Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle

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Shiba Inu mixed with Poodle is a small to medium hybrid or a designer dog. If you love Shibas and Poodle breeds, you might want to check this out. The mix gives a loyal and affectionate dog good for you and your family.

This mix has several names, such as Shiba-poo, Shiba-doodle, or Shibapoo. This breed is a fantastic combination of two dogs with amazing personalities and is equally beautiful. It gets on well with children, especially if you initiate early socialization.

Now that you’re here, it’s time we get to the flesh of the article. Read on to explore the Shiba Inu mixed with the Poodle breed.

Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle Appearance

Poo-Shi or Shiba Doodle is a hybrid dog breed that results from the crossing of a Shiba Inu with a Poodle. Often, miniature Poodle dogs cross with Shibas to give the Poo-Shi.

This little dog has become the love of many for combining the strong will of a Shiba with the intelligence and friendliness of the Poodle.

The mix between these two breeds has become popular in recent times. Besides, it has excellent personalities and is of manageable size.

This is your best pick if you want a dog with great spunk but with moderate energy. Also, they don’t need a lot of exercise and love your cuddles more than Shibas.

Unlike Shibas, this mix is less independent, so it enjoys more lap cuddles with you. Also, they’re alert to keep you aware of what is happening around your compound. This mix can also be suspicious of strangers.

However, train and socialize your pup from a young age. Also, if you’re looking for a good family dog, this mix is loyal to its immediate family and isn’t stubborn. It shouldn’t miss the top of your list.

The personality of Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle

This mix comes from two small to medium breeds of a respectable heritage. The Shiba Inu was for hunting and thus has a high prey drive.

Also another common thing with Shibas is the sassy attitude. They possess myriad primitive traits like being independent. These spicy little fur friends are sometimes ignorant and hardly pick anything.

How about the other side of the mix, Poodles?

Poodles are an exciting breed and are available in different sizes. There are miniature Poodles. When you cross miniature Poodles with Shibas, you’ll get a puppy of miniature origin.

The pup you get might have less prey drive compared to the parents. However, it’ll still bark and react to seeing small animals like squirrels. Also, the pup is quick to rip apart squeaky toys.

This mix can be aggressive. So, if your Shiba Inu mix Poodle shows aggression, you must be quick to act. Take the necessary steps, either socializing or training more.

You can have a good hunting partner if your mix is the standard Poodle/Shiba Inu cross. The standard Shi Poo mix has more traits from Shiba Inus.

They like dog retrieval activities and like small game.

Of importance, this mix has a high prey drive and often becomes aggressive. So, you should ensure to walk with your leash, unless yours is social and friendly.

Physical Characteristics of a Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle?

First, your Shiba Doodle is more likely to inherit the Shibas double coat rather than Poodle’s coat appearance.

Of course, there are chances of the coat getting Poodle’s wave but not a guarantee. The coat can also develop some curl; this gives the mid an attractive appearance.

The resultant color depends on the appearance and genetic make-up of the parents. The stature depends on the type of Poodle responsible for the crossing with a Shiba.

Poodles are of different sizes. Therefore, the pup may run the gamut in the high or low range. The high range goes from 30 to 40 pounds while the low range goes from 8 to 10 pounds.

3 Little-Known Facts About the Poo-Shi Mix

  1. The Poo-Shi Cross Breed Is Lucky to Exist
  2. Poo-Shi’s Don’t Enjoy Taking Baths
  3. Poo-Shi’s Often Have a Little Sassy Attitude

What’s More;

1.     The Poo-Shi Cross Breed Is Lucky to Exist

There’s no doubt that the Poo-Shi is one lucky breed to exist. Remember, Shiba Inus almost became extinct during World War II. The onset of the canine distemper epidemic and food shortages were crucial causes of the likely extinction.

Only three Shiba Inu dogs were remaining by the end of the war. The three surviving Shiba bloodlines are the origin of all modern Shibas.

The first ever Shiba Inu to land in the U.S came with a military serviceman. The serviceman and his family came with the dog as they were returning from Japan in 1954.

2.     Poo-Shi’s Don’t Enjoy Taking Baths

Just like most Shiba Inu dog breeds, the Poo-Shi’s don’t enjoy taking baths. So, if you’re looking to own one, this is something to take note of.

However, they’re pretty clean dogs. Maybe this is the reason they’re not fond of taking baths. In fact, most of this mix dislike any wetness at all.

So that bathing your Poo-Shi doesn’t become a problem, introduce baths early enough.

3.     Poo-Shi’s Often Have a Little Sassy Attitude

This personality directly comes from Shiba Inus. So, that means Shibas genetic make-up is stronger as more traits come from Shibas rather than the Poodle.

So, expect some attitude from your Poo-Shi. Things you should expect include your fur friend ignoring you. Like Shibas, the Poo-Shi ignore you when they don’t feel like doing as you say.

You can address this trait successfully from an early age. If you notice your Poo-Shi likes ignoring you, use obedience training from 6 months of age.

Don’t let your fur friend get away with this trait as they grow up. It can become a toxic trait when they age. Also, they’re more difficult to train when the mix grows up.

Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle Temperament & Intelligence

If you take the intelligence of a Poodle and add it up with the firm will and confidence of a Shiba, there you have the breed’s foundation.

That’s precisely what the Poo-Shi mix lives up to; they live up to the promise of being a perfect canine friend to the owner.

This mix shows you affection and loyalty in equal measures. Besides, they’re good family companions and easily bond with family members.

Also, they’re wearier with strangers and are alert full-time. So, you can trust your Poo-Shi to alert you if an intruder messes up your stuff. They alert you in case of any danger.

Although hard, a Poo-Shi can often show you stubborn streaks. However, this will never be an issue. Also, their stubbornness is easy to overcome as they’re easier to train.

They’re also friendly and playful. These designer dogs love playing, especially with someone they trust. They also have moderate energy and thus need a little playtime and wear out.

The Shiba Inu Poodle mix also enjoys walks. If possible, consider a ramp around the part as well. These activities wear your fur friend out, making them curl up on the couch happily at the end of the day.

Are Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle Good Family Dogs?

Yes. Shiba Inu mixed with Poodle are good family dogs. They’re not only loyal, but they also bond quickly with family. This is a perfect breed if you have kids as it’s hardly aggressive and always remains calm.

So, the Poo-Shi mix is excellent around your kids. You don’t have to worry when leaving your canine friend in the living room with your kids. You’re sure the interaction won’t escalate.

Since this little friendly breed craves a little more attention than Shibas, they’re good to play with kids. Also, they prefer to spend time near or around people rather than staying alone.

That said, don’t fail to keep an eye on your Poo-Shi around toddlers. Toddlers are usually delicate, so you may want to watch your fur friend when they’re near your toddler.

Otherwise, when your kid is still a toddler, limit their interaction with your dogs. Let them interact only when you’re around and when you can monitor what is happening.

The good thing with Poo-Shi’s family is they walk away when a child is too rough. Also, they’re intelligent enough to walk away when a child starts being annoying. They prefer peace to become aggressive or snappy.

Does Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle Get Along with Other Pets?

The Poo-Shi mix gets along well with other pets but needs socialization and rain. So, you have to train your fur friend.

Training limits the traits of chasing after small animals, which may be problematic with this mix.

So, if you introduce a new small pet to your homestead, keep an eye on your Poo-Shi interaction with the pet first.

Ensure they interact and socialize well before leaving them together. Also, train your Poo-Shi to relate well with other pets.

In addition, Poo-Shi generally gets along well with other dogs. They’re not as dominant as a Shiba Inu. Also, they relate well to cats. So, you’ll hardly experience any issues with your Poo-Shi, at least being civil to your feline friend.

Of importance, you should know that Poo-Shi’s can be possessive with what they think belongs to them. So, they may not want to share your attention with another pet.

Also, if you leave your fur friend alone for long, they may develop destructive behavior. All these traits are more prominent in Shibas.

This mix of Shiba Inu and Poodle often has many traits from Shibas. So, expect most Shiba Inu traits to re-appear in your Poo-Shi.

Things To Know When or Before Owning a Poo-Shi

The Poo-Shi is a relatively easy dog to keep and doesn’t require a lot of attention. Thankfully, this mixed breed is suitable for first-time owners.

All they need is a little bit of human attention. With that, you’re unlikely to experience issues.

Of course, you should consider training your canine friend. Your dog benefits a lot from early training and socialization. It also improves your dog’s loyalty.

Below are key issues you need to know about before owning a Poo-Shi mix dog;

1.     Food & Diet Requirements

Since the Poo-Shi mix is a small to medium-sized dog, it doesn’t consume much food. Also, that allows you to consider premium quality for your Shiba Inu Poodle mix.

Especially dry dog food does best with this breed. This dry food should undergo proper formulation for the dogs’ size and activity level.

Ideally, you want to ensure that the food type you select for your dog provides a range of nutrients.

2.     Exercise

Exercise is helpful for every other dog out there. The Poo-Shi needs exercise, but not as often as a Shiba Inu.

This dog breed is moderately active, requiring an average exercise time of 45 minutes. You should ensure one session of exercise per day.

There are different ways to exercise your Poo-Shi. One such way is through long walks. Otherwise, you can visit a local dog park with your fur friend.

Also, a good run around your home yard is enough. The goal is to ensure your Poo-Shi wears out before the end of the day.

Thankfully, the Poo-Shi breed can play with kids around the yard. Through that, the dog gets to exercise.

One worst thing you can subject your dog to is long stays without exercise. Besides, this is one reason why most dogs turn destructive.

Similarly, if you keep your Poo-Shi inside without exercise for long, they’re likely to become destructive. Their daily exercise isn’t something you should overlook.

3.     Training

The Poo-Shi is a pretty intelligent dog. So, it is relatively easy to train. You can train your Poo-Shi by yourself without the need for a dog trainer.

Thankfully, this breed responds well to positive reinforcement. Also, it reads your social cues when you offer encouragement.

That said, when they get something right, remember to praise them. Also, ignore the failures rather than scold them.

In addition, Poo-Shi can be a little sassy and stubborn. That trait often comes from Shibas; however, training and socialization help to solve this challenge.

Through obedience training, you’ll be able to transform your Poo-Shi into your best companion friend.

Also, if your Poo-Shi is stubborn and sassy, you may find training challenging. However, consistency and persistency are key when training any breed with a Shiba genetic composition.

4.     Grooming

In matters of grooming, your Poo-Shi isn’t a challenge to deal with. You only need an excellent brush to help with the fur brushing activity.

So, a quick brush of their fur once or twice a week is okay. You should keep their coat looking its best. Further, if your pooch friend develops a coat resembling more of a Poodle, you may want the help of a professional clipper.

They’ll show you how to clip your dog’s coat properly. In addition, Poo-Shibas don’t need frequent baths. They don’t like getting wet or taking baths either.

However, you can introduce your Poo-Shi to baths from a young age. Nail clipping is a necessity. So, you must find a way to clip your Poo-Shi’s nails and brush their teeth.

Are Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle Hypoallergic?

Poo-Shi’s are hypoallergic. So, if you’re someone with many allergies, then this isn’t a pet you should shy away from.

Besides, they’re low maintenance as they don’t shed that much. So, they’re the last cause of an allergy and have a coat that doesn’t shed as much.

Although they don’t shed as much, Poo-Shi’s need regular maintenance. You can brush their coat 2-3 times every week. That helps retain the shiny Poo-Shi coat and stop matting.

Of course, if your Poo-Shi has a double coat, you need to brush their coat daily. Breeds with a double coat often have more shedding.

If the coat strongly resembles a Poodle, you should visit a professional groomer regularly. This can be after every 4-6 weeks. They help with maintenance practices like trimming the coat. So, it remains in top shape always.

When it comes to bathing, do it once a month. That’s enough to prevent stripping natural oils from the dog’s fur. Washing away the natural oils causes drying of the skin.

Another nugget, if your Poo-Shi has ears resembling those of a Poodle, check the inside of their ears weekly.

They can quickly develop ear infections, thus the need to watch out for inflammation, dirt, and debris.

The long droopy early can cause an infection to build up easily. So, always have a cotton swab to dry the ears after getting them, especially after a bath.

For the bath, use a vet-approved dog solution. Brushing your Poo-Shi’s teeth should come 2-3 times a week to reduce the risk of gingivitis.

Common Health Issues in Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle

  • Cushing’s Disease – This health condition results from the excess production of the hormone cortisol in your Poo-Shi’s body. The health condition causes frequent drinking and urination, laziness, more panting, and, possibly, infections.
  • Addison’s Disease – This health condition results from lacking adrenocortical hormones in the body. The effects are irregular heart rate, diarrhea, weight loss, vomiting, alopecia, and bloody stools. The Poo-Shi needs to take hormones for treatment.
  • Bloat – This is simply filling Poo-Shi’s stomach with either gas, food, or fluid. So, their stomach tightens up, causing breathing problems. Worst cases lead to flipping over of the stomach.
  • Epilepsy – It’s a neurological health condition that can cause mood swings, seizures, and lethargy. Treatment for this condition is available in the form of medication.
  • Corneal Dystrophy – This health problem affects Poo-Shi’s eyes. It involves the cornea becoming opaque, thus affecting eyesight. Thankfully, cornea dystrophy’s treatment involves ointments, drops, lasers, and surgery.
  • Patellar Luxation – This condition involves the dislocation of kneecaps. The kneecap that sits above the thighbone dislocates, causing extreme pain. This affects the mobility of your canine friend and can cause paralysis.
  • Hypothyroidism – This health problem results from the under activity of Poo-Shi’s thyroid. Therefore, it affects the dog’s metabolic function. In addition, it causes weight gain, skin changes, and lethargy.
  • Entropion – Ever seen a Poo-Shi with eyes that roll inwards? That is the case of this health condition. It causes irritation and pain inside your fur friend’s eye.
  • Reverse Sneezing – In this case, a Poo-Shi pulls air into their nose, irritating. It happens during sneezing.

How Much Do Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle Cost?

A Poo-Shi puppy costs between $200-$375, especially in the USA. In addition, medical expenses for this breed range between $480-$580, while non-medical costs averagely $970-$1000.

The costs can significantly vary; they can go up or down depending on the requirements of your Poo-Shi. Also, the costs vary depending on the part of the world where you stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Shiba Poo or Poo-Shi?

A Shiba Poo or Poo-Shi mix of Shiba Inu and Poodle dog breeds. The result is a medium-sized breed that borrows traits from both parents.

In addition, a Poo-Shi is a little bit affectionate and a good companion. Also, the result is a dog with extreme intelligence.

Is There a Shiba Inu Poodle Mix?

Yes. There is a Shiba Inu Poodle mix, a dog breed with traits from both Shiba Inu and Poodle.

The cross has become famous and popular recently, especially in the United States. It’s easy to maintain and quickly bonds with the immediate family.

How Big Do Shiba Poos Get?

Shiba Poo is a small to medium-size dog. They grow to a height of 10-20 inches and weigh 20-35 pounds.

In addition, they have a lifespan of up to 16 years. However, several factors affect their life expectancy, including quality of food, exercise, and environment, among other factors.

The Wrap-Up, Shiba Inu Mixed with Poodle

The Poo-Shi is one marvelous breed that you can consider petting. It has relatively low maintenance as it doesn’t shed a lot and tends to be hypoallergic.

So, if you suffer allergies, especially when you come to contact with pet fur, this breed can be a good companion and won’t cause allergy problems.

Poo-Shi’s are intelligent but have a stubborn and sassy streak. They can choose not to listen or adhere to your commands.

That said, this isn’t the best pick for first-time dog owners. However, you can arm yourself with enough research and follow the dos and don’ts.

Thankfully, the breed is suitable for an apartment or large-size houses. You need to spend an average of 30-40 minutes daily on exercise.

Poo-Shi’s are highly sensitive to heat; exercise should be early morning or evening, especially if you stay in warmer regions.

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