Why Do Dogs Like the Smell of Period Blood?

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We all know the unbreakable bond we share with our canine companions. But have you ever wondered why your furry friend shows a peculiar fascination with the scent of your period blood?

Why Do Dogs Like the Smell of Period Blood

It’s a puzzling mystery that many dog owners face, leaving them curious and perhaps a tad uncomfortable.

In this captivating article, we embark on a journey into the intriguing world of canine behavior and uncover the reasons behind this captivating phenomenon.

So, join us as we demystify this unique connection and shed light on the captivating bond between dogs and the scent of period blood.

Why Do Dogs Like The Smell of Period Blood?

Dogs like period blood due to it’s pungent and distinct smell. Since dogs are naturally scavengers, the smell of decaying blood triggers them as it represents protein smell.

Moreover, there are far many reasons why your canine friend likes the smell of period blood. Let’s explore these reasons below;

7 Reasons Why Dogs Like the Smell of Period Blood

  1. Dogs Naturally Love Blood
  2. Period Blood Has Pungent Smell
  3. Blood Contains Pheromones Smell
  4. The Behavior Is Instinctual
  5. Curiosity Due to Its Scent
  6. Dogs Like Stinky Stuff
  7. Dogs Are Scavengers and Opportunistic Feeders

What’s more;

1. Dogs Naturally Love Blood

While many of us may feel uneasy at the sight of blood, dogs have a different perspective altogether! They view blood as a potential source of sustenance, rather than something to be repelled by.

In the wild, dogs don’t have the privilege of feasting on gourmet dog food or indulging in homemade treats. Their survival depends on consuming other animals.

Instead of subsisting on wild berries and grass, they opt for large mammals, birds, and rodents. The blood found within these prey animals bears a resemblance to period blood, which naturally piques their curiosity.

Although period blood isn’t identical to the blood of their wild meals, it remains blood nonetheless. Dogs instinctively acknowledge this and will instinctively explore it whenever given the opportunity—regardless of how repulsive it may seem to us.

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2. Period Blood Has Pungent Smell

It’s fascinating how our furry companions have a knack for detecting scents that elude our own senses. Personally, I find it quite handy! Being sensitive to unpleasant odors, having my dog on the case allows me to tackle them before my own nose detects a whiff.

A canine’s olfactory abilities surpass ours by leaps and bounds. Whenever they encounter a distinct smell, their keen noses go into investigative mode, seeking to unravel its secrets. And when it comes to period blood, they’re no exception.

Whether they catch its scent on you or detect it lingering in the trash, dogs may exhibit an intriguing fondness for this peculiar aroma. It’s just another instance of their remarkable olfactory prowess at work.

3. Blood Contains Pheromones Smell

A woman’s monthly menstrual cycle holds a fascinating secret that captures the attention of our canine companions. Dogs possess an exceptional sense of smell, the smell 100,000 times more than humans, allowing them to detect the pheromones released during menstruation with astonishing accuracy.

In a peculiar parallel, human pheromones bear resemblance to those of female dogs in heat. Just as male dogs are drawn to the scent of a female dog in her reproductive phase, the allure of a woman’s pheromones piques a male dog’s curiosity.

Intrigued by the captivating aroma, he may seek to explore further, whether by approaching the woman or even venturing towards discarded tampons or pads.

Interestingly, it’s not only male dogs who perceive the change. Female dogs, too, possess the ability to sense the shift caused by these released pheromones, adding another layer of canine awareness to this intriguing phenomenon.

So, it’s no surprise that our four-legged friends detect and respond to the subtle transformations that come with a woman’s monthly cycle.

4. The Behavior Is Instinctual

My adoration for my canine companions stems from their innate ability to astound me with their actions. They possess an instinctual prowess that surpasses my own imagination, leaving me in awe of their natural inclinations.

Whether it’s assuming the perfect stance to pursue a darting rabbit or keenly detecting the presence of a critter hidden behind walls, dogs exhibit remarkable behaviors driven by their instincts.

When dogs catch the scent of period blood, their primal instincts awaken. Consider the bloodhound, a breed honed over generations to expertly track the scent of both animals and humans. It’s an inherent trait woven into their genetic makeup, shaping their very essence.

Once a dog’s instincts are triggered, they are irresistibly propelled to respond in accordance with their nature. Their affinity for period blood serves as a poignant reminder of their innate craving for the life-giving substance.

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5. Curiosity Due to Its Scent

We’re all familiar with the inquisitive nature of our canine companions. One moment they’re snuggled up with us on the couch, enjoying a movie, and the next, they’ve embarked on a covert mission in search of excitement.

And sometimes, their escapades lead them straight to the trash!

If you happen to dispose of your tampons or pads in the garbage, your dog’s curiosity will undoubtedly be piqued.

Once curiosity takes hold, dogs will go to great lengths to satisfy their inquisitive instincts. Their determination often leads to rummaging through the trash, leaving us with quite a mess to clean up.

With their heightened senses, dogs eagerly explore new scents, sounds, and sights. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if they show extra attention to you or a woman you know during her menstrual cycle. It could very well explain why dogs seem particularly drawn to you during this time.

6. Dogs Like Stinky Stuff

One possible explanation for why dogs may be attracted to the smell of period blood is rooted in their heightened olfactory abilities and instinctual behaviors.

Dogs possess a significantly more developed sense of smell compared to humans, allowing them to detect and distinguish a wide range of odors.

The scent of period blood contains various chemical compounds, such as pheromones and other biological markers, that may trigger curiosity or instinctual responses in dogs.

Additionally, dogs have a natural inclination towards investigating and exploring scents, even those that humans may find unpleasant.

Consequently, the unique scent of period blood, combined with a dog’s innate attraction to strong odors, may explain their interest in this particular smell.

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7. Dogs Are Scavengers and Opportunistic Feeders

Dogs have a keen sense of smell and are natural scavengers and opportunistic feeders. This instinctual behavior is likely the reason why dogs are attracted to the smell of period blood.

Menstrual blood carries a distinct odor due to hormonal changes and the presence of various compounds. To dogs, this scent could signal the potential for a valuable food source, as they are drawn to the scent of blood in general.

Dogs have evolved to exploit available resources, and the smell of period blood may trigger their scavenging instincts, causing them to be curious or interested in investigating the scent further.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Dog Like to Smell My Period?

Your dog likes to smell your period due to the high presence of pheromones in it.

That said, when you’re menstruating, expect to get more than normal attention from your pooch friend due to the smell emitted.

Is It Okay for Dog to Lick Period Blood?

There is totally no problem or harm when your dog licks period blood; thus, it shouldn’t be something to worry you.

Since menstrual waste is a natural and normal body function, it has no toxins to harm your canine friend.

Can My Dog Smell My Period Blood?

Yes. Your dog naturally smells your period blood more than you do. Dogs have a strong sense of smell hence their ability to smell your menstruation by odor.

Not only dogs but cats also have the ability to smell your period blood.

Why Is My Dog So Clingy When I’m On My Period?

Your dog isn’t being clingy but can smell the pungent smell of period blood which makes the dog disturbed.

So, during your period, you dog may move closer in an attempt to protect you.

Can A Male Dog Sense When a Woman Is on Her Period?

 Yes. A male dog can sense when a woman is on her period due to the hormonal imbalances caused on the body and pheromones produced.

The dog’s sense of smell is a strong one and can sense when your female body hormones are acting up.

The Wrap-Up

In conclusion, the reason why dogs are attracted to the smell of period blood can be attributed to their innate nature as scavengers and opportunistic feeders.

With their exceptional sense of smell, dogs are naturally drawn to odors associated with potential food sources, including the distinct scent of menstrual blood.

This smell triggers their primal instincts, leading them to investigate and be curious about the source.

While it may seem peculiar to us, it is important to understand that dogs perceive the world through their senses, and their interest in period blood is a result of their evolutionary adaptation as resourceful scavengers.


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