Are Shiba Inu Good for First-Time Owners? (Explained)

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Shiba Inu can be difficult to raise, especially for first-time or novice owners. Also, Shibas looks can be deceiving for many; they’re attractive and have a beautiful plushy coat. So, are Shiba Inu good for first-time owners?

Shiba Inus is a tricky breed for first-time owners due to its primitive traits. Although, with enough prior research, you can still do very well with this cute friend. So, you need to train your Shiba to convert them into good pets from the time they’re a puppy. Although they’re loyal, their loyalty comes at a price of good care, love, and exercise.

First, if you want to own a Shiba Inu as a first-time dog for you or your family, learn about them. Let’s explore more insights about Shiba challenges with first-time owners.

Are Shiba Inu Good for First-Time Owners?

First-time dog owners often find having this dog difficult despite its small size.

However, there are tricks that new owners need to know and abide by not to give up owning a Shiba.

Shiba Inus are naturally primitive dogs, making them a hard breed for first-time owners. They tend to behave weirdly, unlike the usual obedient dog breeds. One such thing they do is ignore you.

Besides ignoring the owner, Shiba Inus are stubborn if you don’t understand their traits. They’re agile and like to run up and down doing whatever makes them happy.

Are Shiba Inu Good For First-Time Owners

So, they need an open surrounding. Though not that much necessary as they’re good in apartments.

The perfect place to have a Shiba Inu is a large house with enough space to play around and a yard to play around. Thankfully, we also have doggy parks, so you don’t have to own a yard.

Of course, the yard or surrounding home should have a fence. A fence is a must since Shibas are escape artists naturally.

Despite Shibas good look with a beautiful coat, they can be complex to keep if you’re a new dog owner.

Further, you can still own them if you’re a first-time owner but be ready to deal with their unique personality. If you also train them from an early stage, Shibas grow to become the best companion friends.

Is It Hard for First-Time Owners to Raise a Shiba Inu?

Yes, it’s a bit challenging for first-time owners to raise Shiba Inu dogs as they have complex personalities.

They’re not your usual obedient dogs; Shibas have a one-of-a-kind personality that no other dog breed matches.

Although Shiba Inus are difficult for first-time owners, researching their personality helps. You get to know Shiba perks, dos, and don’ts.

In addition, new owners should consider training and socializing their Shiba. Especially, obedience training works wonders with your fur friend.

From my experience, owning a Shiba Inu is far much difficult than owning a Labrador Retriever. I thought they were all the same before getting a Shiba Inus.

Before first-time owners get to know Shiba Inus dos and don’ts, it’ll take them some time. But first-timers still manage it with a lot of research.

A new owner should get a Shiba Inu as a puppy and bring them up, so they have all the time to understand this unique breed.

In fact, Shibas are among the best doggy pets to have, only if you understand them, though. They’re intelligent, cute, bold, and smart enough to sway you into obeying them.

Check our other article on, Shiba Inu behavior problems.

Is Shiba Inu Easy to Take Care Of?

Shiba Inus aren’t hard to take care of; they need frequent maintenance only during the coat blowing. Thankfully, they only blow their coats twice a year.

During this time, Shiba Inus need a lot of attention from the owner. Also, their coat needs frequent brushing to pull off the loose fur.

Using a shedding brush is a must with double-coat Shibas. Brushing their coat is easy and requires a few minutes of your time. Besides, Shibas require regular grooming.

However, the difficulty with caring for Shiba Inus comes with training and socialization. Although it’s challenging, you must do it.

In addition to socialization and training, exercise is necessary as well. Shibas have more energy and thus require exercise more often, twice or once a day, if possible.

Some people consider this a challenge, but to me, it’s a good thing since I get the company when walking my Shiba Inu. Otherwise, I’d still go for a walk alone to exercise every day.

What Challenges to Know Before Owning a Shiba Inu? Are They Good For First-Time Owners?

Challenges that Shiba Inu owners endure include;

  1. Shiba Inus Ignore Calls
  2. They Aren’t Friendly with Strangers
  3. Shibas Don’t Like Restraining
  4. Require Patience During Training
  5. Shibas Can Be Possessive and Territorial
  6. Shibas Are Escape Artists and Like Running After Small Animals

Read on about each challenge;

1.     Shiba Inus Ignore Calls

Shiba Inus often ignore calls. They don’t care who is calling; all they’ll do is look at you and immediately face another side to show a lack of interest.

Also, Shibas ignore commands they already know. So, don’t expect your Shiba Inus to be the best in following and adhering to commands. They first think if they’d like to come or not.

Are Shiba Inu Good For First-Time Owners

However, when your Shiba wants your attention, they’ll walk straight up to you. Other times, they usually consider, “what’s in it for me?” before deciding whether to follow your commands or not.

2.     Shiba Inus Aren’t Friendly with Strangers

Shiba Inus don’t like strangers, whether your friends or other dogs. However, with socialization, you can get your Shiba to accept friends without a problem and even play with them.

You should expose your Shiba to sights, sounds, and other people when they’re still young. That way, they learn how to relate with strangers without causing chaos.

Pro tip: Consider taking your Shiba Inu to puppy parks from a young age. Also, you can take them to stores that allow dogs.

When meeting a friend or neighbor, tag along your Shiba Inus. The point is to get them to experience and meet more people and strangers.

3.     Shiba Inus Don’t Like Restraining

Shiba Inus hardly become friendly with the leash or even wears a collar. Although they stop minding it after some time, they initially find it strange and don’t like the feeling.

That said, you must train your Shiba to take the leash without problems. You can make them wear the collar and give them a treat every time they do it without problems. That teaches your Shiba that the leash isn’t of any harm to them.

Also, you can take your Shiba Inus through obedience classes when they’re still a puppy. This helps them to take in the collar without issues.

4.     Shiba Inus Require Patience During Training

Shiba Inus require a lot of patience during the training period. You must always remain patient and calm regardless of how bad your Shiba behaves.

In addition, don’t punish your Shiba Inus physically. So, patience is key when training your Shiba Inus.

They easily fall victims to all small destructions happening around. All this time, you have to remain patient without acting with aversiveness.

Shibas are also difficult to train despite being intelligent. This is a result of their stubbornness and singularity of mind. Despite all this, you must remain calm and patient throughout the training sessions.

You can also use treats to motivate your Shiba Inus during training. Try to use food rewards to make them enjoy the training sessions.

5.     Shiba Inus Are Possessive and Territorial

Another problem with Shiba Inus is that they possess what belongs to them, including their toys and owner. Shibas try to protect their owner in case they sense some danger. They’re not good for protection since they’re not muscular.

So, they’re possessive with their toys and habitat. So, when friends come around, warn them about your Shibas toys. Otherwise, you can keep your Shibas toys away from reach.

The other option is to keep your Shiba in check. Limit their interaction with the visitors if they’re not initially friendly.

6.     Shiba Inu Are Escape Artists and Like Running After Small Animals – Maybe Not Good For First-Time Owners

Every Shiba Inu owner will tell you how their pooch friend is an escape artist. This is a trait in all Shibas as they find the smallest chances to get away and run.

Therefore, the running behavior is never interesting, especially to new owners without the know-how. Any chance your Shiba Inus gets, they’ll dash away.

However, unless they are chasing after small animals, your Shiba Inu hardly runs their way out of sight. They’re brave and always remain in sight.

What Are Tips for First-Time Owners Considering Shiba Inu? Is It A Good Idea?

  1. Research About Shiba Inus Breed Personality
  2. Consider Reading Books About Shibas
  3. Meet Reputable Breeders and Ask Them About Shibas
  4. Ask Friends with Shibas How It Is Like to Own One
  5. Ask About the Breeds’ Cost of Maintenance

A brief overview of each tip above;

1.     Research About Shiba Inus Breed Personality

If you’re an aspiring Shiba Inu owner, do enough research online and from friends. Especially platforms where people share their experiences with owning Shibas.

Ensure you know how to manage Shiba Inus temperament and all about their handling. That way, you’ll be good to own one and start practising what you read.

2.     Consider Reading Books About Shiba Inus

Several authors write about Shiba Inus and their nature, dos, and don’ts. If you have some books at your disposal, consider reading them.

If you don’t have some Shiba Inu books at your disposal, worry not; social media is where all information comes from. Join Shiba Inu social platforms and keep learning about the breed.

3.     Meet Reputable Breeders and Ask Shiba Inu Questions: Are They Good For First-Time Owners?

You can book an appointment with a breeder where you’ll get answers to all questions you have about Shibas. Also, ask them about their experience with the breed.

Don’t limit yourself to one breeder; you can meet two or more so that you have different perspectives. Breeders are the best people to learn from since they know all kinds of dogs.

4.     Ask From Friends How It Is to Own a Shiba Inus

Also, consider hearing from your friends who own Shiba Inus. Ask them about the breed. The intention is to collect as much information as possible.

The more you hear diverse opinions, the more you get to know and understand this breed. Also, when talking to friends, remember to ask how they manage their Shibas stubborn nature.

5.     Ask About the Breeds Cost of Maintenance

Although most people despise the maintenance cost, it’s one of the things you should ask first. Luckily, Shibas don’t require a high cost of maintenance.

Remember to ask friends who have Shibas how much it costs them to feed their pooch friend. Also, ask about the pet costs and how frequently Shibas fall sick.

With that said, I’m sure you know some tricks about Shiba Inus, especially to start you off as a new owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shiba Inus Stubborn?

Shiba Inus can be stubborn, but training and socialization improve their behavior. Obedience training should start at a young age for Shibas.

So, if you’re planning to own a Shiba, plan for obedience training classes as early as possible. Failure to which, your Shiba might grow up to become a stubborn pet you can’t control.

Who Shouldn’t Get a Shiba Inu?

Everyone can get a Shiba Inus, given they can manage their rage and learn how to handle this unique dog breed.

If you’re that person who likes hitting dogs and using physical punishment, Shibas aren’t a choice for you. Shibas attack you if you punish them physically.

Are Shiba Inus Trainable?

Although Shiba Inus are somehow difficult to train, you can still train them successfully. Use treats to motivate them through the training sessions.

Ensure you have treats during training. Also, use short training sessions of 15 minutes on average. Also, praise your Shiba when they do something in the right manner.

How To Get Your Shiba Inu to Listen?

The only way to get your Shiba Inus to listen is through training them. Especially, obedience training helps Shiba Inus start listening to their owners.

In addition, you can also socialize your Shiba Inus. However, training is key if you want your Shiba to become better at listening.

Final thoughts, Are Shiba Inu Good for First-Time Owners

Shiba Inus are difficult and complex, thus not good for first-time owners. They’re also strong-willed and stubborn. However, training and socialization improve their behavior.

So, if you’re aspiring to own a Shiba Inu as your first dog, ensure to research about the breed. Don’t just purchase or adopt one without first learning its perks.

They can be a little disappointing for first-time owners because the beauty you see externally doesn’t reflect how they behave.

Besides being stubborn, Shibas have other minor weird behaviors that can be a turn-off for first-time owners. For example, when Shibas become destructive.

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