How To Socialize Shiba Inu? How To Go About It!

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Shiba Inus have many behaviour issues, especially animal aggression with other dogs. So, when looking to own a Shiba Inu, one thing that bothers you is how to socialize Shiba Inu. Of course, socializing with Shiba Inus with other dogs reduces their dog aggression.

Socialization is a necessity for Shiba Inus, even better if you do it from a young age. Good socialization helps you live with your Shiba without major boundaries. It also puts your pooch friend at ease with other dogs.

You can also train your Shiba Inus in the process of socialization.

This socialization guide has tips and tricks to help make your Shiba friendly. Grab some coffee and stay glued as we show you the exact tricks to socialize your canine friend.

5 Basic Tips on How to Socialize Shiba Inu?

5 Shiba Inu Socialization Basics include;

  1. Initiate Socialization from A Young Age
  2. Book Them for Obedience Training Classes
  3. Prioritize Dog Park Socialization
  4. Have Regular Play Dates
  5. Consider Doggy Daycare

Now, you’re probably asking yourself how to do each of the above. Let’s see learn that below;

1.     Initiate Early Socialization

You can initiate socialization when your Shiba is around 6 to 8 months of age. This should come hand in hand with training.

Like other dogs, Shibas also have a puppy development stage. During this time, your young Shiba Inus gets to understand what’s wrong and right. Of course, their future behavior depends on the training and socialization at this time.

How To Socialize Shiba Inu

That said, your Shibas puppyhood should be a crucial time for your intervention. Start to instill the proper behavior while discouraging bad habits. What you teach them lasts them for a lifetime.

However, as Shibas grow, their independence keeps coming out more. But hardly do they forget the early teachings you give. Start being a responsible owner when your Shiba is still a pup; they’ll grow to become your excellent companion.

After your pup weans from the mother, they depend primarily on you. So, you get to teach them the dos and don’ts to follow.

Of importance, begin by socializing your growing pup with your family and people around. Also, socialize them with the environment around them. Let your new friend know their immediate surrounding.

That way, you reduce the fear and anxiety of separation. For your information, Shiba Inus have separation anxiety. So, ensure to socialize your Shiba with everyone around, including other pets.

If you have kids, let them meet your Shiba and show them how to handle the puppy. Under your guidance, you can always instruct your kids on how to interact with your Shiba.

You encourage bonding and make your Shiba Inu the best friend and companion.

2.     Book Them for Obedience Training Classes

In addition to rearing your pup well, obedience training comes in handy with socialization. You also want your Shiba Inu to grasp commands.

So, book them to attend puppy school for obedience training classes. Obedience training helps your Shiba develop a good demeanor. It’s an excellent way to lay the perfect foundation for your furry friend and family member.

While in the puppy school, your Shiba meets other dogs and thus gets a chance to socialize. The classes are under supervision, so the safety of your young Shiba is a guarantee.

Also, the supervisors discourage bad behavior. That way, they learn what is right and wrong. Also, ensure to be keen so that your Shiba doesn’t learn bad traits from other dogs.

Despite obedience training classes being useful, they can also introduce your pooch friend to mannerless dogs. From there, your Shiba Inus can learn lousy behavior and carry it home.

However, generally, obedience training classes are great. Shiba Inu pups are hardly legible for obedience training classes. So, you might want to initiate training by yourself.

In fact, most cases need you to train your Shiba since you’re their pack leader. That way, they can listen to you and follow what you say without ignorance. So, obedience training in Shibas builds a promising future.

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3.     Prioritize Dog Park Socialization (How To Socialize Shiba Inu)

You shouldn’t ignore taking your Shiba Inu to dog parks. This is one of the best ways for Shiba Inus to socialize with other dogs. Dog parks give Shibas space for a quick run or walk with other dogs for bonding.

I find dog park socialization one of the best ways since there; you don’t mind anyone. Also, doggy parks are open for most of the day.

You can always take your Shiba there after work or before going to work. You don’t have to visit dog parts daily; five times a day, depending on your Shibas attitude is enough.

Dog parks are perfect if you want your Shiba Inu to bond with other family members. There’s enough space to run around and enjoy a short picnic.

I recommend you bring some treats, food and plan activities to do when going to the dog park. Such an environment allows your Shiba to go wild, something they like.

Also, a few considerations you must ensure before going to the park include; ensuring your Shiba is healthy and happy. Feed them before you begin your journey to the dog park.

Ensure you’re at the corner with few people and animals. Don’t go to crowded dog parks. Shibas don’t enjoy meeting many strangers.

4.     Regular Playdates Should Be Part of Your Exercise Schedule

Playdates are necessary for your Shiba Inus. They have many benefits, including bonding and socializing with their owner.

How To Socialize Shiba Inu

You can schedule playdates after obedience training classes. That way, you can practice some concepts from the obedience training class.

Within these playdates, you should have other dogs. So, your Shiba should see other dogs in close vicinity and learn not to run after them.

Playdates reduce aggression in Shibas and give room for more socialization. If you have friends with dogs, build a socialization community.

Also, you can build a community with other pet parents you meet in the dog school. With a few friends owning dogs, you can always share dog playdates. That benefits your Shiba Inus a lot.

Approach other fur parents near you and play to attend their playdates. Tag along your pooch friend for socialization.

Thankfully, we have events for dogs nowadays. Don’t take these events for granted; instead, attend some. Also, stay alert for fun runs organized by pet facilities and pet stores. The concept ensures that your Shiba Inus explores the outside world and other dogs.

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5.     Consider Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is a place you can leave your Shiba Inus. Although I don’t encourage doggy daycare in Shibas, they’re good if you’ll be away for long.

If you know of a good doggy daycare with a trained professional, feel free to use it. If you have to bring your Shiba here, have no fear.

Most doggy daycare centers even have better care facilities. So, your Shiba’s going to be comfortable and have fun there.

Doggy daycare also helps Shibas socialize with other dogs. Various activities occur in daycare facilities that are good for your pooch friend.

However, if your Shiba has no training and prior socialization and is an adult, dog daycare might not be best for them.

They quickly become aggressive to other dogs. Ensure to inform your doggy daycare manager of this before you leave.

The good thing is daycare centers don’t tolerate bad behavior. They’re keen to observe if your Shiba has any destructive problems. So, you’ll get a complete report on what you need to do more.

In case your Shiba attacks other dogs, they’re keen to separate them and keep your Shiba separate. Therefore, don’t fear your Shiba getting injured at the dog daycare center.

5 Tricks When Performing Above Basics on How to Socialize Shiba Inu

  1. Slow And Steady Wins the Race
  2. Stay Positive Always
  3. Remain Calm and Patient
  4. Keep The Lines of Communication Open
  5. Avoid Physical Punishment

What’s more;

1.     Slow And Steady Wins the Race

Socializing your Shiba Inus should be a step-by-step process. So, take it slow. It’s not like speed dating, where you cram all possible experiences in a short time.

How To Socialize Shiba Inu

Being so intense might undermine your Shibas self-confidence instead of building it. Also, don’t be overprotective with your fur friend. Remember, your Shiba is a dog and should interact with other dogs without your presence. That can lead to under-socialization.

Ensure to strike a balance when socializing your Shiba Inus. Take every step slowly enough that they learn everything possible in each. Being too fast overwhelms your Shiba Inu with experiences. So, they might begin fearing new experiences.

2.     Stay Positive Always

As we all know, Shiba Inus doesn’t need aversive training or interaction. So, you should always maintain a positive attitude.

Even when your Shiba misbehaves, warn them and don’t get angry at them. Shibas are intelligent and sense when you’re mad at them.

That said, as you begin socializing your Shiba Inus, set them up for success. Introduce them to situations that you’re confident they can handle. Be in control of social training exercises.

An example includes maintaining small dog groups during dog play. That prevents the dogs from getting over-excited and losing control. Also, pick play groups with friendly dogs that have a similar playing style to your Shiba Inus.

This ensures the socialization process comprises positive experiences. They also keep your Shiba Inu in control of themselves.

Of course, mistakes will happen. So, be ready to tackle them with a plan B. Not only plan B, always have a plan C and D in case everything fails and isn’t going according to plan.

There are more enclosed dog parks nowadays. They’re a good solution to alleviate dog-to-dg aggression. While visiting dog parks, ensure to manage your Shiba Inu so that they don’t learn bad habits from other dogs.

Managing your Shiba while in a dog park keeps them away from skirmishes and fights. Also, ensure you don’t go to crowded dog parks where there is little to no control regarding dog age, temperament, and energy level.

3.     Remain Calm and Patient (How To Socialize Shiba Inu)

This is probably the most important point, stay calm and patient always. Shibas can be a little stubborn and nagging, but this doesn’t call for punishment.

Master the art of remaining calm and patient. Especially when socializing Shibas, patience and calmness make the endeavor easy and smooth.

Shiba Inus reflects your energy. So, when you’re calm, your pooch friend can pick that from you. If you’re angry, your Shibas get anxious and develop a lot of excitement.

That said, ensure you’re not anxious when handling your Shiba during socialization. Also, when your Shiba is doing something wrong, don’t shout at them.

Use the proper commands to correct your Shiba Inus. Don’t physically punish your Shiba Inus, as it breaks the bond you utilize to make training and socialization smooth.

4.     Keep The Lines of Communication Open

Dogs have different characters and personalities. Some are social butterflies, others are anxious and lack self-confidence and others are naturally calm.

That said, to successfully socialize your Shiba Inus, you must listen to what they say. Besides, you must tailor the socialization to suit your Shibas personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

Shiba Inus are perfect in body language communication. So, you must understand what their every body language means. This isn’t a challenge; Shibas tell what they’re feeling using tail wagging and the look on their face.

The position of your Shiba, sound and the way they stare at you tells much about what they think or want. So, learning to understand your Shibas body language is one way to keep the lines of communication open.

In addition, understand how to communicate with them using your body language. When your Shiba observes and smiles at you, they can’t precisely know what you’re thinking, but they can feel your mental and physical state.

The challenge with people is that they’re overdependent on words and symbols. However, try to overcome this challenge by developing skills to read your Shibas body language.

5.     Avoid Physical Punishment (How To Socialize Shiba Inu)

Even if your Shiba Inus misbehaves during socialization, never attempt to punish them. It breaks the bond you have with your dog.

However, you can always give them a small spat on their hips, not due to anger but as a warning.

Not only Shibas but all dogs also take physical punishment seriously and hardly recover from it. So, to maintain your bond with your fur friend, use positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement works well with Shiba Inus. When you’re at the dog park, use positive reinforcement to correct your Shiba. Also, select the dogs to socialize with your Shiba Inus. Ensure to choose ones that are friendly and aren’t aggressive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Socialize a Shiba Inu with Other Dogs?

To socialize your Shiba Inus with other dogs, you need to frequent doggy parks. Also, you can utilize dog play groups.

Socializing your Shiba with other dogs should start early when they’re young. Adult Shibas often express aggression during socialization.

Can Shiba Inus Get Along with Other Dogs?

Yes, Shiba Inus can get along well with other dogs. However, you have to train and socialize your Shiba with other dog breeds.

It does not happen overnight, though. You have to invest the time to socialize your fur friend.

How Do You Make a Shiba Friendly?

Ways to make a Shiba Inu friendly include giving treats and bonding with your Shiba Inus. You can bond by walking together and playing games.

Similar to socializing your Shiba, they don’t become friendly overnight. You have to engage in bonding activities and give your Shiba time to trust you.

How Do You Get a Shiba Inu to Trust You?

Getting a Shiba Inu to trust you needs you to be calm, and use positive reinforcement. Positive reinforcement keeps a trustworthy and loyal bond between you and your Shiba.

That said, you have to deserve loyalty from your Shiba Inu. You only deserve loyalty if you play your cards well and responsibly.

Can Shiba Inus Be Friendly?

Shiba Inus can be very friendly, but it takes them time to trust and act friendly with a new person.

Besides, Shibas even have a favorite person in the family. So, they can be super friendly.

The Wrap-Up, How to Socialize Shiba Inu

Socializing Shiba Inus is a must for every Shiba Inu owner. It improves how your Shiba behaves and makes them more friendly to the world.

Through socialization, you can leave your fur friend with your children. Also, you can teach your children how to interact with your Shiba without provoking them.

Socialization and obedience training in Shibas should be a necessity. This breed can be stubborn if there is no socialization and training.

However, socialization has made it possible to tame Shibas lousy behavior. Also, it helps control your Shiba Inus using simple commands. Since Shibas are intelligent, socialization and training don’t take that long.

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