Shiba Inu Energy Level: Are They High Energy Dogs?

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Before getting a Shiba Inu as a pet, you might want to know if they have a high energy level. Knowing this helps you decide how much attention to give your Shiba Inus.

So, do Shiba Inus have a high energy level?

Yes. Shiba Inus have high energy level and are among the most energetic dogs. So, they need more frequent exercise than less active dogs. You might want to take your Shiba Inu for a daily walk twice to tire him off. Each walk can last for at least 40 minutes, up to 1 hour.

Although Shiba Inus are energetic dogs, they don’t need intense exercise time and commitment. Read more about Shiba Inus and their energy level below.

Do Shiba Inu Have High Energy Level?

Shiba Inus have high energy levels, making them more active than many other dog breeds. That said, Shibas need to exercise frequently.

Shiba Inu Energy Level

Shibas are energetic dogs and quickly adapt to a sedentary lifestyle. Given that your Shiba has enough exercise, they can easily adapt to any lifestyle. They happily snuggle on the couch, especially when you tire them off with exercise.

You need to find activities that make your Shiba Inus exercise. The best is taking your fur friend for walks.

If you have a lot of free time during the day, take your Shiba Inus for a walk twice a day. However, exercising your Shiba once a day isn’t bad if you have less time.

You can also use games to supplement your Shibas exercise. For example, teach your Shiba Inus how to play fetch. That’s an excellent way to exercise your Shiba Inus, especially when you don’t have enough time to take them out for walks.

When you don’t give your Shiba Inus enough exercise, they tend to be destructive. Being destructive is a means to dispel energy that accumulates in their body.

Do Shiba Inus Need a Lot of Exercise?

No. Shiba Inus don’t need a lot of exercise; they need moderate exercise.

Shibas are highly energetic; however, it’s easy to tire them off as they only need a couple of minutes for exercise.

Shiba Inus need an average of one hour of walking time a day. Therefore, don’t exceed the recommended time when taking your Shiba Inus for a walk. Going overboard could hurt their joints.

Remember, Shibas are small-bodied and don’t have a muscular build to withstand intense walking pressure. Therefore, walking your Shiba Inus for long hours could hurt their joints.

All that your Shiba Inu needs is daily exercise split into sessions. Therefore, you can take them for a walk twice daily, in the morning and evening. 40 minutes for every session is enough.

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How Long Should You Walk a Shiba Inu?

40 minutes of walking time are enough for a Shiba Inu. If your Shiba is still a puppy, you can do 20-30 minutes of walking time.

Remember, Shiba puppies are more vulnerable to muscle stretch and injuries resulting from long walking hours. However, if your Shiba Inus is an adult, an average of 40 minutes to one hour is okay.

Although Shiba Inus need frequent exercise, don’t confuse it with intense exercise. Intense exercise for hours could cause harm to your Shiba. Therefore, take note of the session length you take your Shiba Inus for exercise.

You only need 40 minutes to tire off your Shiba Inus. However, if your Shiba Inus still has zoomies at 40 minutes of walking time, you can extend it to one hour or even more. The goal is to ensure your canine friend dispels maximum energy.

Shiba Inu Energy Level

Giving your Shiba Inus enough exercise time prevents them from being stubborn back home. Shiba Inus, with a lot of accumulated energy, are stubborn and hardly follows your commands. So, tiring your Shiba is a way to get them to listen to you.

Are Shibas Very Active? (Shiba Inu Energy Level)

Yes. Shiba Inus are active dogs and want to participate in everything you’re doing unless they are bored.

Shiba Inus are very active and hardly calm down, especially during their early stages of development. They hardly calm down until they attain the 2 years mark. My Shiba Inus was super active and energetic until he was 2 years of age.

Moreover, if your Shiba Inus is young and isn’t active, you have nothing to worry about. Shiba Inu traits and behavior vary from one to another. The determining factor is in their genes.

Some Shibas are very active when young, while others are less active. Generally, Shibas enjoy romps in the backyard. Further, they are also suitable for apartment life.

Therefore, they easily fit into a sedentary lifestyle. They also don’t mind occasional rounds of play in the living room.

Although they’re active dogs, Shibas don’t need your attention all the time. They tend to have a mind of their own, singularity, and thus want to have some space and do things alone.

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How Do You Tire a Shiba Inu? Reduce Shiba Inu Energy Level.

There are several strategies to tire off your Shiba Inus, including;

  1. Mental Stimulation
  2. Exercise Through Walks
  3. Play Games
  4. Agility Training

What’s more;

1.     Mental Stimulation Reduces Shiba Inu Energy Level

Mental stimulation is essential when you want to tire off your Shiba Inus. Here are various activities that stimulate your Shibas mindset. They include agility training and obedience training.

You can engage them in meaningful interaction and training. Although Shibas know how to keep themselves content, you can push them to have a more meaningful interaction through training.

As a Shiba owner, you must meet your Shibas mental demands. Therefore, have meaningful interactions like playing games outside. Also, give them your attention whenever they need it.

When you stimulate your Shibas mind, they easily tire off and get to relax. One way to stimulate your Shiba Inus mind is through training sessions. The sessions can go up to 15 minutes per session.

2.     Exercise Through Walks

Walks are also good when your Shiba Inus shows signs of high energy. When you take them for a walk, they run and jump outside to dispel energy and finally get tired.

If you’re free throughout the day, you can take your Shiba Inus for a 40-minute’ walk twice daily. Once in the morning and again in the evening.

Shiba Inu Energy Level

After a few walks, you’ll be able to determine how long your Shiba Inu can walk in a day. From there, you know the average time to spend during a walk. Ensure the walks are slow stroll pace.

Don’t take your Shiba Inus for a walk in which you’ll be running most of the time. They like strolls where they can get time to interact and bond with the environment.

3.     Play Games

Playing games helps your Shiba Inus dispel energy and tire off. There are various games that you can play with your Shiba Inus.

For example, fetch is the best game to play with your Shiba Inus. This involves a fetch ball you throw away and let your Shiba bring it. Although Shibas quickly lose interest, they like to play fetch as long as you have their attention.

Another game you can try playing with your Shiba Inus is the tug of war. This is a challenge game where you challenge your Shiba.

Therefore, learn to tap the moment when your Shiba is in the mood to play fetch. Also, note when they’re not in the mood to play.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shibas Be Left Alone For 8 Hours?

Yes. Shiba Inus can be at home alone for 8+ hours without needing your attention.

However, when leaving your Shiba alone, provide them with toys to play with. Toys keep Shibas busy while they’re alone, thus preventing them from being destructive.

If your Shiba Inus feels bored, they quickly start destructive behavior like chewing off your carpets.

Is A Shiba Inu a Calm Dog?

Shiba Inus can be calm or not; it all depends on their mood.

However, mostly, Shiba Inus aren’t calm dogs unless they’re sick. Shiba Inus are hyper and energetic, thus hardly calm.

Shibas become calm when they age, from 5 years of age and above. Therefore, if you’re looking for a calm dog, you might consider other options but not Shiba Inus.

Shibas are not only troublesome but also stubborn most of the time.  

How Much Exercise Should a Shiba Inu Get?

40 minutes of exercise, twice a day, is enough exercise for a Shiba Inus. Although they’re energetic dogs, Shibas don’t require a lot of exercise.

These dogs need moderate exercise. If you have a Shiba Inus, ensure to use a scheduled time for exercise. That way, you let them know when it’s time to go for exercise.

In fact, when you’re Shiba Inus knows exercise time, they can even beep you when you forget about it.

Is Shiba Inus a High Maintenance Dog?  

No. Shiba Inus aren’t high-maintenance dogs. They only require maintenance practices during their shedding period, which comes twice a year.

Further, if your Shiba Inus is single-coat, there are hardly any maintenance practices you’ll have to do on them. Double-coat Shibas require maintenance because they shed off their top coat towards the start of summer.

The Wrap Up, Shiba Inu Energy Level

Shiba Inus have moderately high energy level and thus are among energetic dog breeds. Nevertheless, you can’t compare them to racing dogs with way more energy.

Therefore, all your Shiba Inus needs is moderate exercise. This should take a small portion of your days’ time. 40 minutes of walking are enough for your Shiba Inus. If possible, do it twice daily, each session for 40 minutes.

Moreover, some Shiba Inus might need more energy than other Shibas. Be keen to determine how energetic your Shiba Is. If they’re the kind of dogs to go for walks spanning at least an hour, ensure to provide enough walking time.

Although Shibas are energetic dogs, they also do well in apartment life. However, take note of their exercise time and maintain consistency.


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