Do Shiba Inus Shed a Lot? (What To Expect & Do)

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Like other dog breeds with double coats, Shiba Inus raises concern over the issue of shedding. If you’re a first-time Shiba owner, this is one thing you should enquire about before taking home your new friend. So, do Shiba Inus shed a lot?

Yes. Shiba Inus shed a lot to make way for new growing fur during the spring and fall. There’s the normal shedding and the one commonly known as “blowing their coat,” which involves shedding their entire undercoat. Expect your Shiba to shed a lot in the first 2-3 weeks of spring and the first 2-3 weeks of autumn.  

We have a lot to share below on Shiba Inu shedding. Stay right here for insights about what to do and what not to do when your Shiba’s shedding.

Do Shiba Inus Shed a Lot?

Yes. Shiba Inus shed a lot; they shed off their fur abundantly. Shedding happens throughout the year while blowing the coat occurs twice a year.

Do Shiba Inus Shed A Lot

Remember the difference between shedding and blowing their coat. Shedding doesn’t involve the loss of massive fur like blowing off the coat does.

So, during the shedding period, you must ensure that Shibas fur isn’t everywhere on your furniture and clothing. Shedding often involves the loss of the undercoat, which grows back after some time.

If your Shiba has a double coat, the soft inner coat, and the overcoat with long and rigid fur, shedding doesn’t leave them bare. The undercoat is the one that contributes to shedding. The shedding period takes 3 weeks in Shibas before the coat starts to grow back.

During the shedding period, DIY hacks for grooming help a lot. We’ll explore some tips to manage your Shiba’s fur during the shedding period.

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Why Do Shiba Inus Shed a Lot?

The primary reason why Shiba Inus shed a lot is that they have a double-coat. It includes a soft inner layer of fur and an overcoat with long rigid fur.

Shedding mainly involves the loss of the undercoat. It’s a natural process in which Shibas lose the old fur allowing for a regrow of new fur. The body adjusts normally and initiates shedding when preparing for climate change.

Do Shiba Inus Shed A Lot

Also, the loss of the older fur alleviates the risks of infections. For example, conditions that come with old fur. The loss of fur in Shibas is seasonal. The two seasons of shedding in Shibas are during the fall and spring.

The shedding is a body response to your Shibas need for more or less insulation. Also, in Shiba Inus, shedding depends on your region.

Shedding is common for Shibas in regions with climate extremes. Shiba Inus coat is more useful during the fall. However, when the spring arrives, the coat is no longer useful, thus the reason they shed it off.

What Months Do Shiba Inus Shed a Lot?

Shiba Inu shed a lot during the first 3 weeks of spring and fall or autumn. Especially the first weeks of spring and fall when the climate is changing.

Moreover, Shiba Inu tend to shed a given amount of fur throughout the year. However, it’s most prominent during the shedding period.

If you don’t want to notice the regular shedding during the year, groom your Shiba more often.

To prevent the fur mess on your furniture, give your Shiba’s coat what it needs. This includes grooming practices every once or twice a week.

If you live in the Northern hemisphere, spring comes from 1st March while autumn starts on 1st September. Therefore, your Shiba will be shedding from this period onwards for the next 2-3 weeks. So, groom your Shiba at least twice a day.

On the other hand, if you stay in the Southern hemisphere, the vice versa of the above happens. Spring starts on 1st September while fall begins on 1st March. Therefore, from these dates onwards, for the next 2-3 weeks, groom your Shiba Inus more often.

Now that your Shiba knows nothing about the calendar, you must stay up to date and initiate grooming at the right time.

Of importance, Shibas shedding starts at the beginning of every meteorological spring and fall. As such, start preparing for grooming practices towards the end of February and August.

How Do I Get My Shiba Inus to Reduce Shedding A Lot?

You don’t have to stop your Shiba Inus from shedding. Instead, practice grooming and have a specific place where you groom him, like a plastic carpet where fur won’t stick.

During this shedding period, the best practice is to groom them more frequently. As you brush and comb your Shiba’s coat, expect to come across intimidating qualities of dog fur as the fur comes off.

Another way to help your canine friend when shedding is to keep their habitat clean and tidy.

Some of the key things you should do when your Shiba is shedding include;

Use a fumigator or a shedding blade to remove the loose fur on their coat. Don’t do it inside the house, do it outside. Also, have your Shiba stand or lie on a rag to collect and dispose of the fur after the practice easily.

A fumigator or shedding blade does a good job and won’t hurt your Shiba. Although it looks scary, the blade covers a larger area for a single stroke and gives you an easy time where you don’t have to pull fur from the bristles.

Brush and comb your Shiba daily during the shedding season. The brushing helps remove loose hairs, which irritate your Shiba. When doing it, make it a fun activity.

Bathe your Shiba Inu once or twice a month. Especially when your Shiba Inu is approaching their shedding period, bathe them. Since Shibas are quite hygienic, bathing them with quality shampoo helps maintain their cleanliness and tidiness.

Do Shibas Ever Stop Shedding?

Shiba Inus never stop shedding off their fur, especially ones with a double coat. Shibas without a double coat might not shed that much.

Some Shibas hardly shed unless it’s during the two seasonal periods in a year. During spring and fall periods, Shibas usually blow off their coats completely to prepare for a new season.

Do Shiba Inus Shed A Lot

During the start of the spring and fall of every year, you might come across tumbleweeds of fur on your furniture. This shouldn’t worry you, though. It’s the time to make a fumigator and a lint roller your best friend.

If you’re ready to go deep into your pocket and do away with the challenge of Shiba Inu shedding, I’ve got a solution for you below.

Two of the best investments I’ve made to deal with shedding challenge were a fumigator and a Dyson DC25.

This is how both work; the fumigator first acts by catching the available hair while the Dyson murders what the fumigator didn’t catch. So, as much as it ‘RIPs’ your wallet, it does an amazing job.

How Much Shedding Should You Expect as A Shiba Owner?

The day-to-day off-season shedding is hardly noticeable in Shibas. However, you’ll come across Shiba fur more often on your couches.

If your Shiba Inus doesn’t have a double coat, the amount of fur strewn around the floor, clothing, and furniture is comparable to that of other dogs.

The challenge comes when your Shiba Inus starts blowing their coat. This one, you must notice. Now, you begin seeing the tumbleweeds of fur all over the house.

Besides, your fur friend also develops patches of loose hair all over the body. This gives the dog an unkept appearance, thus the need for grooming using a brush.

The undercoat of a Shiba Inus is always fluffy, hence the billowing mounds of fur appearance. However, there’s a lot of fur to deal with. Shibas shed off hair enough to fill several garbage bags.

Tips To Clean the Mess of Shiba Inus Shedding a Lot

Don’t regret your decision to own one when your Shiba Inus is shedding off a lot of fur. Instead, take responsibility by learning how to control the mess.

Although I gave this pro-tip somewhere above, I’d like to mention it again: use a fumigator and a Dyson DC25. Find a shedding brush for a much cheaper solution, though not as effective as the two.

Begin by establishing a regular brushing routine. Do this during the seasonal shed. A shedding brush helps speed up the process and reduces the amount of fur that falls out later.

Also, vacuum up the fur. Vacuuming should be part of your routine if your own a Shiba Inus. Besides, you must repeat this several times for efficiency, so I recommend Dyson DC25.

This section raises the question, how often should you groom your Shiba Inus? Let’s explore that below.

How Often Should You Groom a Shiba Inu?

You should groom your Shiba Inus once or twice a week. If they’re blowing their coat, do it twice a day if possible.

First, grooming should include other duties like ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and nail trimming. However, since the focus here is on shedding, let’s stick to brushing.

Usually, grooming your Shiba Inu once or twice a week is enough. But when your Shiba Inus is blowing their coat, you should do it every day, where possible, twice a day.

Grooming helps remove the loose hair and distributes protective oils evenly. You can groom your Shiba easily using a slicker brush.

Seasons of excessive shedding come with different challenges. You’ll have to do more of the grooming, as I said earlier, daily. Grooming them daily keeps away the tumbleweeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Shibas Shed a Lot?

Shiba Inus shed a lot twice a year and shed their coat moderately throughout the year.

During the first three weeks in the start of spring and fall, expect your Shiba Inus to shed a lot as that’s when they blow their undercoat.

If your Shiba is double-coat, it leads to double the shedding.

Do Shibas Like to Cuddle?

Shiba Inus don’t necessarily like to cuddle, but they do it when they feel like it and with their favourite person.

Since Shibas are independent, they have a head of their own and like doing what’s in their best interest. Although they hardly crave attention, they certainly do it when they feel like it.

Is Shiba High Maintenance?

Shiba Inus are low maintenance unless during their shedding seasons which come twice a year.

Otherwise, you only need a shedding brush during the normal time. However, for Shibas with a double coat, the shedding might happen throughout the year.

So, you might need to budget for an extra fumigator and a vacuum cleaner. I’d recommend the Dyson DC25, which is a bit expensive but works wonders.

What Age Do Shibas Start to Shed?

Although it varies with the region and temperature, most Shiba owners I’ve come across say they had their first shedding between the 2nd and 3rd year.

Since most Shibas begin getting fluffy at 3 years, that’s the same time you might expect the shedding to come. Shedding the undercoat is a climate regulation trick in Shibas.

What Are the Cons of Having a Shiba Inu?

The primary cons of having a Shiba come during the shedding season and, maybe, a bit of aggression.

Thankfully, you can control their aggression by training and socialization. On the other hand, the shedding requires regular grooming as a maintenance practice.

Conclusion On Why Do Shiba Inu Shed a Lot?

Shiba Inus have a double coat by nature that makes them heavy shedders.

However, if you got yourself a Shiba without the double coat, you might not go through what other people with Shibas go through.

Shibas without a double coat have a slight shedding throughout the year. So, after Shibas fill out their double coat between the 1- and 2-year mark, shedding starts.

Find a shedding brush for your Shiba and a fumigator, or a vacuum cleaner like the one I did recommend above, Dyson DC25.

These tools will save your time and keep your house, furniture, and clothes free from Shiba fur, especially during shedding season.



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