Shiba Inu American Eskimo Mix Information Guide & Pics

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Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix is a crossbreed between two purebred breeds, a Shiba Inu and an American Eskimo. This crossbreed is commonly known as Imo-Inu. It brings together a combination of two very smart and loyal breeds.

Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix is a people-oriented crossbreed that loves to stay active. Besides, the crossbreed is good for family life and generally looks like a small Akita with the features of an American Eskimo. The notable feature of this crossbreed is the lush and dense coat.

The Shiba Inu American Eskimo is an interesting crossbreed that’s recently gained popularity. Being a relatively new crossbreed, not many people know about it.

This Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix guide takes you through useful insight about the crossbreed, such as appearance, personality, and care tips.

Shiba Inu American Eskimo Mix Physical Appearance

This crossbreed has a thick coat with medium-length fur. Besides, the mix has a height of between 15 and 25 inches and weighs between 15 and 30 pounds.

The crossbreed is likelier to assume a whitish appearance like the American Eskimo parent. However, they can also assume color variations of the Shiba Inu parent.

Shiba Inu American Eskimo crossbreed has erected ears as is with both parent breeds. The ears are smaller, erect, and assume a triangular shape.

On the other hand, the crossbreed may have a curly tail. The tail often curls over the spine, which is the case with both parent breeds.

The average size of the adult Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix depends on the Eskimo parent size. The bigger the Eskimo parent, the bigger the resultant crossbreed.

For your info, American Eskimos come in three main sizes. These sizes include toy, miniature, and standard. The toy Eskimos weigh an average of 10 pounds, while the standard size Eskimo weighs between 35 and 40 pounds.

Assuming the American Eskimo parent was standard, the resultant crossbreed will be slightly bigger than a Shiba Inus.

Since most Shiba Inus weigh 20 to 25 pounds, the crossbreed is close to these numbers; however, there are some deviations between either larger or smaller dogs.

Shiba Inu American Eskimo Mix Personality

Shiba Inus and American Eskimo dog breeds share many personality traits. However, a crossbreed between both breeds can result in varied temperament types.

While Shiba Inus are independent and aloof, the American Eskimo has a willing attitude and the desire to please its owners. So, they learn how to perform tasks easily.

So, the cross gives a breed with high prey drive. They can catch prey without your instructions. Also, the cross has some bit of independent thinking and high intelligence.

The cross can also be prone to aggression like the Shiba Inu parent. However, the Shiba-Mo is easy to socialize and train than a Shiba Inu.

When going to public areas, you should always have the leash on. Otherwise, the Shiba Inu mentality might trigger them to run away as they’re escape artists.

The cross is clean and likes staying in clean areas. Like Shiba Inus, you’ll see this crossbreed groom themselves often.

Although they can be aggressive to other pets, ensure to introduce them together early enough. Socialize them with pocket pets from an early age.

The personality of this cross can either lean towards the Shiba or Eskimo parent. In simple terms, they can either be happy and eager to please you or stubborn and aloof like a Shiba.

Thankfully, most crossbreeds have a mix of traits from both parent breeds. So, you’ll enjoy having a listening dog with slight independence.

Shiba-Mos are active, alert, and enjoy taking part in mental and physical challenges. Plenty of walks should be part of your exercise schedule.

If possible, enroll your canine friend in obedience training classes. Obedience training stimulates their brain to keep them occupied and prevent bad behavior.

Shiba Inu American Eskimo Mix Care and Maintenance Tips

Training Needs

This crossbreed is intelligent and a little bit difficult to train. The breed often wants to take the alpha position, which you shouldn’t allow.

Instead, you have to be firm and consistent always. Ensure to be consistent with commands so that they can know their place.

The best way to train your canine friend is to break the training into smaller sessions. Short sessions are easier and take an average of 5 minutes. This keeps their attention span high.

Also, the crossbreed might have a high prey drive. So, ensure to handle them properly and initiate obedience training early.

Positive reinforcement should always stick to your fingertips. Praise them when they do well and try to correct bad behavior.

Grooming Requirements

Grooming is essential for every other dog, and so is the Shocker mix. Although this crossbreed has less fur, you must groom them occasionally.

You must note that grooming involves several practices, which are brushing the coat, clipping your canines’ nails, and bathing them.

You don’t have to do all these grooming practices simultaneously. Instead, have a timetable for each.

For example, you can brush their coats twice a week. Clip their nails once every three months, and take them for a bath every three to six months.

Although Shockers don’t shed a lot, you should invest in a good vacuum cleaner. It helps keep your floor clean and free from fur.

Otherwise, occasional shedding will happen, thus sending fur tumbleweeds everywhere in your house. If your crossbreed is more of a Shiba Inu, a vacuum cleaner and a brush will come in handy.

Exercise Requirements

This crossbreed is a moderate to high energy level dog. So, you don’t need a lot of exercise. Plan for long or short walks to keep your canine friends’ energy levels down.

Enough walks for your canine friend should last at least 40 minutes. However, you can do up to an hour; this depends on your pooch friends’ state by the 40th minute.

Lack of exercise can make them destructive. Ensure you exercise your pooch friend at least once a day. The crossbreed can either have a high or moderate energy level.

So, exercising them prevents a lot of bad traits. Besides, a tired dog is a good dog. You can also use other exercise ways like playing games.

Playing games around your homestead with your crossbreed helps them exercise. At the same time, you can introduce training and positive reinforcement during play.

Socialization Needs

Shiba Inu Cocker Spaniel mix needs socialization. Although this crossbreed is often good with people, you need to socialize them.

Socialization should go hand in hand with training. So, as you train them, ensure you visit the dog park for socialization.

Also, socialize them with people. However, most Shiba Inu Cocker Spaniel mixes are usually good with people. However, this isn’t a guarantee; the Shiba Inu might override the American Cocker Spaniel.

If Shiba Inus overrides Cocker Spaniel, the cross may not be good with strangers. Therefore, socialization should be compulsory.

However, if your pup isn’t aggressive and behaves well with strangers, there’s not much need for socialization.

Diet And Nutrition

Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix needs a good diet as the cross is a muscular dog with a lot of athleticism. Besides, the cross loves to play and can move all day without wearing out.

So, you should feed them a high-protein diet to supplement their high energy needs. The dog’s body is naturally fat-friendly. I don’t mean feeding your pup until they’re overweight.

So, 2 to 2 and ½ cups of food daily is enough. You can divide the amount into two meals. Also, the different food types you use have guidelines. Ensure to read them before feeding your canine friend.

Health Issues in Shiba Inu Cocker Spaniel Mix

This crossbreed of a Cocker Spaniel and a Shiba Inu is generally healthy. However, there are some complications the breed is prone to, including;

  • Glaucoma: This is an eye complication that results from high fluid pressure inside the eye. It often causes blindness and has no treatment.
  • Hip Dysplasia: This is a joint problem where the hind socket joints dislodge from their normal position. So, they keep rubbing together, causing pain and mobility issues.
  • Cataracts: This health condition affects the eyes. Whereas it’s not life-threatening, this condition can lead to blindness.
  • Patellar Luxation: This condition involves the dislocation of the kneecaps. The treatment usually involves surgery.
  • Allergies: This crossbreed is prone to both food and skin allergies. So, you must know what you’re feeding your canine friend. Common causes of allergies are mold spores, pollen, and some types of proteins.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Shiba Inu American Eskimo Mix Live?

Shiba Inu mix American Eskimo can live for an average of 11 to 15 years. However, a good diet and care can prolong your fur friend’s lifespan.

So, ensure to feed your high-quality dog food and follow the grooming practices. That way, you maintain your canines’ health and can prolong their lifespan.

How Much Does a Shiba Inu American Eskimo Mix Cost?

A Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix will cost you between $500 and $1000. The price depends on several factors, including breeder location.

Also, the records of both parent dogs can influence the price. If the primary parents are high-quality purebreds, the price can shoot high.

Are Shiba Inu American Eskimo Mix Dogs High Maintenance?

Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix dogs aren’t high-maintenance dogs. They’re of average maintenance since they’re not prone to diseases.

That said, the cost of maintaining this crossbreed averages the costs of maintaining both breeds.

Can American Eskimo Shiba Inu Mix Be Left Alone?

Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix can be alone for a short period. If you’re away for long and your fur friend gets bored, they can become destructive.

However, if you’re going to be away for a short while, provide their best toys to keep them busy. Also, ensure to put all sensitive items far from the access.

Are Shiba Inu American Eskimo Mix Dogs Aggressive?

Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix dog can be aggressive; however, that happens if the cross has more Shiba Inus traits.

Further, you can always train your dog against aggression. Also, socialization helps reduce aggression.

Do Shiba Inu American Eskimo Mix Dogs Bark a Lot?

This crossbreed hardly barks unless it’s necessary to do so. They only bark to alert their owners of something.

So, the Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix does not bark a lot. They’re quiet despite Shiba Inu being excessive barkers.

The Wrap Up, Shiba Inu American Eskimo Mix

Shiba Inu American Eskimo mix is a dog with an amazing personality. The cross is loyal, affectionate, loving, and intelligent.

So, being an intelligent dog, you don’t expect to encounter issues during training. However, if it happens, that may result from the Shiba Inu gene composition.

Thankfully, they are quick to grasp commands. Also, American Eskimo likes doing tasks successfully. So, you’re assured of obedience from the crossbreed.

The crossbreed between a Shiba Inu and a American Eskimo is a good family pet and knows to relate well with kids.

Ensure to introduce your fur friend to training and socialization while young. Every dog is easier to train at a young age.

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