Do Shiba Inus Ever Wag Their Tails?

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Shiba Inu, like other dogs, expresses emotions and tell you how they’re feeling. They use body language to communicate and send a message. Now that they use body language, why do Shiba Inus wag their tails?

Shiba Inus wag their tails when happy or curious about small moving objects and animals. Due to the curled nature of their tail, Shibas are hardly seen wagging their tails. You can count the few times they do it in a day.

In addition, Shiba Inu tail wagging may differ from one dog to the other depending on their personalities. This article takes you through some things that may make your pooch friend wag their tail.

Do Shiba Inus Wag Their Tails?

Shiba Inus slightly wag their curled tails, but not more often. The curling shape limits them from wagging regularly.

They’re more likely to wag their tails when you spend some time away and come back home later. On seeing you, their first reaction includes wagging their tail for a few seconds.

Shiba Inu wagging their tail is bonkers and is something you’d like to see more often. A study shows that Shibas tail wagging is actually a “thing” and that it serves a s a form of language for dogs.

Nevertheless, Shiba Inus don’t only wag their tails when happy. There are several reasons why a Shiba can wag their tail, and only that happiness is the primary reason.

What Are the Different Shiba Inu Tail Wag Movements?

do shiba inus wag their tails

  • Slow Movement
  • Fast Movement

What’s more;

Slow Movement

Shiba Inus move their tails slowly from sideways to downward movement. They often give slow movements when they’re trying to make up their mind about something.

Also, this tail movement can come right before they become excited after seeing someone or just before they dart away to hiding.

Therefore, slow tail movements in Shiba Inu signify less comfort. It also signifies they’re trying to build up confidence over something.

Fast Movement

Fast tail movement in Shiba Inus often happens when they’re delighted. Besides, this movement is more often paired with holding the tail position high.

This tail movement signifies excess excitement and shows they want to share the feeling with you.

For example, when your Shiba Inu sees a family member who has been away, they’ll often become excited and do this tail movement.

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Types of Shiba Inus Tail Wags and Their Meaning

The direction in which your Shiba wags their tail towards has a meaning. These wags include;

Rightward Wagging

When your Shibas tail often wags in the rightward direction, they’re mostly in need of interaction and your attention.

Basically, all they need is a little bit of attention and belly rubs. Also, this can be a sign that they’re curious about something.

Leftward Wagging

Leftward wagging is commonly known as the avoidance axis and shows they’re not in need of you at the moment.

So, if you try initiating a game and your Shiba gives this reaction, accompanied by a lack of interest, it’s better to stop and try it again later.

Slow Wagging

When your Shiba wags their tail slowly and sluggishly, it’s a sign that they’re unaware of what to do next and may want your direction.

In addition, this tail-wagging style can show depression, stress, sadness, and loneliness. So, showing some attention and interaction will tell you more.

Fast Wagging

This is a simple exclamation sign from any dog. So, they do this to signify happiness or in response when you call.

Reasons Why Shiba Inu Wag Their Tails

  • Show Happiness
  • Seek Attention
  • Out Of Curiosity
  • Due To the Hunting Instincts
  • When Playing with New People

What’s more;

Show Happiness

Shiba Inus often wag their tail as a sign of happiness. They do it when they’re happy to communicate and inform you of their happy state.

Such scenarios include when they see you after a long day out at work. They must welcome you with a slight tail wagging.

They often do the slow swooshing wag, which is impressive. This tail-wagging style also comes just before they pounce on a toy.

Seek Attention

Shiba Inus also wag their tail as a means of seeking attention. If you appear busy and held, your canine friend will wag their tail while looking at you, seeking attention.

Also, when they want you to assist them in picking something, Shiba Inus use their tail to signal you and ask for your attention.

Since they have a curled tail, you’ll hardly see them wag it. They only wag when there is enough reason for them to do it.

Out Of Curiosity

Shiba Inus can also wag their tails out of curiosity. For example, when they see a small animal, they’re more likely to wag their tails as they activate their hunting instinct.

Also, they wag their tails out of curiosity when playing with other pets. For example, Shibas wag their tail as they play with other home pets like bunnies.

Hunting Instinct

Shiba Inu have a strong hunting instinct and prey drive. Therefore, expect them to run after every small animal they come across.

Otherwise, you should always have the leash on to prevent your canine friend from dashing away.

When they run after small animals, making them hide in small compartments, Shibas start wagging their tail to tell you there’s something of interest. This can be squirrels when they hide in holes.

When Playing with New People

Shiba Inus slightly wag their tail when playing with new people. This is to inform the stranger that they’re free to engage in play.

However, not all Shiba Inus can play with strangers. Socialization and obedience training are essential if you want your canine friend to be good with strangers.

Besides, Shibas are possessive and territorial. So. Don’t force them to befriend strangers, as it’s not their thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shibas Wag Their Tail?

Some Shiba Inus can wag their tail; however, they still do it for a few seconds before stopping.

The curled nature of the Shiba Inu tail prevents them from wagging it frequently. However, some Shibas wag their tails when happy or in need of attention.

Why Do Shiba Inus Curl Their Tails?

Shiba Inus tails curl naturally as it’s a feature in all Shiba Inus and comes from their ancient parents.

Shiba Inus curling tail helps them retain body heat and keep warm during the harsh winters. However, it happens naturally.

Does It Mean Shibas Are Happy When They Wag Their Tails?

Shiba Inus aren’t happy anytime they wag their tails. However, they use the tail wags to communicate with their human owner.

Shiba Inu wagging their tail can mean that they need your attention. Besides, Shibas can also wag their tail out of curiosity.

Concluding Remarks on Do Shiba Inus Wag Their Tails?

Shiba Inus wag their tails on special occasions. In addition, they hardly do it due to the curling nature of their tails.

In addition, not all Shibas can wag their tails. Some hardly or never do it. So, it’s not a Shiba thing to wag their tail.

Since all Shiba Inus have curled tails, they have a challenge wagging it even when they need to. They can only slightly do it and stop after a few seconds.

Unlike other dogs with straight tails, Shiba Inus have curved tails, limiting them from wagging more often.

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