Why Do Shiba Inus Scream?

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If you own a Shiba Inu or have one close to you, you must observe that they make many strange noises. Among these noises is the Shiba Inu scream. Everyone is amazed by Shibas, plenty of weird and beautiful sounds. So, you might want to ask, why do Shiba Inus scream?

Shiba Inus screams for various reasons, including excitement, fear, annoyance, or separation anxiety. Shibas also scream due to their ancient basal wolf-like trait. So, they literally howl, though not as loud as wolves. You don’t need to worry about that Shiba Inu scream.

If you own a Shiba and have been wondering why they scream, stick here. We’ll debunk the Shiba Inu scream completely.

Why Do Shiba Inus Scream?

Shiba Inus scream due to the following reasons;

  1. Basal Wolf Traits (Howling Effect)
  2. Anxiety or Fear Issues
  3. Displeasure
  4. Unexpected Situations
  5. Over Excitement
  6. Shibas Are Drama Queens

What’s more about Shiba Inus screaming reasons above;

1.     Basal Wolf Traits (Howling Effect)

From the looks, you can even argue that Shibas are relatives of wolfs. Shibas have basal wolf traits since they’re thought to be a result of wolf modification in ancient times.

Just like a wolf’s scream, Shibas also make similar screams including howling. You must have heard your Shiba howl, especially if they’re purebred. It’s not a guarantee, though, not all Shibas do it.

Why Do Shiba Inus Scream

Shiba Inus howl for absolutely nothing, which worries some of their owners. Instead, howling should be exciting. I’m always rushing for the camera to record my Shiba howl, but they stop it before I have the whole setting ready.

Therefore, Shiba Inus assume most of their traits from wolves. Genetic-wise, Shibas also have a component of the wolf gene, thus their similarities.

For example, Shibas are more primitive than most dogs you know. That is a result of their basal nature and origin. Shibas unique scream came from their wolf gene composition.

2.     Anxiety or Fear Issues

Shiba Inus have anxiety issues. For example, when they’re in fear, Shibas develop a lot of anxiety. So, they tend to act out of their way.

This makes them scream as a coping means. Through screaming, your Shiba Inus can cope with the mental disturbance when in fear.

For example, when you leave your Shiba alone for long, they might quickly get to the point of screaming.

Shiba Inus get anxiety from several things, which include;

Separation – Shiba Inus get separation anxiety. This happens when you’re far away from your Shiba Inus for long. It can be from 30 minutes to hours or days.

However, it’s not hard to fix this. You must teach your Shiba Inus to be comfortable alone when they’re home.

Loud Noises – Shiba Inus don’t like loud noises. Therefore, they develop stress and anxiety in a place with loud noise.

Also, loud noise from your vacuum cleaner could cause anxiety in your Shiba. However, they learn to live with the loud noise after some time.

You can also help your Shiba realize that it’s of no harm to them.

Social Situations – Shibas aren’t usually good at being in social places with many people and other dogs. However, Shibas that become anxious in social situations lacks socialization.

So, you might want to socialize your canine friend to ensure they don’t suffer anxiety. Ensure to start the socialization when your canine friend is still a puppy.

There’s no quick fix for your Shiba being socially anxious. All you need to do is ensure to socialize and train them.

3.     Displeasure

Displeasure also causes Shibas to scream. When your Shiba isn’t happy about something you’re doing, they’ll often respond by screaming.

Also, they can express their displeasure through other movements and vocalizations. Shibas make all sorts of weird noises at you when they aren’t happy.

One example is when you’re trying to give them your tasty bacon, and they don’t want it. They’ll react with weird screams and cries.

Also, when bathing your Shiba Inus, they often cry and scream because they don’t fancy being in the water.

4.     Unexpected Situations

When your Shiba Inu finds themselves in an unexpected situation, they’ll start crying and screaming. This is a way to alert you.

Especially social meetings, they hardly put up with them. So, they’ll produce sudden loud sounds to alert you of their displeasure.

Another strange situation is when you have visitors come over. Your Shiba can hardly tolerate strangers, thus making them cry and scream. They’re unsocial and don’t fancy strangers.

5.     Over Excitement

When your Shiba is excessively happy, they also produce funny noises and screams. This is an attempt to communicate.

Why Do Shiba Inus Scream

For example, when your Shiba sees you after a long day, they’ll scream as they whine and wag their tail.

Since Shibas are full of energy, they must express their excitement when they see you. So, you’ll hear the funny screams when you’re back home.

In addition, you’ll realize that the scream they make when happy is different from that of anxiety. These are things you need to master and know about your Shiba Inus.

6.     Shiba Inus Are Drama Queens

Shiba Inus are absolute drama queens. In fact, this is their popular name, Drama Queens or Drama Kings.

You know this better if you own one and have been to a vet. Shibas scream to cause drama because of minor things like nail trimming and bathing.

Since you have to trim your Shibas nails, you’ll have to live with these screams. They even take the drama to another level by crying.

What Shibas are usually saying is they don’t like whatever is going on. So, screaming is an appeal that you set them free.

Do You Need to Worry When Your Shiba Inu Screams?

No. There’s nothing to worry about when you hear your pooch friend make the screams. Unless they’re screaming to alert you, there’s nothing to worry about.

Besides, if you’re a first-time Shiba owner, you’ll have to live with the weird screams. There’s no way to prevent your Shiba from screaming and crying.

Worst of all, when you’re helping your Shiba take a bath, that’s when they’ll even scream loudest.

Also, when visiting the vet, you should always prepare for the screams. They’ll come in plenty.

Although sometimes Shibas can scream for nothing, if it becomes intense, you should show concern. Incessant screaming might be due to a health condition.

Being a Shiba Inus owner, you need to understand your Shibas different creams. This means knowing why they scream in a particular manner. That way, you know when they’re trying to communicate.

How Do You Stop a Shiba Inu from Screaming?

Do the following from when your Shiba Inu is a puppy to reduce screams.

  1. Training As a Puppy
  2. Gradual Exposure
  3. Staying Calm
  4. Socializing Your Shiba Inu

How about the above suggestions;

1.     Training As a Puppy

Start obedience training as early as you can. However, you must wait first until your Shiba Inu turns 6 months old.

Also, you can train your Shiba Inus from the time they begin screaming loud. But remember that training a Shiba puppy is easier than training an adult Shiba.

That said, ensure your Shiba gets obedience training early on. You should ensure they grow up knowing the basic commands. That way, you’ll be able to command your Shiba to “STOP” when they’re screaming.

2.     Gradual Exposure

Since Shibas scream to react when they meet the vet for nail or hair trimming, you can expose them gradually.

One thing you’re sure of is that your Shiba Inus screams out of fear and anxiety. So, gradual exposure helps your Shiba Inu sort out their fears with time.

Also, always ensure to go a step at a time. For example, if your Shiba is screaming when you cut their nails, you can cut them day by day. They’ll eventually stop screaming as you do it.

As you carry out the exercise, making them scream, try to distract their attention. For example, you can provide them with some treats for staying calm.

In addition, if you’re visiting the vet, carry your Shibas favorite toy. Use it for distraction whenever they start screaming.

3.     Staying Calm

Always ensure you’re calm when handling your Shiba Inus. Sometimes, your Shiba might be screaming since they’re reflecting the fear and anxiety in you.

That said, it’s essential always to remain calm. Shiba Inus mirror our emotions. So, if you’re anxious, they’ll also become anxious and start screaming.

Always stay calm, be confident, and maintain your body frame. When trimming their nails, don’t have fear in you. It might be the one making your Shiba Inus scream. Also, it makes them panic.

Of course, never forget to voice out your commands. Be clear and confident when doing it. Also, don’t shout the commands. Speak with confidence and composure.

Screaming at your Shiba Inus has adverse effects on your foxy friend. It alters your bond with your Shiba and makes them start fearing you.

4.     Socializing Your Shiba Inu

Also, socializing Shibas helps prevent the habit of screaming. Also, it introduces them to new strange situations.

It is a form of letting your Shiba know and experience the external world in a meaningful manner. Therefore, you should consider socializing your canine friend.

Usually, socializing and training in Shiba Inus go hand in hand. You can’t do one and ignore the other.

Through training, you can always tell your dog to stop screaming.

What Does a Shiba Inu Scream Sound Like?

Shiba Inus have different types of screams. The common ones include howling, moaning, and barking, among other funny sounds.

The one common in almost every Shiba Inus is the loud screaming. This often comes when you’re trimming your Shibas nails.

The scream compares Shiba Inus to wolves which are common in howling. Shibas blend the howling with huffing sounds as they whine. This is often a sign of happiness.

One common thing you’ll notice is that most Shiba Inu screams come from provocation. Either by you or other external factors.

But of course, nail and tail trimming are the reasons for the loudest scream you’ll hear from your canine friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shiba Inus Vocal?

Shiba Inus is somewhat a loud and vocal breed with cute, unique head-turning utterances.

Shiba Inus is a vocal breed, primarily due to their dominance and singularity. They always know what they want and how to go or ask for it.

Are Shiba Inus Noisy?

Although Shibas are vocal, they’re not noisy at all. Shibas only become loud and vocal when necessary.

In fact, your Shiba can go a whole day without making any noise, including barking. So, they don’t bark a lot and aren’t noisy.

Why Do Shiba Inus Smile?

Shiba Inus give the “Signature Shiba Smile” when they’re happy, especially after seeing you.

Shibas are known to smile when happy to show love and affection. They do this primarily in response to something you do.

Why Do Shiba Inus Growl?

Shiba Inus growls to caution you about doing something. It’s a sign telling you to back off; you need to be cautious, so they don’t attack you.

If your Shiba Inus growls at you, it’s time you back off. They growl when they’re just about to become aggressive or attack you.

Why Do Shibas Get Angry?

Shiba Inus get angry when you fail to meet their demands. They also become angry when you’re up to something they’re against, like cutting their nails.

When your Shiba gets angry, it’s better to leave them alone for some time. Don’t engage them at the moment until the anger goes.

Closing Remarks, Why Do Shiba Inus Scream?

Shiba Inus can scream for various reasons, including over-excitement, anxiety, or being in strange situations.

You need to study your Shiba and understand what each scream refers to. That way, you’ll be able to know what they’re up to whenever they scream.

However, sometimes your Shiba Inus can scream entirely for nothing. Being relatives with wolves, you expect Shibas to scream as well.

They’re basal breeds with wilder traits than most companion dogs. Therefore, don’t expect Shibas to behave like your usual domestication dogs. They have one-of-a-kind personalities that everyone finds unique and special.

If your Shiba Inus is the type that screams during vet visits, you’re not alone. Besides, you don’t have to worry about it. Although it might take time, they’ll finally begin to behave.

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