Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare At Me? (6 Reasons)

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You may have noticed that your Shiba Inus keeps staring at you for quite some time, which is cute and adorable. However, when your fur friend does this too often, the intense stare might trouble you a bit and make you feel a little creepy. So, why does my Shiba Inu stare at me?

Shiba Inu staring at you is a means of communication. When they stare at you, they try to understand your social cues on what may come next. Also, your Shiba might stare at you when they want something like food or attention, or maybe just showing their affection and admiration.

How can you tell the different stares and what each means? Consider this guide your one-stop place for deciphering your Shiba Inu stares.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare at Me? (6 reasons)

Key reasons why your Shiba Inus stares at you include;

  1. To Read Your Cues
  2. Sharing A Moment of Love and Affection
  3. They Want or Need Something
  4. Maybe They’re Confused or Wondering
  5. Your Shiba Is Being Confrontational
  6. They Feel Threatened

Now, why do Shibas do each of the above?

1.     To Read Your Cues

Shiba Inus stare at their owners, trying to read and figure out their social cues. Being an ancient breed, Shibas can read your social cues and possibly understand what you’re up to.

Since ancient times, Shiba Inus have had a long-standing tradition of being social with their pack, including the owner.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare At Me

So, if you own a Shiba, you’re their Alpha, thus the reason they stare at you regularly. Although you may think your fur friend calls the shots, they’re just curious; at the end of the day, you’re the person they look up to.

Notably, your Shiba often feeds off your emotions if you aren’t aware. That way, they stare at you to determine when something is off. Looking at you is a suggestion that you can solve the issue.

2.     To Share A Moment of Love and Affection

In case you weren’t aware, Shibas are affectionate, thus stare at you to show how affectionate they are. So, your Shiba loves you and thus stares at you frequently.

Eye contact is a key means of communication for humans. Now, Shiba Inus know how to tap that ability to their advantage. So, they often stare at you directly into the eyes to trigger the oxytocin effect.

The animal body releases the hormone oxytocin upon feeling good and encourages bonding. So, this is what is typically happening between you and your Shiba Inu friend.

A dog and its owner share this moment when they stare at one another directly in the eyes amorously with good intentions.

However, Shiba Inus have many other ways to show they love you, including;

  • Sleeping on or playing with your dirty, smelly clothes
  • Greeting you enthusiastically when you’re back home as they whine
  • Wanting to play with you
  • Bringing you their toys
  • Licking or wanting to kiss your face
  • Lying or leaning on your toes
  • Jumping on the couch when you relax by
  • Sleeping on their back to expose their belly

Since Shibas are companion dogs, they have many ways to show you love.

Maybe you might want to read our post on, are Shiba Inus affectionate?

3.     They Want or Need Something

When your Shiba Inus needs something they can’t reach, they know how to request your assistance. They’ll probably stare at you to get your attention and look at it immediately after they get your attention.

Also, if your Shiba stares at you while whining or whimpering, they’re trying to tell you they want something from you.

It’s easy to read your Shibas body language. Besides, reading their body language goes a long way in bonding with your fur friend.

Also, Shibas stare at you when asking you to let them outside to the restroom. This, as well, tells when they want to play with you.

As you eat a snack, your Shiba will also stare at you, asking you to share it with them.

Of importance, pay attention to your Shibas ears more than their eyes. Their eyes and tail tell a lot, especially when they want to communicate with you.

4.     Maybe They’re Confused or Wondering

Did you know that your Shiba knows how to express satisfaction and frustration? Yes, they know how to do it.

If your Shiba stares at you directly while tilting their head to one side and perking their ears, that’s a sign of confusion. At that moment, they’re trying to figure out your intentions.

Also, your Shiba can express confusion by staring at you as they lick their lips. They accompany the licks with a shaking of the body.

That means your Shiba is trying to figure out your communication or express confusion.

By perking their ears and tilting their head, your Shiba is trying to ask for more directions. It’s an attempt to understand what you want them to do.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare At Me

Further, if your Shiba is a senior adult, 5+ years, they often give a confused stare when there’s something serious to worry about. It might also be a cognitive dysfunction.

5.     Your Shiba Is Being Confrontational

Shiba Inus know how to confront you on a lighter note.

When your Shiba gives that icy hard stare that comes with a low growl, that’s how they confront you. They’ll also bar their teeth together; this tells you to approach them cautiously.

Although Shibas hardly do this, it’s their common reaction when they sense a threat.

Also, when your Shiba stares at you with a rigid or stiff body, they confront you against something. They hold very tight and tuck their tail.

Further, your Shiba stops wagging their tail and lays back their ears on the back of the head. From that moment, be cautious as they’re trying to caution you.

Always give your Shiba room whenever they behave this way. It’s also good you take time to figure out why they gave such a reaction.

6.     They Feel Threatened

Shiba Inus have a unique way of reacting to threats. When your Shiba stares at you with a rigid body language with angry teeth display, it’s time you back up.

This kind of stare comes only when Shibas sense a threat. The rigid body is a confrontation means they use when something isn’t right.

However, if you’re a caring and loving owner, you might hardly witness this kind of body reaction. Those with territorial Shibas often encounter this body language when their Shibas guard their toys and food.

Also, when a new dog comes around your Shibas habitat, they’ll react this way to keep the new dog away from their space.

Why Is My Shiba Inu Staring at Me and Whining?

Shiba Inu is staring at you as they whine their body as a sign of communication and telling you something.

All you need to do is be keen on what they’re up to, and you’ll quickly get what they’re saying. Mostly, Shibas tend to whine and have their eyes on what they want.

If they’re staring at you directly in the eyes and whining simultaneously, they might simply be showing affection and love.

Shibas also do this when they want you to do something for them. So, be keen enough to decipher their body language.

An example is when your Shiba wants to go out and play. They’ll stare at you while whining and moving towards the door to the backyard.

If Shibas do this when you’re enjoying some sweet snack, then all they want is a bite or to have a taste of some.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare at Me When He Eats?

Most of the time, you feed your Shiba at the same time as you usually eat. Now this triggers your Shiba to eat as they stare at you since they’d like to have a taste of what you’re eating.

Your Shiba thinks that since you’re in charge, what you’re eating must be way better than their dish. So, they end up eating as they stare at you.

This is to stay alert in case you decide to let them have a taste of your food. They want what is on your plate more than their own.

Knowing how intelligent Shibas are, they know that human food is always more delicious than theirs. They stare at you to beg for something from your human plate.

Another suggestion why your Shiba stares at you as they eat is a sign that they don’t like what you feed them. It can also be the opposite: they like the food they’re feeding on and want some more.

You can differentiate by looking at your Shibas mood or tail movement at the time. The stare is a sign of good food if they’re wagging the tail.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare into My Eyes?

Shiba Inus stare at their owners’ eyes as a sign of love and affection. Therefore, if your Shiba likes to stare directly into your eyes with intensity, they’re only trying to show their love and affection.

Shibas stare at you to show appreciation for being their pack leader. Although this may sound creepy, they’re actually looking up to you as the pack leader.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare At Me


Since Shiba Inus are companion dogs, staring at you in the eyes tells how much of a bond between you.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare and Growl at Me?

When your Shiba Inus stares at you as they growl and show you their teeth, it’s mostly a way to caution you.

In addition, your Shiba might be angry at a particular situation. Therefore, if you’re keen and observant, you’ll realize why they’re acting that way.

If your Shiba shows this behaviour when you’re playing, they might be protecting their itchy or painful part. The growl is an attempt to protect you from accessing the itchy area.

Besides, if your Shiba can sense a threat, they’ll growl while staring at you. Mind you, Shibas can feel it when you’re angry or anxious. Therefore, always remain calm when handling them.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare at Me When I Sleep?

There’s the perspective that our dogs keep staring at us all night as we sleep. However, is that true?

No. It’s not true. Only that Shibas are alert and wake up faster than you. So, by the time you wake, they’re staring at you hence the confusion that they stare at us all night.

Shibas focus on you when you wake up as they might want to communicate and show how well they wish you for the rest of the day.

Also, your Shiba might be staring at you as you sleep because they want to sleep beside you.

Shiba Inus are compassionate dogs; they may want to share your bed with you and feel the comfort.

As you all know, Shibas like doing what their owners are doing. They can pretty much copy everything, provided they have the capacity to.

Therefore, staring at you as you sleep signifies that they’d like to sleep beside you.

Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare at Me Creepy?

Shiba Inus like creepily staring at their owners. However, there’s nothing to worry about it.

All that it means is that they can’t get enough of you and adore you. However, if the creepy staring becomes too intense, you may need to study the body language.

The body language deciphers their different ways of staring at their owners. If you understand Shiba Inu’s body language, you can tell the reason for the creepy stare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Bad to Stare a Dog in The Eyes?

If you meet an unfamiliar dog on the streets, it’s wrong to stare at the dog in the eyes. Dogs presume that as a threat and can quickly become aggressive.

However, if your dog stares at you, you’re free to stare at them back in the eyes. There’s no danger in staring your dog in the eyes.

How Do You Know If Your Shiba Inu Loves You?

Your Shiba Inus loves you if they like bringing you their toys; that’s a way to tell them they love you and feel secure around you.

Other ways to tell if your Shiba loves you include welcoming you back home from work, wagging their tail when they see you, and following you everywhere around the home.

Do Shiba Inus Love Their Owners?

Yes. Shiba Inus love their owners and also show loyalty to them. Since Shibas are companion dogs, they love and show affection to their owners.

Further, Shiba Inus have this habit of selecting a favourite person in the family. This person is often the one who feeds them or takes them for walks more frequently.

Why Do Shibas Lick You?

Shiba Inus lick you to show affection and love.

Your fur friend can be Independent; however, when they decide to show love and affection, they do it straight up.

So, if your Shiba Inus likes licking you, there’s nothing to worry about. They do it as a result of the love they have for you.

Concluding Sentiments, Why Does My Shiba Inu Stare at Me? 

Shiba Inus have myriad reasons to stare at you. However, the key reason why Shibas stare at you is an attempt to communicate.

When Shibas want to communicate with you, they attract your attention by staring at you. So, if you observe our Shiba staring at you, observe their body language to understand what they want.

Shiba Inus can also stare at you to alert you of something. It’s all about understanding their body language, what they do, and when.

That way, it’ll be easy to understand what your Shiba is communicating whenever they stare at you.


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