Shiba Inu Growth Chart: How Big Does A Shiba Inu Get? Answered.

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Understanding your Shiba Inu’s growth chart and height in kgs or lbs can help you ensure they are growing up healthy and strong.

But why is a Shiba Inu Growth Chart this important?

A Shiba Inu growth chart can help you monitor your Shiba puppy’s weight and height to ensure they are on track to reach their full potential.

In this article, we’ll delve into the Shiba Inu growth chart and give you a comprehensive guide on what to expect during your pup’s first year.

So, whether you’re a new Shiba Inu owner or an experienced one, keep reading to learn more about your furry friend’s growth journey.

How Big Does A Shiba Inu Get?

Well, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), male Shiba Inus typically weigh between 23-25 pounds and stand around 14.5-16.5 inches tall at the shoulder.

Female Shiba Inus are slightly smaller, weighing in at 17-20 pounds and standing about 13.5-15.5 inches tall.

It’s important to note that these are general guidelines, and the size of a Shiba Inu can vary depending on factors such as genetics, diet, and exercise.

Additionally, while Shiba Inus are considered a small to medium-sized breed, they are still active and athletic dogs that require plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.

Shiba Inu Weight Chart Kg

Although Shiba Inus often look deceivingly huge in photos, they’re not as huge in reality. They have compact bodies with lean musculature. Their small weight and height places Shibas in the small to medium dog category.

Unlike most other dog breeds, Shiba Inus have no bigger difference between males and females in terms of weight and height.

Shiba Inu Age in months/years Shiba Inu Weight In lbs.
1 month 3-6 lbs
2 months 4-8 lbs
3 months 7-10 lbs
4 months 9-12 lbs
5 months 10-14 lbs
5 months 12-16 lbs
6 months 14-17 lbs
7 months 15-18 lbs
8 months 16-19 lbs
9 months 16-21 lbs
10 months 16-22 lbs
11 months 17-22 lbs
1 year 17-25 lbs
2 years 17-25 lbs


The numbers above are estimates and not what your canine friend must adhere to. So, you should give room for slight deviation.

However, if you have a gut feeling that your pup is significantly smaller or larger than average Shibas, consult with your vet ASAP.

Shiba Inu Full Size Weight?

The full-size weight of a Shiba Inu typically ranges between 17 and 23 pounds, with males usually weighing slightly more than females.

However, it’s essential to note that there can be variations in weight due to genetics, diet, and exercise levels.

The average weight of a male Shiba Inu is around 20 pounds, while females tend to weigh around 17 pounds.

However, it’s crucial to monitor your Shiba Inu’s weight regularly and adjust their diet and exercise accordingly to maintain a healthy weight.

Obesity can be a significant problem in dogs, and Shiba Inus are no exception. Excess weight can lead to health issues such as joint problems, diabetes, and heart disease.

Therefore, it’s important to feed your Shiba Inu a balanced diet and ensure they get enough exercise to keep them fit and healthy.

As a rule of thumb, full-grown Shiba Inu can weigh anywhere between 17 and 23 pounds, depending on their gender, genetics, and lifestyle factors.

As a responsible pet owner, it’s crucial to keep your Shiba Inu at a healthy weight to ensure they live a long and happy life.

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Shiba Inu Life Stages

Birth to 2 Weeks

During this period, your pup’s mother is still in charge of everything since the pups are yet to open their eyes. This stage is known as the neonatal stage.

Apart from being blind, the puppies are also deaf hence the mother being in charge of everything including cleaning and nursing.

However, the puppies will still have a sense of touch and taste. You shouldn’t pick the puppies despite them not being able to move around. All they can do is to move their bodies.

3 to 12 Weeks/Shiba Inu Growth Chart

During this period, your puppies begin to have fear and want to play more. This happens between 2 and 3 months of age. They are almost afraid of anything they come across.

How To Stop Shiba Inu Puppy Biting

This is the best time to introduce slight socialization and training to your puppy. There’s an optimal period between 2 and 4 months when you can train your Shiba Inu puppy.

You must not miss this period of your puppy’s growth for several things. Start introducing them to different objects like your home vacuum cleaner and Shiba Inu toys.

For example, if the vacuum cleaner scares your puppy, let them know it’s of no harm and won’t hurt him.

4 to 9 Months

This is supposedly the most important period of your puppy’s growth stages. It’s the best time to introduce socialization.

Besides, it’s the period when your puppy will do wrong things and attempt to get away without obeying rules. So, always be strict with your rules.

You must also include your family and inform them to always be vigilant and enforce rules consistently. This is the only way to have a well-behaved puppy after adulting.

Shiba Inu tend to reach sexual maturity around 6 months of age. If your puppy is male, they’ll often lift their leg while females will start being over affectionate to you.

Between 4 and 6 months, the adult teeth start to emerge. So, you’ll have to deal with the nipping behavior constantly. Let your Shiba Inu know that biting isn’t allowed.

10 to 18+ Months/Shiba Inu Growth Chart

After your canine friend attains one year of age, it’s time you start vet check-ups and monitor your pups body health. In addition, you can consider getting a booster shot.

Training is paramount in this stage. There are lots of orders and commands which they’re yet to master. So, don’t stop training yet.

Your canine friend will be suspicious of strangers and other animals. So, ensure you socialize your canine friend with other people and dogs in dog parks. High prey drive will always manifest in your Shiba Inu.

Always supervise your Shiba puppy when you leave them outside. They also tend to develop destructive behavior as they practice biting.

Don’t let them free without a leash as they can run anytime. Remember, Shiba Inus are escape artists; so, running isn’t a choice.

Shiba Inu Length In cm

Shiba Inu have a body length of between 58 to 71 cm horizontally from the tail to the head. On the other hand, they have a height of 4 to 55 cm neck vertical height. 

Shiba Inu Growth Chart Height

How Much Should A 6-Month-Old Shiba Inu Eat?

A 6-month-old Shiba Inu should eat an average of 2 to 2½ cups in a day. At this time, your Shiba Inu puppy weighs between 12 and 17 pounds. So, they shouldn’t feed on a lot of food.

When it comes to eating, you should find the best diet for your canine friend. Avoid foods with a lot of proteins which may cause overweight.

Also, you should ensure to meet your Shibas body calory requirement. Exercise is essential at this stage to ensure your pooch friend remains in shape.

Exercise helps your Shiba to burn excess calories that build up in the body. Regular exercise, at least, 40 minutes every day is enough.

What Is the Size of a Full-Grown Shiba Inu?

A full-grown Shiba Inu male is 14″ to 17″ tall and weighs between 20 to 27 lbs. Full-grown females are slightly smaller and are 13″ to 15″ tall in the adult stage.

Both male and female Shiba Inus can weigh anywhere between 17 and 23 lbs when fully grown. However, this may vary depending on the type of food you feed your canine friend.

A full-grown Shiba Inu should be compact and have slight muscles. The size of your Shiba Inu also depends on the parents.

So, the bigger the parents, the more likely that your Shiba Inu puppy will be big. Other factors that influence Shiba Inu body size include diet and exercise.

That said, ensure to feed your Shiba Inu the right proportion of food. Also, ensure this food contains the required nutrient value.

Shiba Inu Weight In Kg?

The average weight of a Shiba Inu in kg is between 6.8 kg to 10 kg for both males and females.

However, keep in mind that weight can vary based on several factors, such as age, gender, and genetics. When it comes to Shiba Inus, males are usually slightly heavier than females, but not by a significant amount.

For adult males, the average weight falls between 8 kg to 10 kg, while adult females typically weigh between 6.8 kg to 8 kg.

It’s essential to keep track of your Shiba Inu’s weight to ensure they are maintaining a healthy size. If your pup is underweight or overweight, it can lead to health issues such as joint problems, heart disease, and diabetes.

Proper nutrition and regular exercise are crucial in maintaining your Shiba Inu’s weight. Feeding your dog a balanced diet, providing ample opportunities for exercise, and regular vet check-ups can help you ensure your pup stays healthy and happy.

Factors That Affect Shiba Inu Puppy Growth

  • Genetics
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity & Health

What’s more;


There’s no doubt that genetics are a key determining factor in Shiba Inu puppy growth. In fact, the genetics of your puppy affect their body, size, and shape.

Of importance, DNA plays a key role in the size of every canine friend you come across. For Shiba Inus, their genes have an average of 20 pounds in weight.

In addition, genetics are transferred from the parents. So, expect your Shiba Inu puppy to be an average of both parents.


Nutrition is an important factor that influences the growth of your Shiba Inus. Proper nutrition helps your Shiba Inu puppy grow proportionately.

Also, proper nutrition directly influences your puppy’s immune system. So, you should be aware of how nutrient-dense the food your feed your canine friend is.

High-quality food is good for proportionate body growth. So, stick to high-quality food if you wish your canine friend the best.

Shibas easily put on weight. So, balance the food you offer with enough exercise. That way, you’ll keep your canine friend healthy and prolong their life on earth.

Physical Activity & Health

Physical activity and health are determining factors towards the growth of your canine friend.

Ensure you feed your Shiba Inu only at mealtimes. Monitor their weight constantly and ensure it’s proportionated to their age.

Shiba Inus are prone to obesity which leads to serious health complications. Also, obesity triggers a hefty vet bill that you don’t wish for. That said, don’t overfeed your canine friend.

Also, avoid excess snacks since they contain a lot of calories which aren’t good for your pup. However, since you must give some treats once in a while, exercise them daily where possible.

Since they’re also energetic dogs, exercise is a must. Shiba Inu’s early years are the most challenging period due to their hyperactivity.

But they become calmer and more relaxed as years go by. In fact, Shibas are cuddlier and more affectionate to their owners as they age.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Shiba Inu Grow?

An adult Shiba Inu grows until the height of between 14.5 to 17 inches and weighs between 23 to 25 pounds.

Further, males tend to be slightly bigger than females. However, the difference is negligible.

Do All Shibas Get Fluffy?

Most Shiba Inu dogs get fluffy towards the end of the first year since birth. However, Shibas in colder places are more likely to get fluffy than those in warm areas.

We still have Shibas that aren’t fluffy which may face challenges being allowed in dog show rings.

How Much Do Female Shibas Weigh?

Adult female Shibas weigh between 17 and 20 pounds. Female Shibas are slightly lighter than their male counterparts.

Male Shibas weigh between 20 and 25 lbs.

The Wrap-Up on Shiba Inu Growth Chart and Weight

Shiba Inus need an upright upbringing that involves adequate training and socialization. A well-bred and properly socialized Shiba Inus is such a sweet pet to have a round.

However, they can be a little nagging if you’re not committed to training and socializing your Shiba pup.

So, ensure you take charge as early as possible and control your Shibas strong will. Having a Shiba if you’re ready for the tussle ahead is the most fulfilling ever.

Also, knowing the different Shiba Inu growth stages helps you prepare for what’s to come. I hope this guide adds value to you and your canine friend.

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