How To Discipline a Shiba Inu? Positive Approach

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Every Shiba Inu owner needs to know the right ways to discipline their fur friends. Shibas, like other dogs or probably more than other dogs, misbehave, thus requiring discipline. Stay tuned if you want to know how to discipline a Shiba Inu.

Positive reinforcement is always the best means to discipline your Shiba Inu. Of course, there are various methods of using positive reinforcement. Shibas have lousy behavior, such as chewing carpets or furniture, stubbornness, and aggression. You need to redirect this energy to useful things.

After extensive research, I have this guide to help you discipline your Shiba Inu correctly. You’ll also learn ways to get your fur friend to listen without being aversive.

How To Discipline a Shiba Inu?

Use the “5 Seconds” rule to discipline your Shiba Inu correctly. Respond to the action your Shiba Inu does, good or bad, within the following 5 seconds.

Use the following strategies to respond to your Shibas actions;

  1. Positive Reinforcement
  2. Don’t Punish Your Shiba Inu
  3. Catch The Act & Don’t Shout
  4. Praising Your Shiba When They’re Doing Something Right
  5. Redirecting Your Shibas Energy
  6. Be Understanding and Patient

How about the above;

1.     Positive Reinforcement

Training your Shiba Inus properly needs you to have a calm attitude. You should always know how to respond to their actions in a manner that guides your Shiba Inus.

Positive reinforcement involves rewarding your Shibas’ good behavior and ignoring their bad ones. So, it encourages your fur friend to behave well. Your Shiba gets the motivation to do the right thing through rewards.

If your Shiba makes a mistake, respond immediately by warning them. Next, proceed to show them the right thing. The idea is to know how to intervene and direct your Shiba Inu into doing the right thing.

Also, when you ignore the bad behavior, it may become worse. However, you can always warn your Shiba against bad behavior.

2.     Don’t Punish Your Shiba Inu

This should be part of your discipline. Avoid ever hitting your Shiba Inus. It breaks the bond you have with your dog.

How To Discipline a Shiba Inu

It’s part and parcel of disciplining your Shiba Inu. You should have other ways to respond but not by punishing them. For example, you can warn your Shiba Inu with the “STOP” command.

Here, we assume that your Shiba Inu is through basic commands training. Also, there are several techniques of positive reinforcement. Some include;

  • Redirecting your Shibas energy to something harmless like toys
  • Attention, praises, and rewards
  • Not giving treats for bad behavior

Punishing your Shiba Inus creates a form of a rift between you and them. So, it would be best if you never punish your Shiba Inus. However, a slight spat on the hips is good to warn them.

3.     Catch The Act and Don’t Shout at Your Shiba Inus

Apart from hitting your dog, you shouldn’t shout at your Shiba. Shibas know the difference between your typical sound and when you’re yelling. Yelling or shouting confuses your dog and can make them over-excited.

Yelling could either agitate or cause overexcitement to your pet, causing negative behavior. In addition, shouting creates fear between you and your Shiba. So, manage your emotions and do less shouting.

In addition, also ensure to catch the act and correct it there by then. For example, if you catch your fur friend relieving themselves in the house, direct them where they should do it.

Begin by warning your Shiba Inu. After they abruptly stop what they were doing, now lead them to the right place. Also, you can have specific times to relieve themselves. Then, teach your Shiba to adhere to that schedule.

4.     Praising Your Shiba When They’re Doing Something Right

Never underestimate the power of praises. You should praise your Shiba whenever they do something right. Also, you can reward them.

The simple things matter a lot in Shibas. Simple praises like “Good Job” should always come after your Shiba does things properly.

Although you shouldn’t misuse rewards, you can have some whenever you’re going for walks. Also, when teaching your Shiba something, have some rewards.

Dos, especially Shiba Inus, appreciate praises and rewards. So, giving your fur friend rewards every now and then helps make them happy.

However, don’t just give rewards for nothing. Tie rewards and treats to good behavior. Therefore, your Shiba Inus knows that you reward good behavior.

5.     Redirecting Your Shibas Energy

Another way to discipline your Shiba Inus is by redirecting their energy to something useful. To redirect your Shibas energy, you have to be watchful when they start misbehaving.

Therefore, monitoring your Shibas behavior is key. Anytime you see them misbehave, you initiate something your Shiba Inus likes.

How To Discipline A Shiba Inu

For example, let’s say your Shiba has a favorite toy; you can always limit their access to this toy. Therefore, whenever they start doing something wrong, avail the toy. That’s a perfect way to redirect your Shibas energy.

In addition, you can also redirect your Shibas energy to playing games. For example, if you observe your Shiba just start chewing off your carpet, attract their attention and play a game like tug of war.

That way, you have managed to redirect their energy to something else. Introducing a new, more exciting activity is the best way to redirect your Shibas energy. The intention is to make them forget what they were up to.

6.     Be Understanding, Patient, and Consistent

While training your Shiba Inus, patience and calmness pay a lot. You don’t expect to see your Shiba Inus learn basic commands daily.

This is a disciplinary means as it helps you learn how to manage your anger even when your fur friend is misbehaving.

As you stay patient, be consistent with your training. Ensure to address each lousy behavior you see in your Shiba Inus.

Since your Shiba must often stare at you, they reflet your energy if you’re calm.

How Do I Calm and Discipline My Shiba Inu?

Calming your Shiba Inus is part of disciplining them. To calm your Shiba Inus, let them know you have their favorite treat and withhold it until they calm down.

One effective way to calm your Shiba Inus is the use of treats. Whenever your Shiba Inus is acting weird, let them smell their favorite treat in your palm.

Next, withhold the treat and command your Shiba Inus to calm down. You can always wait until they sit down before giving them the treat. Keep repeating that until your Shiba associates calming down with getting a treat.

So, remain calm when your Shiba Inus is acting hyper or has the zoomies. You should always remain calm until they reflect the same. Never overreact at them.

Don’t punish your Shiba Inus or smack them to calm them down. That won’t work well since they don’t resonate with you hitting them.

You’re the last person your Shiba Inus expects to hit them.

How Do I Get My Shiba Inu to Listen?

To get your Shiba Inus to listen, stand in one position and call them with their favorite toys.

Shiba Inus have a challenge with listening since they’re ignorant and have a singular mind. As we said earlier, don’t always give your Shiba access to their favorite toys. You can use these toys to get their attention whenever you want them.

How To Discipline A Shiba Inu

Also, you can always use treats whenever your Shiba Inu isn’t listening. Call them for a treat, and then redirect the energy to what you want.

Remember, Shiba Inus are intelligent and learn your intentions with time. So, ensure to use different tricks when getting your Shibas attention. If you only use one trick, they realize it quickly.

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How To Discipline a Shiba Inu Without Shouting?

You should never shout at your Shiba Inu. Whenever you observe your Shiba Inus doing the wrong thing, remain calm, warn them, and redirect them into doing the right thing.

Shouting at your Shiba Inus should be the last thing you want to do. It frightens them and makes them develop anxiety issues.

As such, you should never shout at your Shiba Inus. Since Shibas have a better sense of hearing, yelling overwhelms your Shiba Inus. Besides, they never understand what it is you’re saying.

Yelling stresses your Shiba Inu because it keeps them trying to understand it, which they can’t. Therefore, yelling at your Shiba Inu repeatedly stresses them out a lot.

You should also discourage others from yelling or shouting at your Shiba Inu. Although it gets their attention, it’s jarring and overwhelms your Shiba when you yell.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Deal with A Shiba Inu Aggression?

Dealing with Shiba Inu aggression requires training and socialization. Train and socialize your Shiba Inus with people and other dogs.

Whenever you see your Shiba Inu being aggressive, never punish them physically. But you can intervene to stop the fight.

How Do You Train a Stubborn Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inus are naturally stubborn. To train them, you need treats to motivate your Shiba to follow your commands.

Shiba Inu has a hyper and stubborn trait that makes them unique. Therefore, train your Shiba Inus to follow commands so that you can control them.

How Do I Get My Shiba Inu to Stop Biting?

You should always discourage this behavior whenever they start doing it. Discourage it by warning your Shiba to “STOP.”

However, a small smack can’t hurt if your Shiba is still young. Smack them a little bit from the hip area and ensure you don’t mean to hurt them.

Do Shiba Inus Bite Their Owners?

Shiba Inus bite their owners as a way to express their playful personality. However, you should control it early enough.

You should stop your Shiba from biting you as early as possible. Don’t encourage any bad behavior.

How Do You Discipline a Shiba Inu Puppy?

You should make your Shiba learn “STOP,” which means they stop what they’re doing from a young age. That way, you can discipline your Shiba Inu puppy.

Also, wait until your puppy is about 5 months and initiate obedience training classes.

Concluding Remarks, How to Discipline a Shiba Inu?

Positive reinforcement is among the best ways to discipline your Shiba Inus. It involves using treats to motivate your Shiba Inu into doing the right thing.

Of course, you now know that physical punishment is a no with your Shiba. So, ensure you don’t hit your pooh friend when they misbehave.

To avoid the stress of having to discipline your Shiba, initiate training and socialization early on. Don’t raise Shiba Inu without socializing and training them. These two make your Shiba know what is right and what is wrong.

Also, training helps your Shiba Inus learn about commands and what each command means. So, you can easily control them when they start misbehaving.


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