How Big Are Shiba Inus? (Shiba Inu Growth & Weight Chart)

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Shiba Inus are of moderate size. Besides, they have a slightly masculine body which complements their moderate size. If you wanted to know how big Shiba Inus are, you’re in the right place.

A fully grown Shiba Inu male has an average of 16.5 inches tall and weighs 17–23 pounds. Female Shibas have a height of 13.5 inches and weigh 17-25 pounds. Males Shiba Inus have broad faces while females have soft facial features.

Shiba Inus have a medium body size; however, some Shibas can be extra small in size. In this guide, you’ll learn how big Shiba Inus are and a Shiba Inu growth chart.

How Big Are Shiba Inus?

The height of male Shiba Inus ranges between 14-17 inches, that’s 37-42 cm and weighs between 17-24 lbs, that’s 8-11 kgs.

Female Shibas are a little smaller. They have a height of between 13-15 inches, that’s 33 to 38 cm and weigh 15-19 lbs, that’s 7-9 kgs.

How Big Are Shiba Inus

Shibas takes an average of 14 months to attain full growth. Therefore, your Shiba is at maximum growth by the time they reach the 2nd year mark.

That said, you should see the Shiba Inu growth chart below;

Shiba Inu Growth Chart

Check where your Shiba Inu lies in this growth chart. Don’t worry about any deviations, if your Shiba isn’t in the proper category.

However, if the deviation is significant, you might want to reconsider your Shibas diet.

Growth In Age Growth In Weight (Low & High Average)
1-2 months 3-9 lbs
3-4 months 7-11 lbs
5-6 months 10-17 lbs
7-8 months 14-19 lbs
9-10 months 16-22 lbs
11 months-1 year 17-23 lbs
1-2 years 17-25 lbs

This Shiba Inu growth chart doesn’t guarantee that your pock friend has to adhere. It’s a rough estimate of how much a Shiba should weigh at a given age.

How Big Are Fully Grown Shiba Inus?

The American Kennel Club states that an adult male Shiba Inu should have a height of around 14.5 to 16.5 inches. An adult female Shiba Inu is smaller, with a height of about 13.5 to 15.5 inches.

On the other hand, both male and female adult Shiba Inus weigh between 17 to 23 pounds. Similarly, female Shibas tend to have slightly less weight than males.

Shiba Inus are of moderate body size, making them perfect for house environments. For example, Shibas make good apartment dogs.

In addition to their small size, Shibas are clean, tidy, and silent. They don’t make unnecessary noise.

At What Age Is a Shiba Inu Fully Grown?

Shiba Inus experience an intense growth spurt from 14-18 months. By the 18th month, your Shiba Inus should be at full growth.

The first growth spurt happens between 3-7 months of age. During this time, your Shiba Inu nearly doubles in size.

However, when Shibas reach the 8th month, they tend to slow down in physical growth. However, they continue to mature intelligence-wise.

By the 12th to 14th month, your pooch friend is at full growth. By this time, your Shiba Inus is at its maximum height but might continue adding weight.

As a result, the end of growth in size does not affect your Shibas ability to pump up. They can still get fat depending on the types of food and the amount of exercise.

Are Shibas Small or Medium Dogs?

Shiba Inus are medium-sized dogs. However, you’ll often find sites saying they’re small-to-medium, which is okay.

Shiba Inus are medium-size as they don’t have a huge body. Their bodies are moderate and have little muscle build.

If you compare Shiba Inus to large dogs like the mastiff, you might want to refer to Shibas as small dogs.

A full-grown mastiff has a height of 26 inches compared to Shibas, 16 or 17 inches. Also, they’re heavier than Shibas as they weigh up to 150 lbs, while Shibas have a maximum of 23 lbs.

How Big Are Shiba Inus

Besides, if you compare Shiba Inus to taller breeds like the Pyrenees, Shibas come across as relatively small.

For someone only familiar with little pocket-sized pooches, Shibas are pretty big to them. However, if you’re familiar with the giant breeds, Shibas come across as relatively small.

Of course, whether or not to consider Shibas as small or medium is a matter of your perspective.

What Are Factors That Affect How Big Shiba Inus Grow in Size

  1. Shibas Gender
  2. The Shiba Inu Genetics
  3. Type Of Breed
  4. Inherited Growth Conditions
  5. Health Status
  6. Individual Differences Between Shiba Inus

What’s more;

1.     Shibas Gender

Gender is key in your Shibas growth. Males are slightly bigger and grow faster than female Shibas.

This isn’t always the case with every other Shiba Inus. However, it’s based on a more extensive and overall scale of Shibas.

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when your male Shiba turns out bigger than your fellow female siblings.

2.     The Shiba Inu Genetics

If all your Shibas relatives, including parents, are large, they’re likely to grow large. Parents and grandparents of your Shiba affect their size.

The same happens for other Shiba Inus features like diseases, color, and personality. The higher the aggression in parents, the more likely their siblings will also have high aggression.

With that in mind, always ask breeders about Shiba Inu lineage. Knowing the lineage contributes to safe breeding practices.

3.     Type Of Breed

Although this point lies under genetics, different breeding lineages share common traits. Besides, the breed tells much about what to expect from the forthcoming generations.

Especially if you got your Shiba from a rescue center, knowing about the breed traits is crucial. It helps you determine what traits to expect in the future.

4.     Inherited Growth Conditions

Numerous growth conditions exist in different dog breeds. These conditions result in mutations, thus affecting the size of the resultant Shiba Inus.

A good example of a growth condition is dwarfism. Shiba Inus can easily experience dwarfism if the condition was ever present in the breeding lineage.

5.     Health Status

The health status of your Shiba Inus directly relates to their growth and size.

If they don’t get food with enough nutritional value, this can result in a more petite body since your pooch friend isn’t capable of putting on sufficient size.

So, you must understand what nutrition your Shiba needs and their previous life. That way, you know how to balance the nutritional requirements so that your Shiba attains the correct size.

For example, proper nutrition has enough building materials. These materials promote the growth of bones, Shiba Inus frame, and musculature.

Of importance, small size doesn’t guarantee poor health. Also, you shouldn’t let your Shiba put on too much weight. Being overweight causes fatal health conditions like diabetes.

That said, you must ensure your Shiba Inus has the ideal weight. The inability to lose weight is a sign of a severe medical condition. So, if you’re providing maximum exercise for your Shiba and they don’t lose weight, you should visit the vet.

6.     Individual Differences Between Different Shiba Inus

Of course, there are differences between different Shiba Inu dogs. Every Shiba is its dog. So, some physical or emotional traits are unique to every Shiba Inu.

These unique traits are just unexplainable. These differences can be due to environment or biological. They often affect Shiba Inu overall size in the long run.

As such, you must prepare for the unexpected when taking a Shiba Inu home. You never know what to expect in the future. This surprise can also include body size variations.

What Do Fully Grown Shiba Inus Look Like?

Fully grown Shiba Inus resembles a mixture of a Wolf and a Fox. In addition, Shibas have erect ears and squinty eyes with a thick double coat that gives them the look of a teddy bear.

Shibas don’t transform much from their appearance while still puppies. They only change a little bit.

Besides, they maintain the same color. The lightening or darkening of Shiba Inu fur isn’t uncommon. Most Shiba Inus retain that golden fur while the underbelly remains white.

How Big Are Shiba Inus

Often, Shiba Inu lose the dark coloration around the eyebrows, noses, and ears. Further, Shibas exist in several different colors, including black and entirely white.

By looking at the breeding parents, you get a rough idea of what coloration to expect in their siblings.

Changes that occur in Shibas as they grow include the nature of the ears. Some Shibas have droopy ears while they’re still a pup. However, all Shiba Inus have erect ears by the time they’re fully grown.

Additionally, Shiba Inus fur stays rather plush and hardly grows excessively long. As your Shiba continues to age, its tail gets fluffier and tough and develops a curve at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shiba Inus Big or Small?

Although Shiba Inus are of moderate size, they’re relatively small if you compare between big and small.

Shiba Inu are small enough to suit an apartment lifestyle. However, there are other factors to consider before keeping one in your apartment.

Is Akita Same as Shiba Inu?

No, Akitas are different from Shibas and are slightly bigger than them.

They tend to look alike from far away, but there are key differences. Although their faces look similar, Shibas have erect ears and sharp eyes.

Is There a Miniature Shiba Inu?

Yes. Miniature Shiba Inus are about 35-50% smaller than standard size Shiba Inus.

So, full-grown miniature Shibas weigh10-14 lbs and have an 11-inch height. You can easily differentiate between the two by their body size.

Is A Shiba Inu a Large Dog?

No. Shiba Inus aren’t large dogs; they’re relatively medium in size. Besides, their body is less masculine.

If you’re looking for a large size dog, you might want to consider other dogs. But, Shibas have a moderate size that everyone wants to associate with.

The Parting Shot, How Big Are Shiba Inus?

Shiba Inu lie in both categories of small dogs and medium dogs. It depends on one’s perspective of small or medium. However, a small-to-medium description fits Shibas.

Shibas have a moderate body size which fits smaller homes. Also, if you stay in an apartment, you might want to consider Shibas for their fit size.

Additionally, Shiba Inu are small in size but have a one-of-a-kind personality. They are active, energetic, and love playing outside. Shibas combine athleticism with practicality.

They’re relatively strong, thus the reason you need to always tag your Shiba along for a hike. Ensure training and socialization first, though.

In doing so, you’ll have a loyal and affectionate companion. They’ll protect you when they are suspicious of strangers.

Last but not least, be sure to afford them.

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