Why Do Shiba Inus Smile? Shiba Signature Smile!

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Shiba Inus have become famous for their unique personality and, maybe, the signature smile. Besides, Shibas have an iconic smiling face that looks cute and attractive. So, you may wonder, why do Shiba Inus smile?

Shiba Inus smile as a sign of affection and to show you love. For example, your Shiba Inus will always smile when you’re back home from work or a day out. They’re famous for their signature smile; they have their ears flat and facing back with sharp eyes. Also, when smiling, Shibas often show their teeth.

Shiba Inus can smile due to various reasons. In this read, you’ll find some key reasons why Shibas smile and how to respond.

Why Do Shiba Inus Smile?

Shiba Inus smile when happy since they’re affectionate dogs. Especially when you come back home, it’s a ritual for them to smile at you while wagging their tail.

Shiba Inus accompany the smile with snorting and heavy breathing. They smile at you when you arrive home from work or return from personal trips outside the homestead.

Also, another thing you might realize from your Shiba Inus after the smile is a shrill crying noise. They often shrill due to over-excitement.

Why Do Shiba Inus Smile

You may be asking, how about the smile my Shiba Inu makes when bringing me their toys? Shibas bring you their toys to show affection and love. It’s all adorable.

They make it a ritual whenever they wake up from a particularly long nap to bring you their toys and show compassion. You should show appreciation with a little rub on your Shibas belly, chest, on the head.

Treats can also trigger a smile from your Shiba Inu. Whenever you share some treat with your pooch friend, they are excited and always want another one.

When your Shiba feels playful, they’re more likely to smile at you and suggest they want to play. This can involve staring at you directly in your eyes and doing the zoomies.

What Does It Mean When a Shiba Smiles?

Your Shiba Inu can smile for several things, including “nothing.”

These reasons include;

  1. Manipulation
  2. Feeling Happy
  3. Relaxed
  4. Playful
  5. Confidence
  6. Anxious
  7. Nothing

Looking further into each reason;

1.     Manipulation

You probably don’t know if Shiba Inus are manipulative, right?

Shibas use their smile to manipulate you into doing what they want. This shouldn’t be the case, though. You should resist your Shibas manipulation whenever possible.

Remember, you should not let your Shiba be in charge. You should always be in charge of them. If you let them be in charge, they’ll soon overrule you.

Therefore, you shouldn’t take manipulation from your canine friend, especially when they want you to do something for them.

You don’t have to be mean to your Shiba Inus. What this means is that you should weigh what your Shiba wants and if it’s necessary. If it’s something harmful to them, then stand your ground.

2.     Feeling Happy

Shiba Inus smile when they’re feeling happy or in the “zone.” They become so glad for several things, including seeing you after a long while, hours or even days.

When they’re happy, Shibas smile and fix their ears at the head’s side to look like an airplane. Also, they expose the teeth slightly and can make funny snarling noise.

You don’t have to do much when your canine friend is happy with you. Probably spend a moment with them before getting back to your stuff.

You can bond a little and cuddle, but remember that Shibas cuddle when they feel like it.

Read on Shiba Inu body language.

3.     Relaxed

The feeling of relaxing, maybe after a long walk outside, gives your Shiba a good feeling. This makes them smile and feel happy.

Therefore, whenever you’re back home after a walk, expect your Shiba to give smiles. They can do this when lying down and having their mouth open. Also, the tail is often down since they’re worn out at the time.

They look calm and full of comfort. Soon after, your Shiba Inu might take a long nap. This is always adorable to experience and witness, especially in Shibas, which are somewhat weird.

4.     Playful

Whenever your Shiba Inus is feeling playful, they use body language to signal you and request you to join them.

Smiling at you is one key signal often used by Shibas when sending you some message. When they feel playful, they’ll approach you whenever you are and attempt to draw your attention.

Why Do Shiba Inus Smile

Shiba Inus can use their signature smile for several reasons. They’ll even manipulate you with that smile if you’re not keen. They know how to use the smile for manipulation without necessarily looking like it.

5.     Confidence

Shiba Inus can also smile and wag their tail due to confidence. They’re full of smiles whenever they feel confident about something, like when they just leaned to do something new.

Therefore, confidence makes Shiba Inus smile. Deciphering the Shiba Inus confidence smile is easy, though. They usually accompany the smile withholding their wagging tails high.

6.     Anxious

Shiba Inus can look like they’re smiling when anxious while, in actual sense, they’re not smiling. When they pin their ears onto their head and snarl, one can think they’re smiling.

Pro-tip, you’ll always tell when your Shiba Inus is anxious if you see the white in their eyes. When you note your Shiba Inu being anxious, do away with whatever makes them anxious.

7.     Nothing

Shiba Inus also smile entirely for nothing. Although it can never be for nothing, they’ll smile when you make direct eye contact.

This is a result of being happy since you’re their pack leader. So, as much as they’re smiling for nothing, it’s not exactly nothing.

Are Shiba Inus Famous for Their Signature Smile?

Shiba Inus are famous for the signature Shiba Smile. This is a result of the shape of their face.

The facial structure of Shiba Inus, where the cheeks are wide, thus, magnifies their smile to make them appear twice as happy.

Therefore, the structure of your Shibas face makes them appear as if they’re smiling even when they’re not. It’s also an expression of excitement and joy.

Of course, the term ‘Shiba Smile’ is a term that people use from way back to refer to Shiba Inus’s iconic smiling face.

The signature Shiba Smile often happens when greeting their owners or during playtime. Shibas enjoy playtime as they’re active dog breeds. Therefore, they often show their iconic smile.

In addition, Shibas also love to display their grin and often do it anytime they feel like it.

How Do You Know If Your Shiba Inus Is Happy?

You can quickly tell when your Shiba Inus is happy by observing their smiles and showing their teeth in front and back.

In fact, the signature Shiba Inu smile is one of the breeds’ recognizable characteristics. This smile only comes from Shibas and not any other dog breed.

Since they have an iconic face, Shiba Inus don’t struggle to show their happiness. Your Shiba will use the signature smile if they want you to notice or stop ignoring them.

The smile is adorable and thus hard to ignore; Shibas know that you can’t help but adore their iconic smile.

Also, another way to note when your canine friend is happy is when you see the sparkling eyes. Shibas make their eyes look sharp from the sides and appear sparkling to grab your attention.

Now that you know what to look at to tell when your Shiba Inus is happy let’s see how you can make them smile more below.

How Can You Make Your Shiba Inus Smile More?

Ways to make your Shiba Inus smile more include;

  1. Bonding More
  2. Petting Them
  3. Giving Treats When They Do Something Good
  4. Praising Good Behavior
  5. Avail Plenty of Toys
  6. Exercise And Walks

Learn more insights below;

1.     Bonding More (Why Do Shiba Inus Smile?)

You need to bond more with your canine friend. You can engage in myriad activities to bond with your Shiba Inus. You can either watch the TV together or pet them more.

When you bond more with your Shiba, you make them happier, thus increasing the chances of seeing the iconic Shiba smile.

Of course, you don’t have to bond with your Shiba Inu for the smile alone; this is an excellent way to become a caring and loving owner.

2.     Petting Your Shiba Inus

Petting your Shiba Inus is equally important. However, you can only pet your Shiba when they want it.

Shibas are aloof and independent and thus want to spend most time alone. So, you must wait until they request or act in a manner suggesting they want you to pet them.

Of course, when your Shiba Inu wants you to pet them, they’ll walk straight up and show it. This makes them happier, thus triggering more smiles.

3.     Giving Treats When They Do Something Right

Treats work wonders with Shiba Inus. So, when your canine friend does the right thing, and you have treats nearby, give them at least a treat.

Why Do Shiba Inus Smile

Shiba Inus always smile for treats and get motivated to behave better. Therefore, you need to associate treats with good behavior.

Treats are the only way to manipulate your Shiba Inus. You can use treats to make your Shiba learn to do the right things. Besides, treats are an excellent way to train your pooch friend without being assertive.

4.     Praising Good Behavior

Always remember to praise your Shiba Inu when they do the right thing. This is also another means to teach your pooch friend to behave well.

Shibas often act destructively. So, teach them good behavior and praise them whenever they do the right thing.

Ensure your Shiba Inus knows what words mean praises and what words mean to caution them. For example, “Good Boy/Girl” is a phrase you should associate with good behavior.

5.     Avail Plenty of Toys (Why Do Shiba Inus Smile?)

Toys are super helpful, especially when handling Shiba Inus. They stimulate your Shiba Inus mind and keep them active and up to something.

Remember, Shibas often act up for lack of something to occupy their minds. So, with toys, you can always have your Shibas mind busy and up to something.

Shibas also associate toys with good owners. So, if you avail toys for your canine friend, they know you care and love them. As such, you’ll often see them smile at you.

For example, when your Shiba wants a toy beyond their reach, they’ll stare at you with a smile.

6.     Exercise And Walks

Basically, walks are a form of exercise for all dog breeds. So, take your Shiba Inus for some walks more often.

By going for walks, you’ll bond with your pooch friend and create a strong bond between you. Therefore, the more the bond, the higher the chances of your Shiba Inus smiling at you every now and then.

So, you should go for walks with your Shiba Inu. Also, don’t leave them behind when going for a hike in the mountain areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Shibas Sigh?

Shibas sigh when worn out, especially after going for a long walk, a tiring game of fetch, or any other game.

When Shibas sigh, they want to relax and replenish their energy. So, you should let them rest or take a long nap without disturbing them.

Do Shibas Like Cuddles?

Shiba Inus like to cuddle but not all the time. You must know that Shibas only cuddle when they want to do it, not when you want to.

However, you can let your Shiba Inus have a schedule of when to have cuddles. This can be just before going to sleep or early in the morning. It depends on your schedule.

However, you can’t initiate cuddles when your Shiba isn’t in the mood. They’ll simply walk away or focus on what’s in their mind.

Why Are Shiba Inus So Cute?

Shiba Inus are so cute due to their chubby cheeks and the iconic Shiba Inu smile that has everyone talking.

Shibas facial appearance is naturally cute. The plush coat makes them appear more beautiful, especially when they put on the “Airplane” ears.

How Can You Tell If a Shiba Is Sad?

Shiba Inus show when they are sad through hiding and expressing avoidance traits. Also, losing appetite indicates that your canine friend might be sad or ill.

You’ll notice any behavior change if you’re keen enough with your Shiba. For example, when they start hiding and avoiding you, they may be expressing sadness.

It’s time you find out and address what’s making your pooch friend sad.

Why Do Shibas Look So Happy?

The Shiba Inu face naturally looks happy with the chubby cheeks, followed by the trot walk. Shibas walk in a manner to suggest happiness, confidence, boldness, and aloofness.

Since Shibas are independent, they look happy when doing their things alone. Shibas hardly need your attention, but they become attention seekers the more they age.

Conclusion, Why Do Shiba Inus Smile

Shiba Inus can smile for a variety of reasons. However, one thing you’re sure of is that a smiling Shiba Inu must also be happy. So, if your Shiba likes smiling, that’s a sign they’re content.

When you come home, your Shiba must show happiness by smiling at you and standing at the door as you enter. Shibas are typically young children in the way they behave.

Also, they smile at you and bring you their toys. At this time, they put their ears way back on the side of their heads to resemble an airplane. If your Shiba Inu does all this, you must be a good and caring owner.

Also, another thing that Shibas do when smiling at you is to snort at you. When you pet your pooch friend in the head, they flatten their ears to show happiness.

If you’ve had your Shiba in your car, they often smile when you approach the dog park. This is a sign of happiness and already wanting to dispel energy by running up and down.

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