How Do I Know If My Shiba Inu Is Happy? Answered!

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Have you ever wished you could understand what your Shiba Inu was trying to tell you? Well, you’re in luck!

Shiba Inus are known for their expressive body language, and by learning to read their cues, you can better understand your furry friend’s thoughts and feelings.

Shiba Inu use their body language to tell when they’re happy or sad. So, you can tell when your Shiba Inu is happy by looking at their face and tail position or wagging style.

In this article, we’ll delve into the various ways that Shiba Inus communicate through their body language, including ear position, tail wagging, and more.

You’ll be amazed at how much your dog can tell you just by the way they move their body. So, get ready to learn all about your Shiba Inu’s unique form of communication.

How do I know if my Shiba Inu is happy?

Shiba Inus easily show it when they’re happy. However, the happiness you receive from your Shiba Inus depends on their breed’s traits. Some Shibas like expressing themselves when they’re happy, while others may not just be into it.

Although you might assume your Shiba doesn’t care about you, I’ll show you some moves to observe and tell whether your Shiba Inu is happy.

They include;

  • Showing Excitement When You’re Back Home
  • Looking At You Direct in The Eyes
  • Following You Around the Yard
  • Licking And Leaning on You for Long
  • Giving You Their Toys

Let’s explore each in detail;

Showing Excitement When You’re Back Home

Every time you come back home, the feeling of meeting your pet and hugging one another is exceptional. Besides, that’s one way you can tell if your pet is happy.

How Do I Know If My Shiba Inu Is Happy

Therefore, if you walk into the house and your Shiba is first to run towards you, you both have a special connection. Shiba’s don’t pretend or fake it. If they don’t like you, everyone will easily know.

For that reason, if your Shiba acts friendly when he sees you, that signifies happiness.

Looking At You Direct in The Eyes

You probably don’t know this!

When your Shiba Inu stares directly into your eyes with the head leaning on one side, that’s a sign of being happy with you. Besides, that’s a sign of trust.

You can only relate eye contact with affection when it’s mutual. At times, when your Shiba Inu feels threatened, staring at your eyes is a way to communicate.

However, if he stares you in the eyes and sits on his butt, that tells how happy your Shiba Inu is.

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Following You Around the Yard

Shiba Inu are independent dogs and hardly follow what you’re doing. In addition, they’re good at ignoring you.

Nevertheless, when your Shiba Inus keeps following you as you move around your homestead, that signifies happiness. Most Shiba Inus would get bored and get back to their activities.

Following you is an act of companion that shows your Shiba feels comfortable and secure near you.

Licking And Leaning on You for Long

As said above, Shiba Inus find most things boring unless they choose what to do by themself. That means they hardly have time to stay close and start licking and leaning on you.

How Do I Know If My Shiba Inu Is Happy

Therefore, if your Shiba Inus constantly leans on you while licking you, it shows he’s happy with you.

It’s not a common occurrence for a Shiba Inu to stick around you for long. They only stick around for a short duration and rush away.

So, if you have your Shiba stays close to you for a longer duration, that’s simply a sign of being happy with you.

Giving You Their Toys

Shiba Inus give their toys to only people they trust and possibly have affection for. Therefore, if you see Shiba bring forth his toys, they’re happy for you.

This action shows that he trusts you, for one, and he feels secure around you. Shiba Inus don’t just interact with anyone. They stay close to people they feel are of no harm to them and who bring them happiness.

Also, this shows you they take you as the leader and want to show utmost respect to you. In fact, this is uncommon in Shiba’s; if you experience it, consider yourself lucky.

How Do You Make Your Shiba Inu Happy?  

If you’re a new owner of a Shiba Inu, you might be wondering how to bond with him, possibly create affection and make them happy.

Worry no more! I got you.

There are several ways you can create affection with your Shiba Inus and ensure they’re always happy. Lucky for you, the tricks below are simple and require no professional to assist.

They include;

  • Engaging In Fun Activities Together
  • Taking Him for A Walk Often
  • Always Stay Calm Even When He Does the Wrong Thing
  • Communicate With Him
  • Be Consistent with Your Behavior and be Fair All the Time

It’s time to dive into each;

Engaging In Fun Activities Together 

You should engage in different fun activities with your Shiba Inus; this helps you bond and attract his affection and happiness. Some examples of fun activities you can play together are toss and fetch games.

There’s enough time to get along with one another as you play. Therefore, consider playing once to thrice every week with your Shiba Inus; it builds a strong bond between you.

His affection towards you grows as your Shiba Inu learns to enjoy your company.

Taking Him for A Walk Often 

Do you take your Shiba Inus for a walk when free and have the time? It’s one of the essential activities Shiba Inus owners shouldn’t ignore.

Besides, it makes your pock friend happy and worked out. This is all good for you, as we all know that a tired dog is good.

Don’t be lazy if you decide to own this unique breed; take your Shiba Inus for a walk frequently. That way, you get time to bond and understand his behavior better.

Besides, your Shiba Inus gets to learn many things through you. This kind of interaction gets you to bond with your Shiba Inu more, thus making them stay happy always.

From there, your Shiba Inu always considers you an essential and trustworthy person in his life.

Always Stay Calm Even When He Does the Wrong Thing

One thing you mess is showing anger to our dogs. You shouldn’t show anger to your dog at any given time.

Also, never yell at your Shiba Inus or punish him. Take time and be patient enough with him. Don’t be all over jamming if your Shiba doesn’t seem to get your training. Stay calm and exercise patience.

If you’re calm with your Shiba Inu, he’ll also remain calm and try to adhere to your instructions.

Communicate With Him

Communication is essential when handling your Shiba Inu. Remember, when you fail to communicate, your Shiba won’t understand how you want him to behave.

As such, take communication essential and use a specific command for a particular action. Don’t mix up commands when instructing your Shiba Inu.

Instead, ensure to guide him using your hands on what to do as you attempt to communicate.

Be Consistent with Your Behavior and be Fair All the Time

Consistency is important when it comes to handling Shiba Inus. Only through consistency can your dog learn your intentions.

Therefore, if you’re consistent with something, your Shiba Inu will be quick to catch up with you. Also, maintain the same energy when handling your Shiba Inus.

Shiba Inu and other dogs can feel your energy through the leash. So, train yourself to maintain the proper energy when handling him.

That way, your Shiba Inus can tell you have no bad intentions. So, the affection between both of you keeps growing.

How To Keep A Shiba Inu Entertained

  • Take Them For Walks Or Runs
  • Play Fetch
  • Provide Favorite Toys
  • Training Sessions
  • Playing Hide And Seek

What’s more;

Take them for walks or runs – Shiba Inus are energetic dogs that need regular exercise to stay happy and healthy.

Taking them for walks or runs will allow them to explore their surroundings and get the physical activity they need.

Play fetch – Fetch is a classic game that is sure to keep your Shiba Inu entertained. Whether you use a ball, frisbee, or stick, your dog will love chasing after and retrieving items.

A Shiba Inu is a family member. He doesn’t want to play alone, he wants you to go outside and play with him.

Provide toys – Shiba Inus are intelligent dogs that enjoy mental stimulation. Providing them with toys, such as puzzle feeders or chew toys, will keep their minds active and engaged.

Train them – Shiba Inus are quick learners and love to be challenged. Training them new tricks or commands will not only keep them entertained, but it will also strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Play hide and seek – This simple game is a great way to keep your Shiba Inu entertained and engaged. Have them sit and stay while you hide, then let them find you and reward them with a treat.

What Makes a Shiba Inu Happy?

Engaging your Shiba Inu daily through training and play are two ways to stimulate your Shibas mind and make them happy.

However, there are many other ways to make your Shiba Inu happy. They include availing your Shibas favorite toys, especially puzzle toys.

However, the best way to make your Shiba Inu happy is by giving them your attention and playing games together.

Your dog’s fulfilment when playing with you can’t be compared to that of toys. Plays together not only make them happy but also boosts your bonding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Attention Do Shiba Inus Need?

Shiba Inus need a little bit of your attention. So, they don’t require constant attention like some doggy breeds.

What Shibas need in plenty is exercise and playtime. Thankfully, you can leave your canine friend at home alone for some time, provided they have toys and things to keep them busy.

Do Shibas Smile When Happy?

Shiba Inu facial appearance makes them twice as happy due to the wide cheeks, which enlarge their smile. Their owners know about the Shiba Inu signature smile.

So, your canine friend ends up looking twice as happy.

Shibas not only smile when happy but also show their teeth slightly. They may also put their ears back.

Conclusion On How Do I Know If My Shiba Inu Is Happy?

Shiba Inus are happy dogs and like o express it to their owners. They express happiness in ways such as smiling and wagging their tail constantly.

Shibas are good at expressing contentment; you can tell it from their facial expression. They also pin their ears at the back against their skull.

Also, your Shiba will wag their tail for a short while when happy. Despite their curled tail, they often attempt to wag when expressing happiness.

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