Positive Reinforcement: Use positive reinforcement to correct your Shiba Inus. In addition, use treats and praises when your Shiba is good with your kids. That way, you let your Shiba learn how to treat your kids even in your absence.
  1. Discourage Lean Jumping: Shibas like lean jumping on people hence the need to discourage this behavior. Also, when your Shiba tries doing it on a kid, discourage and let them know it’s bad.
  2. Have Basic Rules for Both Shiba Inus and Kids: You should have ground rules for your kid and your Shiba Inus. An example of a ground rule is not letting your Shiba eat from your kids’ plate and vice versa.
  3. Don’t Leave Your Shiba and Kids Alone: Before your kid is big enough to handle your Shiba Inu by himself, don’t leave them alone. Always keep an eye on them from a distance. If left alone, an accident could happen and cause severe chaos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shiba Inus Naturally Aggressive?

Shiba Inus become aggressive with anything they think belongs to them or own, like toys and food.

Therefore, you might want to keep your kid away when your Shiba Inus is eating. This small breed is extra aggressive than other breeds due to possessiveness and being territorial.

Are Shiba Inus Good Family Dogs?

Shiba Inus are good family dogs. Although their goodness is based on one condition, you’re going to train and socialize them.

However, some Shibas are good even without training, make excellent family companions, and are loyal.

Are Shiba Inus Easy to Potty Train?

Yes, Shiba Inus are easy to potty train as they’re fussy with themselves. Thankfully, they’re easy to potty train than most other breeds.

Nevertheless, you need to be patient and calm when potty training Shiba Inus. That way, it’ll be easy for you to successfully potty train your fur friend.

Do Shiba Inus Bite a Lot?

Shiba Inus bite a lot during the early years when they’re still young and more active. Besides, the bites aren’t serious ones.

The bites reduce as your Shiba Inus becomes older. Excessive biting when young often results from excess energy they want to dispel.

Final Words on, Are Shiba Inus Good with Kids?

Yes and No. Shiba Inus can be both good with children and bad with children depending on the state of the Shiba.

To make your Shiba Inus good with kids, ensure to train and socialize them. Introduce your Shiba to children, and make them recognize children as more delicate.

Training and socialization work wonders towards making Shibas good with kids. Also, use positive reinforcement when training your Shiba Inus to be good with kids.

In addition, you should also train your kids to handle Shiba Inus and avoid awkward situations like when kids threaten Shibas.

Also, take your Shiba for exercise often to avoid them redirecting aggression to your kids.

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