Shiba Inu Pros and Cons

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Over the past few years, Shiba Inus have become increasingly popular. Although this breed is relatively new to the U.S market, it has gained immense fame over a short period of time. So, what are some pros and cons of owning a Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inus aren’t for everybody. However, by learning about the breed online, you can easily acquaint yourself with the pros and cons of having one. Some pros are the breeds loyalty and good looks. Cons include Shibas being strong-willed and stubborn.

In this article, we’ll take you through the key Shiba Inu pros and cons you should be aware of, either as an owner, or an aspiring owner.

5 Shiba Inu Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Attractive in appearance Shiba Inus are stubborn
Loyal & affectionate to their owner They’re aloof and independent
Good family dog They’re drama queens
They’re playful and intelligent They’re escape artists and like running away
Are generally healthy Heavy shedding

What Are the Pros of Having a Shiba Inu?

  • Attractive in appearance
  • Loyal
  • Affectionate
  • Good family dog for companionship
  • Shibas are playful and intelligent
  • They’re healthy and good with kids

What’s more;

Shiba Inus Are Attractive in Appearance

Shiba Inus have a beautiful fluffy coat that is naturally cute. So, if you’re looking for an additional spice to your home, this breed is a perfect option.

Shiba Inu Pros And Cons

Shiba Inu compliment your home and are good to walk around with. I bet that all your friends will want to take photos of your new friend.

However, ensure you know the downsides of owning a Shiba Inus. Especially the way they behave and how to transform their behavior with positive reinforcement.

Loyal and Loving

Shiba Inus are loving and loyal to their owners. There’s no doubt about this. Shiba Inus are loyal and loving and thus can make perfect companions.

They show love to their owner by staring them directly in the eyes or licking their toes. You only need to know how to live with Shibas to make them your best friend.

Also, you’ll need to take your pooch friend for exercise daily to create a strong bond with them.

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Affectionate To Their Owner

Shiba Inu dogs are affectionate to their owner or the person who feeds them daily. They show affection by following you or bringing you their toys around your home.

Assuming you were away the whole day, Shiba Inu show affection by giving you a warm welcome. This includes zoomies as they wag their tail and whine around your legs.

This is one unique thing with Shibas. However, if you’re not their favorite person, they might not even bother to wake up from their sleeping position.

Good Family Dog for Companionship

Shiba Inu can make a good friend if you need a companion dog. They like accompanying their owners everywhere they go, especially for walks.

Shiba Inu Pros And Cons

As such, if you’re lonely and want a dog for a companion, you might want to consider a Shiba Inu. If it’s your first time owning a dog, Shibas might not be the best for you. Try some research and learn about their perks.

However, if you’re not new to dogs, Shibas are good companions. All you need to understand is how to handle them. Not forgetting, training and socialization come in handy.

Shibas Are Playful and Intelligent

Shibas like playing and running around their owner. Besides, they’re among the most intelligent dogs. They grasp training commands within a short period.

Therefore, during training, the challenge isn’t getting your Shiba to understand but getting them to always adhere to your commands.

Besides being intelligent, Shiba Inus have a singular mind. So, your furry friend might ignore you at times and it shouldn’t be a big deal as that’s one of the breeds traits.

Shiba Inus Are Healthy and Good with Kids

Shiba Inus don’t often become sick unless they feed on allergic food. So, find the best food for your canine friend and stick to the brands you’re sure with.

In addition, Shiba Inus are good with kids but need training and socialization first. So, don’t leave your Shiba Inu with your kid before socializing them together.

In spite of this, some Shiba Inus are naturally good with kids and can hardly hurt your kid. The point is ensuring you train your Shiba to behave, especially when they’re playing near your kid.

Discourage your Shiba Inus from jumping near your kid. Also, ensure they don’t hurt kids as they do the zoomies.

What Are the Cons of Having a Shiba Inu?

  • Shiba Inus Are Stubborn & Can Be Aggressive
  • They’re Aloof and Independent
  • Shibas Are Drama Queens
  • Shiba Inus Are Escape Artists
  • Heavy Shedding
  • They Don’t Surrender
  • Shibas Have the Heart of a Rebel

What’s more;

Shiba Inus Are Stubborn and Can Be Aggressive

Shiba Inus are naturally aggressive. Since they were initially hunters, they still have that high prey drive, increasing the breed’s aggression.

However, not all Shibas are aggressive. You can intervene with training and socialization sessions if your Shiba is aggressive. Start training your pooch friend from an early age.

Also, socialize your Shiba Inu with people and other dogs as well. Since Shibas have animal aggression, you must socialize them with other dogs.

Although Shibas’ aggression is nagging and upsetting, training and socialization help a lot.

They Are Aloof and Independent

Everyone, including you and I, need an obedient dog that adheres to what you instruct them. Now, Shibas aren’t exactly that obedient dog you want.

Shiba Inu Pros And Cons

Although they can listen to you when they feel like it, they won’t always do it. Shiba Inus have a singular mind. This means they think by themselves, thus deciding whether to listen to you or not.

As such, people find them stubborn and not the companion “slave” they wanted. That makes them term Shibas as the worst dogs, which I don’t think is the case.

Since Shiba Inus have a singular mind, the owner also needs to allow them to think for themselves and act independently. But always remain in charge.

Shiba Inus Are Drama Queens

Shibas can be dramatic and loud at the same time. For example, they have a very succinct way to inform you when something doesn’t, please them.

Also, slight things like accidental tug to their way can trigger a very loud scream.

Also, some Shibas are very chaotic during grooming, especially when clipping their nails and during bathing sessions.

So, start introducing your Shiba Inu to these activities from an early age. That gets them used by the time they become adult grown Shibas.

Shiba Inus Are Escape Artists

Shiba Inus are hyper and have a lot of energy in them. So, they like running up and down to dispel their energy.

Running away frequently happens during the early stages when your Shiba Inu is still a puppy. However, as they age, they continue to change and become calmer.

A good way to intervene against running away is through obedience training. Obedience training teaches your Shiba to respond when you call them.

Although Shibas still ignore when you call, training improves response frequency.

They Shed a Lot

This is among the key reasons most people are afraid of Shiba Inus. Besides, shedding contributes to the argument that Shiba Inu is the worst dog ever.

Shiba Inu shed their fur throughout the year; however, heavy shedding, also known as blowing their coat, happens twice a year. Shibas’ official shedding season is during the fall and spring.

During this time, Shiba Inus literally shed a lot. You’ll come across fur tumbleweeds in house corners and other house locations. So, people dislike this period and thus term Shiba Inu the worst dog ever.

Nevertheless, you should prepare for Shiba Inu shedding or blowing their coat with the right materials and techniques.

Materials include a shedding brush or a vacuum cleaner that picks up the fur. Also, you have to groom your Shiba Inus as well.

Grooming can happen twice a day when your Shiba Inus is blowing their coat and once a week during the normal periodical shedding.

They Don’t Surrender Even When All Is Lost

Shiba Inus don’t surrender; you can try this by doing a challenge. They won’t surrender at all and like challenging other dogs and people.

In addition, Shibas don’t surrender or submit to other bigger and more muscular dogs that can hurt them. They’ll even attempt to challenge them or tease them for a fight.

Therefore, people find this weird about Shibas. However, it would be best to let your Shiba know your boundaries. Despite the challenges, boundaries tell your Shiba what not to cross.

Shiba Inus Have the Heart of a Rebel

There’s no doubt about this, Shibas Inus are rebellious. They like doing the exact opposite of what you want them to do.

For example, if you restrict your Shiba Inus from accessing a certain region of your house, that’s where they’ll find all means to go. So, that makes them a rebel. They try to sneak behind your back and do what you’re against.

So, people find this behavior stubborn. In such a case, obedience training helps to improve your Shibas response to commands. For example, use the command “STOP” when they’re doing something bad.

Now, you know why people call Shiba Inu the worst dog ever. Go ahead and learn why Shiba Inu isn’t a bad dog.

Conclusion On Shiba Inu Pros and Cons

Shiba Inus, just like other breeds, have their quirks. However, if you’re keen on training and socialization, you’ll have a good canine companion.

Points to note include initiating training from an early age. Shibas are easy to train when they’re still young and puppies.

So, that’s the best time to instill morals and correct them whenever they do wrong. However, training can be a little hectic if you get yours from the shelter.

That said, you’re better off getting a Shiba Inu as a puppy and letting them grow under your watch. Getting adult Shiba Inu has its own problems.

Thankfully, Shiba Inu has many pros that outweigh the breed’s cons. The cons are things you learn to cope with.

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