Shiba Inu Mix German Shepherd

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The Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix is a new hybrid or designer dog. This breed has no specific official name hence the use of both parent breed names. You may also want to know, what exactly does Shiba Inu mix German Shepherd bring to the table?

The Shiba Inu mix German Shepherd, also “Shepherd Inus,” has traits from both parents, including intelligence, loyalty, beauty, and smartness. The loyalty level of the Shepherd Inus is high; this makes the dog a long-term family favorite.

This Shiba Inu mix German Shepherd guide reviews the breed’s common features and traits.

Thanks to the one and only Captain Max von Stephanitz with whom the breed owes its existence. Now, we have the Shiba Inu mix German Shepherd globally.

Is Shiba Inu Mix German Shepherd A Designer Dog?

This hybrid dog is relatively new to the designer dog scene hence the lack of an official name. However, it’s commonly known as Shepherd Inus by many.

Designer dogs come from two pure breeds crossed together. Therefore, this mix is a designer dog and a product of Shiba Inus and German Shepherd. You must note that the AKC and UKC don’t recognize designer dogs.

You might also want to check the clause on designer dogs when signing insurance agreements. That’s if you own one, though. Some breeders argue that crossing purebred breeds improves the hybrid vigor.

While there are people with much appreciation for designer dogs, we’re against the idea at Best Smart Shiba.

The reason is that quack breeders can take advantage of people by mixing two low-quality purebreds.

However, the decision is up to you. You can always ask about the breed origin and history from breeders to ascertain if it results from low or high-quality breeds.

You’re probably asking yourself, what are the characteristics of this mixed breed? I got you; keep reading on below.

How Much Does a Shiba Inu Mix German Shepherd Cost?

The Shiba-GSD mix costs approximately $1,200 to $2,400 from reputable breeders. One key thing you must ensure is to purchase from a reputable breeder.

The cost is relatively high, and so is the maintenance cost of the Shiba-GSD mix. If you’re getting one from a reputable breeder, ask about the puppy’s lineage, the parents, and any inheritable conditions.

You get to know what you’re taking home with you by asking questions. Further, you might also get puppies that aren’t from reputable breeders for $600 to $1000.

Provided the pup is from two purebreds, you’re good to go. You might also want a DNA check to identify any underlying genetic predispositions.

What Does the Shiba Inu and German Shepherd Mix Look Like?

The mix results in an athletic dog breed with the optimizations of power and endurance. Besides, they lie in the medium to the large category of dogs.

Often, most Shepherd Inus have a height of approximately 25 to 35 inches (56 cm) with a weight of between 40-60 pounds (18-27 kgs).

Although this breed often maintains the Shepherd shape, it’s often smaller and muscular.  They have a foxlike face, a feature that’s distinct from Shibas. Also, they have almond eyes with a dark brown appearance.

Similar to both crossbreed dogs, the mix has pointed ears. Behavior-wise, they can be territorial and possessive as well. So, if you’re planning to own one, start planning on handling such issues.

As an owner, you must understand how to be in charge and assume the alpha position. That said, you must be in charge of the relationship with your dog.

Take note; it doesn’t mean you use excessive force or punishment. Instead, use positive reinforcement.

Other additional traits of the Shepherd Inus include loyalty, protection, and love. Just like the parent breeds, the crossbreed is affectionate.

Another thing is they’re not friendly with strangers. But with socialization and obedience training, you’re good to go. Ensure to start socialization from an early age.

The prey drive level with the mix is on a high level. Remember, Shibas have a high prey drive, then add the musculature of German Shepherds. So, you must ensure a safe space before letting your fur friend off-leash.

Obedience training and socialization should start from an early age. Training helps your young Shepherd Inu know how to respond. Some commands to begin with include “Come,” “Stay,” “Good Boy/Girl,” and “Stop.”

When raining your dog, consistency is key. Be consistent until your fur friend becomes compliant with the commands.

What Is the Physical Appearance of Shiba Inu Mix German Shepherd?

Shiba Inus and German Shepherds share a wolf-like appearance, which makes the cross even more beautiful.

In both breeds, the ears have pointed tops and a triangular appearance resembling a wolf. Besides, both breeds’ ears also have long snouts, but the GSD sprout is even longer.

Another thing similar in both breeds is the coat colors. Shibas have coat colors ranging from cream, white, red, sesame, & black, and tan. Whereas common coat colors in GSDs include black with black masks, black with red, and tan.

Also, there are GSDs with coat colors of pure sable, black, white, and blue, but they aren’t common as the former colors.

The weight ranges between wights of both cross breeds. The cross weighs between 40-60 pounds. Males are heavier than females. The mix has a height of between 19” to 22”.

The result is a muscular and agile dog. So, they have both endurance and power in equal proportions. You should be sure of daily exercise if you own any of this. Also, exercise boosts the optimal health of the Shepherd Inus.

Shedding is something you should prepare for, especially during spring and fall. Since the dog has a double coat, coat blowing is a must and has its effects. They shed off fur to prepare for a new season.

The blowing off of the coat happens twice a year. It involves the loss of the undercoat, which is straight and coarse. So, expect to come across fur tumbleweeds in your house, especially on the furniture.

What To Expect From The Shiba Inu Mix German Shepherd

Shiba Inus and German Shepherds have several vastly different traits. So, it’s challenging to predict what a mix of the two would be like.

Below are several traits you can expect from a Shiba Inu mix German Shepherd, including;

1.     Size

This mix results in a medium-sized dog. The height is somewhat in-between that of Shibas and GSDs.

So, a cross between these two purebreds gives Shepherd Inus a height of 20-22 inches and weighs around 40-60 pounds. The cross is an average of the two breeds as it’s in-between.

2.     Coat

A mix between Shiba Inu and GSD gives a double-coat offspring. Both breeds are double-coats, hence the double-coat offspring.

The outer coat is straight and coarse, while the inner coat remains soft and dense. There are likely chances the result will have medium-length hair.

The most popular color for the mix between Shibas and GSDs is black & tan. This results from the tan presence in German Shepherds, which comes with a black saddle.

On the other hand, Shibas are often black with some tan, especially around the chest, legs, ears, and tail. That said, the offspring has either of the coats.

GSDs also inherit the solid cream, sesame, or red color from Shibas. This color comes with some white markings.

3.     Grooming

Grooming is a necessary practice for a GSD-Shiba mix. Both breeds are double-coats, which means shedding is a must.

Both breeds shed throughout the year and blow off their coat twice a year. Coat blowing happens during the spring and fall, especially at the start of the seasons.

Therefore, you’ll have to carry out grooming practices during this time. During the normal shedding, you can groom them twice a week. However, when your fur friend is blowing off their coat, you should brush their coat daily.

In addition, you can bathe your canine friend once every month. If they hate a bath like Shibas, you can do it once every three months.

The Shiba-GSD mix has comparatively low maintenance. Grooming practices are frequent during the shedding seasons.

The essential grooming tools include a brush, toothbrush, and nail trimming tool. Check out how much and when Shiba Inu shed here!

4.     Strength

Despite Shibas being weak in musculature, the offspring of the mix is more masculine. The musculature comes from the GSD, which gives the Shiba-GSD mix a bit of strength.

Since GSDs have a reputation for bite strength, the offspring also has significant bite strength. Also, the Shiba-GSD mix has pulling strength and is a service dog. It has a high capacity for hard work.

Ideally, the Shiba-GSD mix inherits the primary trains in the Shiba Inu and German Shepherd parents.

5.     Speed

The Shiba-GSD cross has a decent amount of speed. The speed trait also comes from both parents. Shiba Inus are dash masters, while GSDs have a relatively high speed.

Shiba Inus have a sprint speed of 25 miles per hour, while GSDs go up to 30 miles per hour. Therefore, the offspring will likely be between 27 and 28 miles per hour.

Besides a high speed, expect these mutts to have incredible agility. This comes from both breeds since Shibas are hyperactive and GSDs are service dogs.

6.     Exercise Requirement

Exercise is key if you want a healthy dog. So, the Shiba-GSD cross needs ample daily exercise to dispel energy.

Exercise in Shibas alone helps with the destructive trait. The cross between Shibas and GSDs should also benefit from daily exercise.

Generally, an hour of exercise is enough for your crossbreed. This goes out to you if you don’t have enough space in your apartment. Exercise your fur friend every day.

At least, with a yard, dogs get to run and exercise as they play with toys. So, people living in apartments compensate for that by taking their canine friends for walks or tagging them along during hikes.

Besides physical exercise, your Shiba-GSD mix needs to exercise its mental faculties. This is possible by playing games such as fetch or tug of war.

7.     Trainability

This is another important aspect of a Shiba-GSD cross. This mix has an above-average intelligence trait. GSDs rank in the top 3 of the smartest dogs. So, the offspring borrows that, making it easy to train.

The smartness of the GSD, together with the strong will of a Shiba, gives good trainability. Besides, the offspring is eager to please and follow commands.

So, this crossbreed is enjoyable to train. They’re not as tricky as Shibas. So, if you’re planning to own one, expect no major challenges during training.

8.     Temperament

The Shiba-GSD mix is a dog full of confidence and has a strong will to follow and do things. However, they’re not quick to act in aggression.

Besides, with early training and socialization, there are no major issues with temperament. However, if you provoke them, they can easily become aggressive.

The Shiba-GSD cross becomes an enjoyable companion with proper training. Also, they have absolute loyalty to the owner and the immediate family member. This cross shows a remarkable sense of loyalty.

Of course, like Shiba Inus, they’re affectionate with some little bit of independence. So, early training helps improve their behavior and mold them into the best companion friend you can have.

9.     Lifespan

This crossbreed is generally healthy and lives for quite a long. Therefore, expect to have your canine friend around for an average of 12-16 years.

Remember that using a dog for breeding reduces their lifespan. Also, spaying and neutering boost the lifespan of your fur friend.

Another determinant is high-quality food and diet. This should start from a young age. Adhere to the vaccination protocols as well.

10. AKC-Recognition

Unfortunately, AKC does not recognize any designer dog. So, because Shiba-GSD is a crossbreed, it can’t get into the AKC’s purebred registry.

However, if you’re keen on your dog’s registration, you can register with the AKC’s Canine Partner’s Program. This program doesn’t eliminate hybrid and mixed breed dogs. Also, it allows hybrid dogs to participate in AKC’s events.

11. Health

This crossbreed is generally healthy. They hardly experience medical challenges. Besides, pedigreed Shibas usually undergo testing for appropriate health. Also, there are abnormality checks that identify hips and kneecap challenges.

The most common issues with this crossbreed are allergies. They manifest through itchy skin, paws, and irritation of the entire body, including the face.

Let’s explore the health issues with Shiba Inu mix German Shepherd below.

What Are Key Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix Health Issues?

The primary reason for this crossbreed was to improve the traits through the offspring. Having the good qualities of both breeds together.

However, you can’t predict the outcome. Also, there must be health problems in both breeds that may also appear in the offspring.

If you’re eager and want to know about health issues in your Shiba Inus or GSD dog, you can use the DNA home-testing kit. This kit makes it possible to screen more than 150 gene-specific health issues.

Below are critical health issues you need to be aware of if you own this crossbreed.

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV)
  • Addison’s Disease
  • Eye Cataracts
  • Hemophilia
  • Bladder Stones
  • Food And Skin Allergies
  • Dental Health Problems

What Are Coat Color Types for Shiba Inu Mx German Shepherd?

The mic between a GSD and a Shiba Inu gives a double coat offspring that bears a straight and stiff overcoat of medium length. The undercoat is usually softer.

The Shiba-GSD mix can have a coat with a mixture of three colors or one single color.

The possible coat colors of the mixed offspring include;

  • White
  • Black
  • Red Cream
  • Sable Grey

Does Shiba Inu Mix German Shepherd Make a Good Family Pet?

The Shiba-GSD mix is a good example of a loyal dog that is good for the family. They’re a great companion to any active household.

Besides, this mix gets along well with kids. Notably, the mix becomes more ideal when dealing with older kids, not newborn babies.

Since Shiba Inu mix German Sherd might have a herding nature, they can easily nip smaller kids. That often happens when there’s too much happiness.

Of importance, ensure to train your Shiba-GSD mix from an early age. That is the best way to make your fur friend a good family pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Shiba Inu Mix German Shepherd Be Left Home Alone?

Yes. You can leave your Shiba-GSD mix alone at home but not for long. When boredom kicks in, they can easily become destructive.

However, if you’re leaving for a short while, leave them their favorite toys to keep them busy in the meantime.

Do Shiba Inu Mix German Shepherd Bark a Lot?

This mix hardly barks unless there is a reason to bark. Although GSDs are known to bark a lot, this mix is a bit silent and tends to lean more to Shiba Inus when it comes to barking.

However, if you’re keen on training and socialization, you won’t experience issues with barking.

How Long Does Shiba Inu German Shepherd Mix Live For?

The mix between a Shiba Inu and a GSD lives for an average of 12 to 16 years.

Nevertheless, the life expectancy of dogs depends on several factors. Such factors include diet, health, and exercise.

Are Shiba Inu Mix German Shepherd Hard to Train?

The Shiba-GSD mix can be a bit difficult to train; however, it’s not as challenging if you follow the right steps.

Further, this mix breed can be difficult to train for novice owners. They have a singular head that can be difficult to train for new owners.

Are German Shepherd Mix Shiba Inu Aggressive?

The mix offspring is not as aggressive as purebred Shibas. It only becomes aggressive under provocation.

With training and socialization, they become the perfect companion dogs for families. The mix is good with kids, especially bigger kids.

The Wrap-Up, Shiba Inu Mix German Shepherd

The Shiba Inu German Shepherd mix is a well-rounded dog. It offers you loyalty, love, and affection. They’re very loving and like to show affection to the immediate family.

This mix takes a solid handler to raise because it bears traits from both Shibas and GSDs. One thing, the mix is independent. So, it doesn’t like constant human attention.

However, the mix needs a little bit of human attention. Also, the mix needs training and socialization from an early age. This needs you to commit to doing everything possible and transform your canine friend into an excellent pet.

This mix needs moderate maintenance due to the shedding and regular grooming. So, if you’re looking to own one, expect to often part with some $$ for maintenance purposes.

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